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Merrily Smith

Colin Ryane Holistic Radio show Host     ~ A Holistic Way to Go..
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Women's Health Conference SFQ HQ MN

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#84 No Craving Weightloss

#81 Tesla Energy Lights II

#80 Ghosts keeping you Broke?
~Colin RYane

#79 Balance in UnBalanced World
~Dr OM Prakash

#78 One Answer to Cancer
~ Dale Maxwel

#77 'A new Look at Iodine'
~ John Brookshire

#76 'Unleash our natural Healing Power'
~Dr Virgil Chrane

#75 'Aloe's Secretes' prt 2
Scott Siegel

#74 'Cranial Sacral' Dr Andrew Fryer, MD

#73 'Bank Holidaze' ~Colin Ryane

#72  Aloe's Secrets ~
Scott Siegel

#71 Vivian Castleberry ~Peacemaker

#70 Moonlady ~Amy Martin

#69 Expand Ur Creativity ~ The Artist's Way & The Weight Code ~ Jeanie Brosius

#68 "All Relationships -the freedom to Choose"
Lynda Wooding...

#67 Essential Oils - 20 yrs with Yong Living oils ~ Knittles

#66 "Chocolate is a Raw a Food" ~ Miranda Martinez

#65 "Cook not Kill, Food" ~Kevin Jellerson

#64 Anti-aging, Anti-Illness

#63 "Your Local City" ~Marketing
with Tonya Hoffman

#62 'Spiritual Mail Carrier'
 ~Nancy Marlowe | Medium

#61 Gentle Life Healing ~Dr Carol Cole, Ph.D.

#60 All can Advertise here ~ Colin Ryane

#59  Fibromyalgia to Heath Nutrition for all~ Tonja Wells

#58 Get what U want ~Jan Gentleman-Ingersoll

#57 RA Defiant ~Roseline Bodiford

#56 Holistic Dentistry- 'A Passion for service' Dr. Henry Guy, DDs

#55  Peace Project - Donna Collins

#54 Meta-Match.com a Spiritual Social Networking site.

#53 Myth Investigator ~ William Henry

#52  Parris Afton Bonds - My Passion

#51 Numerology w Jean-Pierre Khordoc

#50 Near Death Exp. wtih Prof. Jan Holden, PhD

#49 Feng Shui ~Alexandra Shaw

#48 The Gentle Way ~ Tom T Moore

#47 "Tesla Energy Lights" ~ Aeron Goldheart

#46 Astrology 2009 with Rose Marie

#45 "Using Essential Oils" with Rhavda Emison

#44 "A Holistic Energy Plan" T. Boone Pickens

#43 "Colin's response on how to be healthy in the face of a major epidemic"

#42 "2009 predictions" ~Joni Patry

#41 "Iodine" ~ John Brookshire

#40 "Colin's year on Cancer" ~ Colin Ryane

#39 "Power of Inner Guidance" ~ Dr Pam Garcy

#38 "Herbalist for All Seasons" ~Diane Hackett

#37 "Nature of a healer" ~Greg Joseph

#36 "Sacred Shamanic Journeys You can take" ~Maria Gurule

#35 Tibetan Yoga 5 Rites for Longevity

#34 Mexican Art & Culture in TX

#33 Thermography = non radiation breast check up

#32 "New Thought in the South" ~Dr Petra

#31  Wild Alaskan Salmon

#30 "Sisterhood of the Rose'

#29 Sacred Feminine ~Judy Gillentine

#28 Kat's view 2008 & beyond -She sees it all...

#27 Russell ~ Angel Therapist ® "My Story & My life"

# 26 2008 Forecast ~ Elexis Rice Astrology & more...

#25  David Spina on grounded holistic residual income

#24 Immuno enzymes & Dark Field Microscopy Ron K Schneider

#23 James Clark
Spirituality & Economics

#22 Merrily Smith "Sparkling Soul Symbols"

#21 Michael Gott, Musician

# 20 Dr Nancy French - 'Power of Dowsing'

# 9 5 Interviews + Tan Ren Healing by Joyce Smith

#18 "Free Publicity" by Jeff Crilley Fox4 - Dallas

#17 "The Secret" revealed - It's all in the Numbers with Lori Bach

#16 "Let's Talk Stars" with Rose Mare - Intuitive Astrologer

#15  Your Hair can be Read or Red-Michael Motorcycle

#14 Kangen Water - so, the Body heals itself? " lost 20 # s -in 2 months."

#12 Black Mold Exposure, plastic in the body - both Nasty....

#11 John Lipinski - "Off the Reservation" Wingmakers+

#10  5 Interviews at Holistic Meet Up

#9 Colin Ryane "Nada Yoga ~ the Science of Sound"

#8 Kathryn Perry - "Theta Healing" - down to your DNA

#7  Merrily Smith -"The Other Side of Living"... NDE

#6 Aeron Goldheart "Tesla Energy"

#5  Holistic Healing with Tamela Johnston,

#4  Rob Wilson "Cowboy -Wisdom"

Donna Matus ~"Huna-Aloha™"

#1   Colin Ryane "Holistic Marketing":

  Create your own legend with a website by Pro Epic.



#60 "Coming Soon"

#59  "From Incurable Fibromyalgia to worlds Healthiest Person"~
Tonja Wells, a delightful informative talk to newbies and veterans on Nutrition, her story on getting over fibromyalgia at 29, She is now a Certified herbal health Consultant and Certified Natural Health Professional, a 4 year Instructor for the worlds largest herbal company she now designs complete herbal health and Nutritional programs for her clients, in person or over the phone.

Tonja Wells Pic herbalist Nuttionist Interview Tonja Wells
Incurable to Healthiest Person -


#58 "Attraction Principle - close the gap from want to get" Rev. Jan Gentleman-Ingersoll.
More than
another example of the Law of Attraction in Action, Jan Gentleman-Ingersoll has stepped it up a notch with her answer to The Secret and A New Earth: The Solution - The ZuK Paradox Revealed. If these books were a sandwich, she claims, “The Secret would be the bottom bun, A New Earth its top while my book, The Solution – The ZuK Paradox Revealed would be the filling that connects, closes and adds the flavor to the gap!“

“The Law of Attraction works every time and immediately,” she proclaims passionately, “it is most often the mismatch between what we “ask for” and what we “believe” that delays and can block wants and dreams becoming our reality. Thus,” she continues, “the need for a solution.”


Jan Gentleman-Ingersoll Pic Rev Jan Gentleman-Ingersoll
her experience of failing to attract
what she wanted, what when wrong & why & how you can attract your desires in life. www.APCD-Institute.org


#57  "An RA defiant" - No Rheumatoid Arthritis  
Roseline Bodiford will not have RA in her life, this is her story of how a painter, diagnosed with RA, facing curled fingers for life - chose to not have it in her life.
3 years later- she doesn't have it.  A warning to all artist of  the toxicity of paint, her chosen medium.


Colin Ryane s picture of Spring Wisteria Roseline Bodiford
~an RA Defiant
A Painter's healing journey with
Rheumatoid Arthritis


#56 Holistic Dentistry ~ a Passion for Service - with  Dr. Henry Guy, DDS
Today service is one of the most valuable commodities. With business failings reported daily in the news, and the troubles of these times, service is solid Gold. Not only a good business practice, it is a way of life to a light-worker. Dr Guy has always known what he wanted to do in life, to be a dentist, so he is.  Each person he sees is a new adventure for him, as everyone's needs for healing is unique.  Dr Guy begins with a mutual interview so each may know the other, and go from there on a journey of healing together. Henry Guy has been meditating with his wife and an Arlington group regularly for 25 years, The School of Ageless Wisdom; he has not once missed the 2ce weekly meetings.

  Dr. Henry Guy, DDS.
Arlington, TX
972-647-4300 - Office
web site:www.henryguydds.com/
Email:   office@henryguydds.com 


#55 Peace Project
The latest in scientific research shows that we can share our collective intention for reducing violence and healing discord through city-wide collective prayer, meditation, and directed consciousness experiences that honor all paths and exclude no one. It is now possible to track and measure the effect of our collective efforts on conditions and events in our world. 
Peace Project

Peace Project press here to see more Donna Collins is heading the Peace Project in Dallas, TX
NO Matter where you are ~ you can help if you want to...


#54 New: Social Networking site for the Spiritually Conscious:  Meta-Match.com
Spiritually Conscious Social Networking Site to Unify Souls for Business, Social and Match-Making purposes. Come help build the united community, create groups and meet likeminded souls. Free Membership for a limited time honoring the Peace Project Nancy Harte of Dallas, TX has created this wonderful site for us as part of her passion.
reach Nancy through here Creation www.Meta-Match.com   or

Nancy Hart of www.Meta-Match.com www.Meta-Match.com logo


#53  "A Myth Researcher's discoveries of the US Capitol"  with William Henry
Author, investigative mythologist and guest host of the popular radio show “Dreamland”, William Henry welcomes you to his extraordinary journey as he seeks lost secrets, mystical symbols and forbidden knowledge. He invites you on a quest to reveal the lost codes and symbols that will provide keys to unlock the amazing power within you.
Sponsored by www.Meta-Match.com  (
metaphysical matchmaking for U & UR Biz)
1 615 292 5397 
His Dallas 3-28 Workshop   other workshops

William Henry Investigative Mythologist Picture William Henry
Investigative Mythologist
talks about the US Capital
'Temple', Egyptian time travel

and His Dallas 3-28 Workshop
www.williamhenry.net/  read more


#52  "My Passion", by Author Parris Afton Bonds: 
Thirty-five books and five sons attest to the prolific Parris Afton Bonds. She is an award-winning author of westerns, historicals, international espionage, romances, sagas, and mainstream fiction as well as a multitude of nonfiction articles and essays. As co-founder of both Southwest Writers Workshop and Romance Writers of America, she instigated and sponsors the SWWW Young Writers contest. Parris donates part of her time, working with both grade-school children and female inmates to help them express their creativity.
    Parris says "I write...Not because it’s good money; a lot of the time it’s not. I write because I feel better for having written. I come most alive when I write. Bottom line, I’m compelled to write. It’s the curse and the gift with which I came into this life. So, I feel that my calling is simply that of a storyteller. But, oh, think of the magic we storytellers cast!"

www./parrisaftonbonds.com    article  

When the Heart is Right ~book by Parris Afton Bonds Parris Afton Bonds
"My Passion"
35 Books & 5 Sons
A world class Romance Author
discuss her Passion: writing

Parris on the power of words to heal


#51  "Numerology's powerful insight into success and partnerships" with Jean-Pierre Khordoc.
Jean-Pierre Khordoc ~
Kabbalah is a very powerful tool to gain inner knowledge, but it is hidden in Mystery within the books on the subject. Cutting through the fog of millenniums of darkness, Jean-Pierre teaches us to get to the inner beauty of this sacred science beginning with its branch of numerology. In this interview, Jean-Pierre demonstrates some of the hidden powers of numbers for  healthy relationships, jobs, the nature of compatible livelihood, and power over others; also timing of daily activities.
jpkhordoc@gmail.com     Brochure     visit blog

Jean-Pierre Khordoc Picture

Jean-Pierre Khordoc
Numerology is a branch of Kabbalah-
~ a secret science to inner knowledge
hidden for 1000's years. Clearing the Fog of Millenniums - get to Inner Knowledge.


#50  Near Death Experiences or NDE with Jan Holden, PhD.
Jan Holden, PhD., professor of counseling at UNT, in Denton, TX has interviewed or read over 1000 cases of Near Death Experiences. Jan leads us through the whole topic of defining NDE, what are the experiences and what are the results of an NDE in the lives of those who gone through what is mostly a pleasurable experience - but for a small percentage the are not.  This interview will give hope to those who are facing death either their own or of a loved one.
Jan.Holden@unt.edu     visit blog

Mother Swam and 3 babies Picture symbolising Near Death Experiences Jan Holden, PhD on NDE
professor of counseling at UNT,
Denton, TX Researcher and Author on NDE or Near Death Experiences.


#49 Feng Shui with Alexandra Shaw
By combining her intuitive wisdom with time tested principles of the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui., visionary Alex Shaw will help guide you along your path to increased wealth, prosperity and success in both your business and personal life. The future is yours to build and shape, as you will. By using Feng Shui to balance your life, home, office, or jet, you may effectively transform your personal energy forever.

Alexandra Shaw with Feng Shui Chart Alexandra Shaw
Books, CD's, Store, Articles


# 48 "The Gentle Way" A Book about Benevolent Outcomes:
Tom T. Moore is an entertainment industry CEO, who distributes motion pictures and TV programs internationally. He brings a keen knowledge of how requesting Benevolent Outcomes can be used in both business affairs and one’s personal life. He says that requesting Benevolent Outcomes for over ten years has resulted in leading a gentler, less stressful, and less fearful life—The Gentle Way! A native of Dallas, Texas, he is a graduate of Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas and served in the U.S. Army as a 1st Lieutenant. He’s married, and has two children. His book, The Gentle Way: A Self-Help Guide For Those Who Believe in Angels (ISBN # 1-891824-60-0, Light Technology) gives many more suggestions for requesting Benevolent Outcomes. Visit his website at www.TheGentleWayBook.com .

Tom T Moore author of
"The Gentle Way"
discusses 'How to easily create Benevolent Outcomes in an uncertain world.'
read more

214-521-3301    reelmedia@aol.com


#47 "Tesla Energy Lights" , Aeron Goldheart   214-693-9522
Colin Ryane interviews Aeron Goldheart, Global Developer/Distributor of the Tesla Energy Lights in a SPECIAL interview recorded in Dallas, Texas. This provocative interview stretches the viewer's limits to go beyond in personal growth as fueled with subtle energy on demand. AeronGoldheart@TeslaEnergyLights.com

Tesla Energy Lights, Aeron Goldheart

Play Video
brochure .pdf


#46  Astrology 2009 with Rose Marie "Lets Talk Stars"
Rose Marie Vansicle Astrologer, discusses the vast opportunities over the next 18 very difficult months ahead.

Rose Marie "Let's Talk Stars" with Rose Marie
Call her at  972-754-1411 for the most amazing astro-intuitve reading. Tough questions are easy for her.


#45 Infused organic TX oils | Essential Oils
Natural Organic Texas grown Herbal Infused and Essential Oils are made by Rhavda Emison for over 30 years. This interview explores the history, availability, use, training, and certification of these oils in Aroma therapy. Many myths and inaccurate statements go unsubstantiated by unregulated industry; Rhavda shows her education off with her Master's degree and her International certification as a teacher of Aromatherapy. Rhavda is the TX Director of the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy.
In 3 parts  1-800-580-5579


Rhavda Cooper Emison
"Making and using Essential
& Infused Oils in Texas"

   Listen-prt.1    Listen prt.2   Listen prt.3 

#44 "A Plan for Holistic Energy Independence" T. Boone Pickens...
We need a Plan for anything that we wish to create in life. MR. Pickens has a plan, a solid plan and if you feel it is right, you can help. This short video will help you understand what is needed, now, and why.

Play Video T Boone Pickens

Colin's  3  minute overview:   Listen

Play Video


#43 "2009 Predictions" by Joni, has some in a bit of fear:
Light Workers know by the inner knowledge Joni spoke of; but some who are not sure inwardly, perceive these predictions as 'doom & gloom'. I see them as just being prepared so here is what to do in the face of world wide epidemics that have been expected by health cares professionals for many years.

Colin Ryane Holistic Radio show Host Colin's response to fear of
 '2009 Predictions' as being Doom & gloom
or what to do to keep healthy in a major flu epidemic this has been expected by many experts for several years


# 42 , "Joni's view ahead of 2009~Astrology predictions"
Joni Patry a Vedic Astrologer shares her inner site, dreams, and chart analysis of a most difficult year ahead: epidemics, tsunamis, more fighting & bombing,:  where and when. Joni is a very personable author, lecturer, and counseling astrologer. Her insights are exceptionally clear, and timing is quite precise.  A call for Light Workers. A Consciousness Change.
Personal readings:  

Joni Patry ~ Dallas, TX www.galacticcenter.org/ Joni Patry : '2009 Predictions'
Galactic Center
4601 West Lovers Lane
Dallas, Texas 75209
e-mail: joni@galacticcenter.org



# 41 , "Magnascent Iodine"
Edger Casey in the 1930's  helped create a readily assimilable form of iodine.  John has been able to recreate this iodine, why and how it is used.  Mention this interview for a nice surprise...
(214) 233-5738

