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Open Your Heart Change Your World
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New & Full Moons 2014

Effortless Success Mindfest 

~Practice Sessions - Free
~ SFQigong Courseses: 
L1 ~How toHeal Your Self
L2 ~ How to Heal Others

~Master Healing Sessions- by donation
~Call for times, dates, prices or apt. :
214 233 5738

Qigong Medical Studies *Spring Forest QiGong Courses
with Co - Host  of the www.HolisticRadioShow.com
Colin Ryane ~ SFQ Certified Level 1,2 Instructor
& Master Healer
Sword Fingers Healing Energy
New Medical Studies Join Our Qi - mail list 60 sec's Intro

Happy Qi ~ Qigong Sessions ~ with Master Healer Colin:

Love Offering
Qi Balancing Sessions: more info  or by Love Offering
In person:  $ 128    1-1.5  hour session
Telephone:  $47   20 minu
Meditation Healing Session:  $20
Life Coaching: more info
$ 56 for 30 min.
extra time: $ 20 for each 1/2 hr or part,

Qigong Coaching:
more info
$ 47 for 1/2 hr
$ 92 for 1 hr.
for 2 - 4 people
$ 20 per person.

Special Healing Meditations more info:
Full Moons
New Moons

Qi- 'Aaahh' -ssage sessions more info:
$45 for 20 minutes (or as add on)
$128 as part of 1 - 1.5 session

Qigong personal  Qi -
Energy Balancing Session - in-person session

I’ll talk to you for a while and when you’re ready I’ll ask you to relax and close your eyes while I detect energy blockages and assist you in removing them. I walk around you as I do this. Usually there is music in the background or you may wish to listen to a guided meditation during the Qi- balancing.  No touching performed.

Qigong personal phone session

You will need to have a glass of water with you during your session. I will ask you to drink this water as part of your session. Again I will talk to you a while and then will detect and help to remove blockages in your energy system. If I am helping a child or a pet the person on the phone will give the water to the child or pet at a later time. You will need to have a half hour set aside after the session to rest or meditate.

Qi(gong)~ssage Session

I like to call Qi(gong)~ssage “Qi Touch Point 'Aahh' relaxation”. A TX, licensed practitioner will gently massage and send energy into specific points that have been identified by Master Chunyi Lin to help open the energy channels in the body and restore the flow of energy. This wonderful therapy tends to re-set your body using acupressure points in a specific order. You will feel relaxed yet energized at the end of the session. This is done with you sitting upright.  It is often very helpful to have a Qi(gong)~ssage and follow up with a personal healing session.

Life Coaching with an emphasis on Qigong

Sometimes energy balancing brings up emotions and life changes. In these sessions I work with you to help you understand what you are experiencing and also to just help you visit other possible perspectives as you balance your body, mind and heart energy.

Private Qigong Coaching

If you’ve taken a class or have been doing home-study in Spring Forest Qigong exercises and meditations and still have questions this may be exactly what you are looking for. I will help you enhance your qigong practice and even learn a few new techniques that may not be in the books! I also can help you if you are learning to do Qi(gong)~ssage for yourself or others and need more information.

Miscellaneous services

I also do “distance” sessions for people and animals. I need specific information such as name, male or female, age and location. With this information I can work with the energy from a distance during my meditations to help balance energy just as it is done in-person or on the phone.

Special Healing Meditations:

Special Qigong ~ Full Moon Healing Meditation Sessions
for a $10 -$20 suggested love donation
Held on Full or New Moon
See 'Classes' for Schedule
RSVP for location.

(- NO-infectious diseases. These need to be handled by distance session -not in person.
(no colds, flue, etc. in person at the meditation - stay home * see below on how to join us-
- cup your inner arms for 5 minutes each left side first, then keep your hands overhead for 5- 10 minutes 3x's daily to help open the lungs & sinuses)

limited to 12 people - on location, this special healing meditation will begin with instruction
on how to relax, do Qigong energy breathing, and the special Butterfly healing meditation to transform any diseases you may have into a better quality of life for you.

Colin will practice the Qigong energy balancing on you helping to help open any energy blockages you may have ~ the causes of pain and disease. He will walk around the room & you, several times during the meditation to facilitate this.

Then at the end all present will participate in special Qigong healing practice to help themselves, distant friends, and all present to open any further blockages, whether they may be physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual; so all my enjoy a better quality of life with more joy, peace and less pain.

These techniques you learn - you may practice at home, to help further Master Chunyi Lin's vision of a "Healer in every family & a World without Pain"

* Want to join the energy from home? (or on vacation?)
put on some nice music or the Butterfly Meditation, (available from Colin or web)and join us at the same time - just say in your mind"I am part of this meditation and I am receiving the flow of healing energy from the group, the Universe, and Master Lin." Know our love is flowing to you, and yours to us. If you like: email us and let us know to include you - need name, age, & city you will be in.

Please RSVP

Other services available

Other services available: in-home visits, providing instruction or talks to small groups, will travel to teach and/or work with retreats, groups, organizations etc.

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* Spring Forest Qigong is a registered trademark of Chunyi Lin. SFQ workshops have been offered through Normandale Community College in Bloomington, Minnesota since 2004.  In 2008 a curriculum was established to train and certify instructors to deliver SFQ Level One, an introduction to the healing power of Spring Forest Qigong, in a simple, guided, consistent manner. The instructor of this workshop completed the required training and has earned the designation of SFQ Level One, Two certified instructor and Master Healer.

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