May also be produced as “REMEMBRANCE,” for other seasons. 


      Marcus Bach, an internationally acclaimed religious author, and professor at University of Iowa, wrote “RESURRECTION.”  There are new views to many of our long-held images of Jesus and his family and friends.  The two most prominent players are Mary, the Mother of Jesus, and Cyborea, the mother of Judas.  They meet in the home of Joseph of Arimethea the morning after the crucifixion.  They don’t know who one  another is, and both start talking about their sons.

      Other characters are Joseph of Arimethea, the Rich Young Man, a servant and an Angelic Presence.

      The poetic lines soothes as we are brought into a very close feeling of those moments we have all imagined.

      Now available in a quality video at $25, tax included.  This is a prime time to prepare for the Lenten season with this fresh, inspirational

video program.

      This play was written by Dr. Bach when he was professor of Religion at the University of Iowa at Iowa City, Iowa.  Vesper programs were held every day and this was written for this service.

      Dr. Bach’s one-act play lasts 20 minutes.  That is a short program so the addition of character sketches has been added as selections from Kahlil Gibran’s “Jesus, Son of Man.”  These sketches lengthen the program to 45 minutes.

      This video  presentation augments the beauty of the Easter season.  While it is appropriate for the Easter season, it can also be presented as “Recollection,” at other times of the year.  It was taped at the Unity Church of Dallas with a video crew from the Dallas Institute of Art.

      It was produced by Helene Mueller, LUT, and Silent Unity Phone Room Worker, and daughter Merrily Smith, widow of Floyd Howard, Unity Minister, Ft. Worth TX.   

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