Holistic Hotline Guidelines:

$15 for the Hotline
-sent by email each Thursday AM -
 - per week .

What's in  the listing:

3 Lines listing:

  1. Who
  2. What
  3. When
  4. Where
  5. How much - cost of event
  6. Contact

+ you get your listing - listed on the Event Calendar for an additional $ 10 ~

*Use the examples below to explain the above 1-6

Need More Space?

Additional  $15 for up to 3 extra lines in the Hotline ~
may be purchased for more description space.

Or, just refer them to our Event Calendar where we can put a paragraph or so, description, up for you, just add a line as in the first example below.

Or, if you need to post a whole flyer - we can set up a web page for you on our site ~call for pricing.

* Thurs. Apr. 19, “Spiritic’s Circle” 7P, N. Dallas, markhead@tx.rr.com  www.spiritics.org
(see Event Calendar for more info)

*Sat. Apr. 21, 1-4P, “Change Your Emotions-Change Your Life w/ Bach Flower Essences,” $22, Lisa Price @ Rose Cottage Natural Therapy, 214.553.7069, Practitioner@bflady.com

*Sun. Apr. 15, 11A  Dr. Rocco Errico, "The Mysteries of Eden,"  Unity Church of Christianity, 3425 Greenville Ave., Workshop 1:30P,  $ 20 donation, , www.dallasunity.org
214-826-5683 ~ Rev. Steve Colladay.  All are welocome ~ bring a friend.