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“Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the floor each morning, the devil says:
“Oh Hell! She’s up!” ~The guy with the horns...

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New www.Meta-Match.com  like Meta Physics for Spiritually Conscious Social Networking Site to unify souls for Social, Business & match making Meta -Physical connections.  Nancy Harte, 214 770 7011interview****Limited Time Join for Fr.ee Membership honoring the Peace Project ****

Sun. Aug. 8, 8-8:30A, WRR FM 101.1, “United Against Violence,” Christian Science Sentinel Radio. Same program 24/7 at 214 447 9676, (214-HIS WORK) or 817 259 1620,

Sun. Aug 8, 10A, Kindred Spirits, “ World Change – is History Repeating Itself?” Howard Berg, kslist@sbcglobal.net, UCD, Love Offering.

Tues. Aug. 10, 7:30A, Holistic Chamber – “WEIGHT Loss – What’s the Buzz on HCG?” Dr. Ross Stewart, Pres. Of Neurowellness. Dream Café, 5100 Belt Line, Dls. 75254, 972 503 7326. RSVP suzd01@hotmail.com  Susan Davis 972 523 7234 for program info.

Tues. Aug. 10/11, 7:30-10P Qigong, Colin Ryane at Merrily’s home, 16300 Ledgemont Lane, Addison 75001, RSVP 972 447 0990 or merrilysmith@gmail.com  ~ (due to summer vacations ~ we may hold this in the day time)

Fri. Aug. 13, 7:30P, Satori –“ Kirtan,” w/ Kristan & Randall Brooks. Richland Hills. Call 817 222 1871, philwalthall@aol.com  for more info.

Sun., Aug. 15, 2P, Self-Publishing Meetup, “Book Design” Rebecca Price, Schmelpfenig Library, 5024 Custer Rd. Plano,75023 $2

Thurs. Aug. 19, 7:30P, “Transformation of Medical Practice w/ Complementary Care,” Dr. Andrew Fryer, 972 238 5437 or afryermd@yahoo.com. LS The Colony, $20 info@lightworkerssanctuary.com directions 214 385 1784

Sat. Aug. 21, 10-5P, “Intuitive Connections – A Mind Body & Spirit Fair,” LS The Colony, 214 385 1784 for directions. Denise Feeney, info@lightworkerssanctuary.com

Tues. Aug. 24, 7:30P - 8:30P, Spring Forest QiGong: a Free Info Session , Colin Ryane, at Merrily’s home in Addison,  ~ Colin is a Certified Spring Forest QiGong Level 1 Instructor by Master Chunyi Lin - author of the best seller "Born A Healer" ~ I was & you were too - heal your aches & pains RSVP  for directions:  972 447 0990 or merrilysmith@gmail.com    see web site at www.HappyQi.com 

Tues. Sept. 7, 7:30P - 8:30P, Spring Forest QiGong: a Free Info Session , Colin Ryane, at Merrily’s home in Addison,  ~ Colin is a Certified Spring Forest QiGong Level 1 Instructor by Master Chunyi Lin - author of the best seller "Born A Healer" ~ I was & you were too - heal your aches & pains RSVP  for directions:  972 447 0990 or merrilysmith@gmail.com       see web site at www.HappyQi.com 

Thurs. Sept. 9, 7:30P, Merrily Smith’s 80th Birthday Bash. Music, Entertainment & Photo Slides of this Ever-ready Bunny Roll Along Ride. UCD, finger foods pot luck please. RSVP Betty Cosgrove for food plans & hooper.e2010@gmail.com  RSVP for head count please

Wed. Sept. 15, 7:30P, “The Art & Age of Youth,” Merrily Smith celebrates 80th birthday at UCD* Looking Ahead w/ Honesty, The Life of Dreams, Clearing the Path, RSVP972 447 0990 or merrilysmith@gmail.com  I know this is early, but plans are big.

Sat. Sept. 18, 9:45-3:30P, “Making Peace With Your Mother” Dr. Bea Lovejoy, $69, 817 528 4593, 2205 Tarpley Rd. #1905, Carrol., 75006, RSVP drbealovejoyiam@hotmail.com  CEU’s available.

Sept. 23, 7-9:30P, “The Key to Controlling Pain & Chronic Disease,” Dr. Jerry Tennant. Fr*ee Program, 9901 Valley Ranch Pkwy. #3010, Irv. 75063, 972 580 0545 or biomodulator@senergy.us   for info.
NEW: Dr. Jerry on “Coast to Coast” Wed. July 21, 972 580 0545.

Tues. Sept. 24, 7:30P - 8:30P, Spring Forest QiGong: a Free Info Session , Colin Ryane, at Merrily’s home in Addison,  ~ Colin is a Certified Spring Forest QiGong Level 1 Instructor by Master Chunyi Lin - author of the best seller "Born A Healer" ~ I was & you were too - heal your aches & pains RSVP  for directions:  972 447 0990 or merrilysmith@gmail.com    see web site at www.HappyQi.com 

To list your event, email: Merrily@holistic-helper.com $15 for up to 3 lines. (Visa/Mastercard/Amex/ accepted)


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The Magic Barn  ~ celebrating assistance in creation { The secret }
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Rolling Along with Merrily (a Blog)

The Power of Love ~ Christian the Lion

Panda Power ~ after the earth quake

Tiger Town ~ A big Orange Cat ~ Purrr !

