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January 2009




Happy New Year!



Hello Beloved Friends,

Here we are at the start of a new beginning for 2009 and I want to send a message of hope and optimism – in spite of all the outside world circumstances and news.

In our Wednesday morning teleconference calls we have been talking about what opportunity is here – what new construction is possible in the face of such great destruction of financial institutions and the economy?

The answer is simply this: as the outside material world plunges into chaos and disarray – the inside mettle of who you truly are and the greatness that is yours has an even better opportunity to arrive to the surface.

When there is such a complete collapse of the economy - the very values that have been running our lives: work hard for the dollar – have more material goods by taking on more debt – strive to be valued through your advancement at work – seek security through your job – collapse as well.

Now we are left in a very powerful position – the ability to redefine what it is that we truly value and how to cooperatively create goods, cash, services, home, food, health, love and relationships.

The bigger problem expands our small circle of attention to wander beyond what we know - from certainty – to uncertainty.

It has been show to me that we are so much more then we can even imagine with so many potential realities that we may embrace, and enjoy that I see this as a great opportunity to ask the question – what can I know that is different than what I have ever thought is possible before?

Allow yourself to relax into this idea that there is some great good waiting for you and perhaps by the destruction of “certainty” it can arrive.

I’m curious as to what good is in store for you and I absolutely know with every fiber of my being that it is yours.

Let’s play in new ways strong together in the New-Year ahead.

Warmly with love,


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January's Command:

I don't know how I easily create an abundant life;
I only know I do now and I am fulfilled!

A Message From Kathryn Perry

Hello Good Friends,

In spite of daily news on the difficult economy this new year holds more opportunity than ever before. Believe for yourself that this will be your great year and it must be so!

I am often asked how I came to fulfill my long-time dream to own my own business; a business that supported me and allowed me to share my unique gifts with the world. I'd like to share my success story with you; a success achieved by my discovery of that power we all have with in us, my theta thinking mind rather than my limited fearful one.

It is especially relevant in these times to want an advantage in dealing with difficult circumstances. When I go to theta and issue The One Command®, everything stops - those negative thoughts stop and I "simply know" I do have the answer, the solution to any large or small problem.

The greatest benefit is my peace of mind - that relaxed confidence I feel when coming back into my ordinary thinking after going through The One Command® process. I have to say - making decisions from this comfortable, confident place within myself is much preferable to tossing and turning with stress and fearful thoughts.

What happened in me to make that change possible?

After attending years of classes and courses that offered the promise to show me how to start a new career and to leave my lack-luster job, I finally took one course that delivered on the promise to unlock my fears and self-sabotaging behavior. When I learned about The One Command® and attended the seminars offered by Asara Lovejoy I had no idea what a revolution would take place in my life.

Perhaps you have heard me share my story of that time of change: how my job ended at exactly the right time, and the very first month after becoming certified as a seminar leader, I presented my own classes, tripled my income and never looked back.

Thinking about the process of change I went through seems so easy now while at the time I began to live from that greater capacity within me I had no idea where I would land.

Faith and trust in this process of change - one I was not familiar with when I began - helped me to accomplish so much beyond what I had first imagined, I look back now with a sense of awe. During the process I consistently and persistently stated The One Command® to clear my way. What a difference from my old habit of struggle and denying my ability to live my greatness in alignment with my purpose.

Many have asked what I did to go from a limited monthly income to 3 times that income the very first month I launched out on my own. In addition to Commanding a new life for myself, there was preparation, networking and business building skills I developed that I 'd like to share with you now. Here are some of the high points:

  • While still working at my old job over the course of 18 months I promoted 3 classes for Asara Lovejoy.
  • Gave introduction talks in my area to promote Asara’s events that demonstrated The One Command ® process and charged for the events.
  • Promoted my services with a booth at three Holistic fairs.
  • Began building an email list. I started with about 300 names collected from the promotional events and classes.
  • Set up a regular schedule for Commanding Wealth Circles® which I held in my home.
  • Became a One Command Practitioner.
  • Offered 21 free 20 minute sessions to get my name known.
  • Posted the offer on a yahoo social networking group.
  • Received over 100 responses and many clients as a result.
  • Met with clients weekly by phone or in person.
  • Became certified to teach TWO classes:
      (The One Command Practitioner’s Certification, and The One Day -The One Command. You can do the same!)
  • Paid for my training, hotel and airfare by PRE-SELLING the two classes that I taught.
  • Had a total of 24 sign ups for both of the classes at $395 per attendee - you do the math.
  • Set up a regular monthly rotation of classes.
  • Continued my weekly schedule for private sessions.
  • Sold phone sessions in small bundles that averaged $1 per minute then with a full roster raised my rates.
  • Explored the benefits of and started my own group with 175 people immediately signing up.

By promoting the Introduction to The One Command® talks and Commanding Wealth Circles® I built relationships with people serious about their personal growth.

By offering private sessions I earned excellent income doing what I love to do and by offering classes I built my base income while empowering my clients to become leaders.

