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Jennifer Farmer - Spiritual Intuitive
Contact number (817) 690-4208

     Do the circumstances in your life cause you to feel confused, frustrated, lonely and without hope of a way out?  Do you feel stuck in your own life?  Are you seeking to heal yourself and/or a relationship?  Have you lost someone close to you from death?


     Allow me to help you walk through these situations in your life.  My intention is to guide you through overcoming the hurt and loss you' ve experienced.  We will work together to find yourself again and to feel more powerful and secure.  We are all connected in this adventure of life.  Pain and struggle are caused when we feel lost, separated and without love.  There is a solution and a way through the pain. You can choose to transform into a more grounded and peaceful human being.


Jennifer Farmer

     We connect together with your loved ones, angels and spirit guides. As a medium and intuitive, I assist people with personal spiritual development, healing relationships, resolving issues around grief and death. I have experience working with people in all of life's issues both personal and professional. I have attended the Arthur Findley College in England to study and enhance my mediumship gifts. 


 Additional services offered by Jennifer Farmer


     Mentoring/Coaching Services: One-on-one approach to self development, professional coaching and psychic discovery.  


     Group Readings: Participating in a group reading allows people to share in hearing messages that Jennifer delivers to individuals in the group with accuracy and clarity. As we are all connected, we can learn and grow from each other.  The sessions are beautiful and provide an emotionally moving experience for all who attend.


     Lecture and Speaking Services: Jennifer lectures and demonstrates her intuitive mediumship skills that provide the audience with a unique glimpse into the spiritual realm.  Jennifer uses her intuitive knowledge to discuss the incredible world of the spiritual journey.


     Professional intuitive consulting services for business projects and development research processes:  Jennifer utilizes her psychic and intuitive talents to assist in project development, brainstorming, drawing conclusions and possible outcomes. All industries are accessible when she as uses her channeling and psychic skills. 

     Please call and say hello - you are always welcome... 

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