Latest Interviews on ~ The www.HolisticRadioShow.com   :

#70 Moon Lady ~ Amy Martin ~ Dallas, TX
   DFW's    holistic  |  eco  |  alt  |  progressive  | online community  |  list serve
Everyone in the Holistic Field in Dallas, & Fort Worth,TX  Knows Amy; she hosts the 2nd largest Solstice Festivals in the USA, and publishes MoonLady News.  This fall she will launch an new website and email notification server system to further unite the Spiritual - Eco - Holistic DFW community. Amy's insights into her passions of the North American ancient cultures such as the mound builders, the keepers of Myan calendar, Chaco, have further led her discovery of the honoring of the Feminine,  The Goddess. Right smack in the Middle of the USA ! More...


Amy Martin
    ~ Moondlady

Summer Solstice Celebration
on June 27 Sat:

coming this fall:

Listen: Prt 1

Listen: Prt 2

#69 The Artists Way ~ Jeanie Brosius ~ & The Weight Code...
Jeanie Brosius experiences life as a delicious adventure given to all of us Powerful Creators. She is an internationally known speaker and seminar leader with a delightful sense of humor. Every week, Jeanie writes a Weekly Practical Spirituality email message that continues to be sent around the world to thousands of people. These messages are the basis of her weekly calendar book Filling Your Well.

Jeanie is President of UnI ROCK the World, Inc. a company that features gratitude rocks and products and as a former Unity Minister, served Unity of Richardson, TX.for many years. Jeanie and her sister owned a travel agency which provided a springboard for extensive world travel. She uses these rich life experiences as a basis to coach others to live a life of joyous creation. More...
Jeanie lives in Dallas, Texas

Purchase Giving From An Empty Well by Jeanie Brosius Jeanie Brosious

"Giving from An Empty Well"

Teacher & Facilitator:
The Artist's Way & Weight Code


#68 "All Relationships:  The Freedom to Choose" by Lynda Wooding
Lynda is internationally known for her business and relationship programs and is author of "Freedom to Choose ~ Your Relationship Adventure". With inspiring and practical steps for developing harmonic relationships or healing a wounded heart, Lynda’s programs lead participants to create relationships based on conscious choices while navigating the complexities of the relationship journey. Learn more about opening your heart to love, embracing the freedom to be yourself, and wake up your life.  more...

Lynda Wooding
All Relationships Coach
Author, Presenter & Facilitator

"Living & Playing by Choice"


#67   Essential Oils  ~ 20 years with Young Living oils:
With 4 special farms world wide to grow the special plants necessary to produce the finest essential oils, Young Living has come a long way since the 1980's and Eldon & Nancy Knittle, of Dallas, TX,  have been with Dr Gary Young since that time.  Insights into using essential oils for fun and profit are discussed as well as using them to maintain health and happiness.

Eldon and Nancy Knittle
Essential Solutions
Independent   Distributor # 3907
Of 972-442-7388
    972-442-5108 strange music
C 972-842-8036 disconnected


Theraputic-grade Essential Oils
Nutritional supplements
Personal Care Products


#66  "Chocolate is a Raw Food too" !  Miranda Martinez
Every one I know loves Chocolate but most don't want the sugar. It Turns out that this delectable substance from the Jungles of South America eaten raw and unprocessed is quite a health food. Did you know you can eat raw bread too? These are just some of the amazing healthy foods you can find out about here with  Miranda Martinez ~ a Raw Foods Coach~ she is counseling folks by phone and in person on how to prepare and eat raw foods. Even how to ad them to your cooked food diet for more health benefits.
Miranda fought her heavy weight for years, now she has
lost 66 #'s and kept it off with delicious food.  more....

Miranda Martinez Pic - Raw Food Coach | Dallas, TX Miranda Martinez
~ Raw Food Coach - more....

Serving raw food at Bliss Cafe, Dallas
Food Coaching at Pure Wellness
call her:  214-354-2960

Get her e-book


#65 "Cook (not kill) Your Food for Health":  Kevin Jellerson
"Saladmaster has been teaching health conscious families how to prepare healthy, delicious meals with the proper techniques and products since 1946. Did you know that steaming, boiling and microwaves destroy most of the vitamins and minerals from your cooked food? Not very smart when we've invested extra money in the organic section of the grocery store! Saladmasters titanium surgical stainless steel waterless vacuum cooking system cuts your cooking time in half, enables you to cook HALF as much food (no shrinkage) and maintains an average 93% of vital nutrition our bodies need."

Kevin Jellerson Picture Dallas TX
Be well,
Kevin Jellerson

The Wealth of Health
P: 972.747.1212  |  C: 214.597.9084
kjellerson@me.com  |  www.saladmaster.com


#62 Nancy Marlowe | Medium     "Spiritual mail carrier" - John Edwards
Helping police and friends find people and things, seeing the causes of death, Contacting loved ones who have passed over, Nancy gives comfort and solace. She has proved highly effective at matchmaking too.  For you who understand, and those who may be skeptical this interview will expand your understanding of possibilities and encourage you to become more of your authentic self.

Laughed at 9 yrs. when she spoke what she saw, she went silent for many years, awakening later in life to follow her path, and encouraging you to follow yours.  more....     |   832-274-6747

Nancy Marlowe | Medium Picture Nancy Marlowe | Medium


Phone & in Person Consultations

Fr.ee Newsletter Love & Light with Nancy Marlow


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