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Numerology and Astrology Made Simple! 
Can you get excited about that?

Lori Bach Dallas Texas Numerology


Numerology and Astrology Made Simple!  Can you get excited about that?

 This is Lori Bach of Great Eight Address Energy Consultation.  I have designed a series of three Numerology and Solar Chart Astrology Class levels:  Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced, and will teach them beginning the week of January 25, 2010.  The registration/check-in time is 6:30 and the class will begin promptly at 7:00 p.m.   


The class schedule is as follows:

Basic Numerology:  January 26 and 27

Intermediate Numerology:  February 24 and 25

Advanced Numerology:  March 23 and 24

Basic Solar Chart Astrology:  May 25 and 26

Intermediate Solar Chart Astrology:  June 11 and 12

Advanced Solar Chart Astrology:  July 20 and 21 


Each class will last no longer than 3 hours and includes room for an introduction, break, and a question/answer session at the end.  The course cost for each level is $150 and classes are non-refundable.  A $10 deposit is required to confirm your attendance and will be deducted from the class price on the day you attend.  Checks or cash for final payment will be accepted on the day of the class.  Recording devices, as well as note taking, is permitted so you can listen and review the material after the class as often as you’d like.  I will also provide handouts.  The location of these classes is TBD and will be determined upon attendance commitment numbers.


I recommend everyone to take my Basic Classes as they flow into the others.  There will be no back-tracking to the Basic Classes.


I ask for your feedback by Wednesday, December 9th, for the above mentioned information and any questions you may have.  Please call me at 972-255-3248 and visit my website at 


All $10 deposits must be received no later than December 16th


Please make checks payable to:  Great Eight Address Energy Consultation


Send checks to: 

Lori Bach
3123 W. Walnut Hill Lane #1084
Irving, TX  75038



I look forward to serving you!