Iodine Colin Ryane
Notes on my One year
Of investigation of Cancer part One:
Magnascent Iodine
My friend
John Brookshire


# 40 , "What I have discovered about Cancer this last year"
Colin Ryane has been investigating Cancer as several of friends have a few forms and need answers - here's the findings. Cancer is a fungus...it is not a fungus... but the same diet seems to work well for both.
(214) 233-5738

Colin Ryane Holistic Radio show Host Colin Ryane
Notes on my One year
Investigation on Cancer: list :
Do visit:  www.HerbDoc.com
oleandersoup on yahoo groups


# 39 July 31, 2008 "The Power of Inner Guidance, Seven Steps to Tune In and Turn On"  
Dr Pam Garcy, PhD author and Clinical Psychologist in Plano, TX reviews her book on unleashing your creativity, and describes her practice.  (972) 248-3861
"This book is exceptional--- Jack Canfield  Chicken Soup for the Soul series®

the Power of Inner Guidance "The Power Of Inner Guidance"
by Dr Pam Garcy, PhD
Author & Clinical Psychologist



# 38 July 29, 2008  MS Herbs, "An herbalist for all seasons"
Diane Hacket is an amazing herbalist, taking each client unique needs into consideration

My Iris Diane Hacket
MS Herbs, Richardson, TX


# 37 July 2008  "The nature of a healer, the ability to listen"
GregJoseph is an intuitive healer, leaving his carpentry business for a higher calling

Greg Joseph Greg Joseph


# 36 May 6, 2008 "Sacred Journeys You can Take for Healing, Helping & Exploring the Planet" with Shaman Maria Gurule of Colorado.
MARIA GURULE, SHAMAN, AUTHOR, ASTROLOGER, NEW THOUGHT LEADER, AND FOUNDER OF QUANTUM QUEST SHAMANIC JOURNEYS  Maria will lead Several Trips this year you may wish to join in taking ~ if you qualify.  Maria is also Life / Spiritual Counselor and may use the Tarot or Astrology for your readings.  719-219-9776

Sacred Journeys to heal  Maria Gurule  ~  Shaman
Sacred Journeys 
'Changing the History of the Planet'


# 35 May 5, 2008  "5 Tibetan Rites"  ~ like Tibetan Yoga with Dr. Dariah Morgan -an interview on the history and results of her 25 year long practice.
Tibetans had discovered the 'Fountain of Youth' millenniums ago these simple exercises for longevity in just 8 -10 minutes a day are taught in classes and on DVD by Dr. Dariah

Dr. Dariah Morgan Dr. Dariah Morgan
5 Tibetan Rites or ~ Tibetan Yoga
Longevity in under 10 minutes a day.



# 34 April 30, 2008  The Mexican Institute wtih Carla Inohoza - "Art Culture & Passion of Mexico in TX" themexicoinstitute.org/  214 442 1680
Mexican Art and Culture in TX a non profit brings you warm awareness of Art.

Traditional Mexican Dance
themexicoinstitute.org/  214 442 1680
Carla Inohoza  Dir.


# 33 Apr 17, 2008  Dr. Genie Fields, DC  "What Women Should Know about mammograms & early detection methods"
Thermography is an excellent adjunct or preliminary to a mammogram without the radiation and is non invasive.  Many more things may be examined on both Men & Women.
(214)  352 - 8758

pic of Thermography stylist near throat. Thermography Center of Dallas
214 352 8758
This noninvasive with no radiation
diagnosis method is a great way to have your doctor check to see if you really need a mammogram ~ but great for guys too! 



# 32 Apri 16, 2008 "New Thought in the South" ~ Rev. Dr. Petra Weldes Senior Minister of Center for Spiritual Living, Dallas, TX  therock@csldallas.org

Pic Dr Smiling CSL:  Rev Dr Petra
The Center for Spiritual Living
972 866 9988



# 31 April 21 2008 'Wild Alaskan Salmon vs farmed or Atlantic Salmon for health'
Alaskan Salmon is the real thing and very healthy see www.Alaskan2.net

Salmon Fishing Boat Alaskan 2 Ocean Salmon Co., Inc
828 489 6546  or
(866) 870-7575


# 30 April 2008  "The Sisterhood of the Rose" and Interview with the author CELESTE LEVESQUE  $ 25
"More thrilling than the DaVanci Code..."

