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Merrily Smith is definitely a today's woman, an entrepreneur with a multi-faceted service business called The Holistic Helper.

Services include:

  • A directory with over 1,000 listings in over 150 categories in the holistic field.  Alternative therapies and products can be hard to find if you don't know all the latest buzz words and cutting-edge modalities.  The directory helps you find what you're looking for in the holistic community fast.

  • A speakers bureau, representing a number of nationally and regionally known speakers; and

  • An area-wide distribution service that selectively places information flyers in locations known to be effective for the type of event being promoted.

With 20+ years of speaking experience in the holistic fields, she has been a pioneer in the positive thinking field, applying it to many life-style practices.

Smith has been active in the DFW Metroplex for fifteen years as a speaker, workshop facilitator, counselor, author, and publicist. A Licensed Unity Teacher since 1978, she has been a co-minister with her husband in four Unity churches, one in Hamilton, Ontario and three in the Metroplex. Her family of eight step-children are grown, so her energy has turned its direction to the holistic practices that are the mainstays of her philosophy. The book depicting her journey to this successful lifestyle as a dynamic professional in her later years, and as a widow, is "The Secret Language of the Self".

Meditation that activates intuition is a frequent subject in her workshops. The business arena is keenly searching for those who can draw upon that creative flow to bring forth order and ingenuity into the workplace. The "Intuition Now," workshop is formatted to focus upon the real situations and/ or dreams with which we are blocked. Techniques to expand our thinking into more creative patterns are presented and experienced.

For more information or to learn how you can benefit from Merrily's experience and helpful insights, please click here for more info or contact us now.


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