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a Book & CD 

Merrily Smith




          We always have a dialogue running through our brains sometimes we like it and other times we wonder how we can shut it off, or make it pleasant.  This is my story of capturing this flow, how I came to understand how it was affecting me and then harnessing it to bring forth emotional healing for me.  Im having the time of my life, and happy, creative, prosperous and enjoying purposeful pursuits in these golden years and without a partner.  This now comes after knowing mostly terror and anger in childhood, victim experiences, attitudes and total co-dependency into middle age.  It took me years of re-doing the mental patterns and habits that made up a narrow lifestyle into happier thought patterns that now take hardly any effort.  I studied what was happening to me, liked it, and then saw how I could duplicate the effort and keep the better things coming to me by techniques that I developed.


          I also studied reincarnation and had insights given to me.  This brought a shift to my understanding of how my life was chosen and what was really  going on that brought me some comfort and allowed me to gain more control over events. I tell my story in a chapter, and then follow with the reincarnational view.  My aim is to share these insights with you so if your life has imbalances unfairnesses, deep pains, or puzzles that just dont seem to have answers, consider that this may be a time of balancing out from past times, even ancient times.


          Then I move on to the techniques that have relaxed my fearful grip on life, given me hope in the future, and joy in the present that I never knew was possible for me.  They are easy to follow, though the personal emotional work you do will enrich every relationship you value and pave a healthy, happier path for your future life.  That is saying a lot, but today I counsel many and have see their lives unfold into more joy than they ever knew existed for them, too.


Your personal, emotional adventure awaits welcome to the whole story.


Merrily gives talks, facilitates workshops, & counsels around these principles:

         you may contact her at 972-447-0990 or merrily@holistic-helper.com

You may order the book or CD ~an audio book here: