Merrily Holistic Helper

As seen by Arthur Douet ~Portrate Artist

Merrily in her Robes March 2007

At the Dallas Arboreetum

Sunset in Hawaii

Sunset at the North Pole

A very Difficut picture to duplicate. Taken with the very first cresent of the New Moon in the Artic. Enjoy and tell others of this magnificent photo.

Yamantaka Tanga Tibet

Destroying the ego

Pamdmasmbava Tangka - Tibet

Blessing for a happy peaceful life

Merrily Marying the Hoaglands

At the Dallas Arboretum March 2003

Luna Fest March 2007

Merrily & Vivian Anderson Castleberry Peacemakers, Inc.

Luna Fest

Luna Fest

Merrily & Friends

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Merrily has never seen it anyother way !

The Secrete?

Colin Ryane Really Can do

Yogi Colin Ryane was Swami Shambudevananda in the 70's here he is now.

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