The Sister Hood To order


# 29 Feb 15, 2008  Julie Gillentine Interview on:
 "The Sacred Feminine throughout  History"
Award-winning author, International Astrologer and Taroist, Julie Gillentine creates a nexus for Ancient Wisdom, including Spiritual Astrology, Dream Interpretation, SkySign Forecasts, Tarot Oracles, Atlantis Rising articles and Sacred Travel to Egypt

Smiling femininity Julie Gillentine 970-264-7474
Queen of Cups, LLC
PO Box 1679,Pagosa Springs,  CO




# 28 Feb 8, 2008 "Kat's  view into 2008 and beyond" Kathryn Darden ~internationally known ~ Visionary Consultant, she predicted 9-11, 1 1/2 years in advance. Her insights into investments- real-estate + stocks + bonds, health, earth changes, terrorism, presidential elections,  the war, weather, global warming, the draft, for 2008 and beyond. Kat has worked with Police to find missing persons + animals, and re-enacts crimes from both the victims and perpetrators point of view. Her phone is 817-232-8272

Kitty Plays the keys Kat can talk with those loved ones and animals who have crossed over and answer any question about life or death you may want to know - as she says, "be sure your really want to know, before you ask", her -as she will tell you the truth, like it or not.


# 27 Feb 5, 2008 ~ Russell Forsyth "My Story - From contractor to Angel Therapy Practitioner ® Medium" Angel Therapist (R) and Medium, Russell Forsyth, Certified by Dr Doreen Virtue, he is a Spiritual Life Coach, holds Angel Parties, Music, Books, and Workshop Facilitator, He is the inventor of the crystal healing bed.His phone 512-775-2442 web sites: www.russelldmusic.com  www.russellforsyth.com

Russell Forsyth As you will hear Russell is really tuned in to Angels and loved ones who have passed on from this like to bring comfort and healing to those who are in grief.

Counselor, Musician, & Author
 His phone 512-775-2442


# 26 Jan. 27, 2008  Elexis Rice's  2008 Forecast in Astrology & Numerology:
"A Fun Guide To Relationships, Money & Health for 2008" phone 214-616-5950
web site: www.elexisrice.com   email:   elexis@elexisrice.com 
click here for the note sheet to follow along..

Elexis Smiling Astrology :
"A Fun Guide To Relationships,
 Money & Health for 2008"
Elexis Rice
214-616-5950 www.elexisrice.com elexis@elexisrice.com 


# 25 Dec. 21, 2007 Host & Producer Colin Ryane Interviews James Clark & David Spina with Ambit Energy Holistic Residual Income with  electricity (& can even be Green ! )  James (817) 456-4855 ~ David (817) 313-6852  video is here

David Spina of Ambit Energy Ambit Energy ~ going Green:
David Spina (817) 313-6852  &
James Clark (817) 456-4855

View Video here:
How to be a Consultant ~ video
Join as a customer ~ 5 Ways to save...


# 24 Dec. 20, 2007 Ronald K. Schneider Interview on immuno enzymology and his focus with Darkfield Phase Contrast Microscopy. Nelson Mandela brought him to Africa for HIV and AIDS summit. www.enrichinggifts.com  512-996-8433
Dallas lectures, Workshop and Sessions 15 - 17th ~ details here

Ronald K. Schneider Ronald K. Schneider specializes in the field of immunoenzymologist and Darkfield Phase Contrast Microscopy.   Nobel Prize in medicine nominee
www.enrichinggifts.com  Dallas Workshop in January 2008:  details


# 23 Dec. 19, 2007 Host & Producer Colin Ryane Interviews James Clark, "Spirituality & Economics"  (817) 456-4855

James Clark James Clark ~ Indigo Children, Spirituality & Economics, "Defragging" Your Mental Hard Drive, The Need to develop residual income for time to spiritually mature. (817) 456-4855


# 22 Dec. 4, 2007 Host Merrily Smith Interview on 'Sparkling Soul Symbols' or
"How to gain insight into your own Soul Delights" and your unique path in life.
www.Holistic-Helper.com www.HolisticRadioShow.com  972-447-0990