For you who want to take our training, I recommend starting with the Free PDF explaining how to hold a Commanding Wealth Circle® that can be held in your home, your business, your church or community center. I recommend that you charge a small fee and as you share the process you build community and a potential client base. That’s what Bonnie Strehlow of Federal Way, WA did.

Bonnie is an excellent healer, trainer and counselor who hadn’t seen clients for over a year. She needed to re-start her career to bring income into her household and was thinking about taking a part-time teaching job – one that didn’t pay nearly enough. One she only thought about taking because that is what she knew.

I suggested that she start her own Commanding Wealth Circle® that could potentially bring her just as much or more income and be more fun! Bonnie took my suggestion and ran with it! At one point she had more than 4 circles going and the circles grew into private appointments and classes. Her income jumped in a big way.

We all know what is being reported about the economy and the job situation, but I am not worried at all!

Number one because I know the secret to my success is within ME. It is the power of The One Command® that has unlocked my greater capacity to create the right solution to every problem.

Number two because 95% of my business is done over the phone and online I am not bound by geography. I have clients all over the world. As long as I can speak and get to a phone I can make money.

If you are like me and are serious about adding income into your life while doing something absolutely phenomenal for yourself and others then seriously consider The One Command® programs that can and do give you a hand up and lots more than that!

Not thinking about extra income or
a new career?

No worries! These courses are open to individuals who wish to deepen their understanding of
The One Command® on a personal level.

The practice of The One Command® is life-changing. We have hundreds of success stories from every avenue of life. You can read many stories folks are sharing at our Commanding Wealth Circle® Yahoo Group and on our web site, but more importantly you can experience immediate peace of mind, increased fellowship and amazing support in coping with these changing times with the technique.

There really is no price tag for that!

I know that you may have to stretch to attend a course right now but this is the most important time to regain confidence, build new communities, and to become certified in skills that have the potential to add income to your life.

One gal held a CW Circle for 10 folks charging our recommended amount of $20. That was $200 for the night. Another gentleman held his first One Day – The One Command and had 15 people attend at $185 each –you do the math $2,775 for one day’s work.

2008 was great for us here at The One Command Center: The Amazon book launch of The One Command went to #1 in Sociology, #2 in Self-Help and #5 in all categories; new classes were designed; companies partnered with us to get the word out about The One Command® through articles and interviews; the weekly teleconferences triplied and then triplied again in attendance; Commanding Wealth Circles® are popping up all around the world; in addition to us adding new monthly tele-seminar courses we have teachers who are helping to spread the word by hosting their own tele-seminar courses and invitations are coming in from around the world to present Commanding Wealth®, The One Day - The One Command®, The One Command® Practitioner Certification and our Leadership seminars to those eager to participate.

Now we are ready to take the next step to share The One Command® with an even bigger audience: through mainstream media, by developing more products and books; and we are working on some new ways to translate the book and materials into other languages.

We are often asked by seminar attendees “Have you thought of taking your program to this group or to that market"? Our answer is yes, but we can’t go to all the places we would like to and that is why the Leadership program is so important. There is a call for the teaching to come into the world and you can be on the cutting edge in being that Leader.

Every program we set up is designed with the idea, “have an experience then share the experience”. Meaning every course is designed to empower students to take the teaching to their own sphere of influence.

Here are our upcoming dates listed below. Let me share a little more with you on what you learn when you attend.

One Command®
Leadership Training Program includes these seminars:

The One Command Practitioner’s Training Level 1
In 3 days you learn to uncover and clear subconscious programs by taking clients through the One Command® Process. This course is the prerequisite for the upcoming coaching and mentorship programs that are set for 2009.

In the course you learn:
  • The basics and beyond in the six-steps to theta
  • The three parts to The One Command®
  • Background in consciousness and quantum thinking as related to The One Command® and why it works
  • To elegantly introduce The One Command® to your clients
  • To guide your client through the 6-Steps and The One Command®
  • To be clear within yourself when you hold a session
  • To ask the questions through the 6-Structures of Belief that get your clients clear on their objectives
  • To clear programs and beliefs for yourself and your clients in moments
  • To eliminate ancestral programs of lack, addiction and abuse
  • You discover how your thoughts are created and how to un-create negative thoughts instantly
  • To operate naturally and easily in the unified field of theta
  • To Unwind and Rewind your DNA for change in a moment
  • To harness the power of your DNA blueprint for success
  • To realize the fulfillment of your dreams, hopes and desires
  • To experience your future moving towards you, and to take the next easy, natural step into that successful future
  • The One Command® matrix for health, wealth, joy and financial increase

By the end of the three-days you are established as a certified One Command® Practitioner and a qualified expert with the ability to get great results for you and your clients.

As you take this certification you reconfigure your brain, your, mind and your emotions to operate in the embodiment of your greatness and the greatness that resides right within your client. There is a power within you so great... Commanding Wealth Seminars Langley, WA