Authur Duet's view of Merrily Smith Merrily Smith, Unity Teacher, Counselor, Host of the www.HolisticRadioShow.com  tells how she got here from a dangerous childhood to a fulfilled guide to others.www.Holistic-Helper.com


# 21 Dec. 18, 2007  Michael Gott, Nationally Known Musician ~ Interview about his music, his life, his study of theology. His newest CD "All Is Calm All Is Bright"

Michael Gott web site


# 20 Nov. 29. 2007 Rev. Dr. Nancy French Professional Dowser, 'Finding Water, minerals and more. Rev. Dr. Nancy is a Doctor of Divinity, a ND, RN, CCHt, and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist specializing in Medical, Surgical, & Dental Hypnosis.  Speaker and teacher of Dowsing, view her DVD on the web.

Rev. Dr. Nancy French Author of 5 Books, Publisher, Speaker, Teacher, Therapist
Rev. Dr. Nancy French
may be reached at 817-656-1548
web site: www.Innergyhealing.biz


# 19 Nov. 26, 2007 N. TX Holistic Living Meet Up 5 - 5 minute Interviews - 'No diet or Exercise weight loss, plus our featured presenter Intuitive Joyce Smith demonstrating Ton Ren a unique healing modality using laser, hammer & doll.

Joyce Smith N TX Holistic Living Meet Up
5 - 5 minute interviews + our main presenter:  Intuitive Joyce Smith shows new healing Modality of
Tong Ren   817-446-3922


# 18 Nov 13, 2007 Jeff Crilley How to get "Free Publicity" Author, speaker, Fox 4 News Caster gives a rare look behind the scenes to get you real publicity for free. wwwJeffCrilley.com  His youtube site video tips.  His 15 year old son's book

Jeff Crilley Jeff Crilley  Nationally known speaker, of Dallas, TX - Fox 4 News, loves to serve. He will give you a rare insight behind the scenes of what it takes to get you Free Publicity.
wwwJeffCrilley.com  amazing !


# 17 Nov 9, 2007 Lori Bach "The Secret" revealed - It's all in the Numbers - the energy of your House or Business may be attracting fraud, theft, poverty. Call me to participate in my research study - no charge & Change these to positive influences for you.  972-255-3248   or  lori_bach@verizon.net    www.great8news.com

Lori Bach Lori Bach is changing the negative influences of homes and Businesses in her proprietary research project with numbers. Join in the fun, listen in, change your life, give her call:

 Listen          Video

# 16 Oct 31, 2007 Rose Marie Intuitive Astrologer, "Let's Talk Stars" The Moon effects the Tides, & all the planets effect life on earth. What is coming up for you?   Reach Rose Marie at   972-754-1411 

Rose Marie "Let's Talk Stars" with Rose Marie
Call her at  972-754-1411 for the most amazing astro-intuitve reading. Tough questions are easy for her.


# 15 Oct 31, 2007 Michael Motorcycle - Feng Shui Hair - You and Your hair really have a unique personality -  www.MichaelMotorcycle.net     214-526-2261
Baby's hair as well as yours shows the personality. 

Michael Motorcycle Meet Michael Motorcycle in his Salon,
Travis St. in Dallas, Texas
You can view a video on his site at: www.MichaelMotorcycle.net


#14 Oct 24, 2007 Interview on Kangen Water with Sherry Keisling, "Dr Hiromi Shinya Chief of Surgery at Einstein  Med. Ctr., N.Y. has treated over 300K people, he is the inventor of colonoscopy procedure." In Japan, these units are listed as a medical device, and used in hospitals as well as homes. Contact for more info:
817-690-5541  www.KangenWave.info    SherryTexas@gmail.com

Sherry Keisling 817-690-5541  www.KangenWave.info    SherryTexas@gmail.com
Your body seems to heal itself, with a little help. Give me a call -


# 13 Oct 21, 2007 removed by authors request ~old information

# 12 Oct 19, 2007 Interview with Bill Smith & Barbara Fritts on "Black Mold, Plastic in the body -environmental Toxins-  You are not on your own"
Bill:  bobcat4956@aol.com  & www.massagebybill.com ;
Barbara:  BarbaraFritts@sbcglobal.net

Bill Smith Bill Smith -MassagebyBill.com & Softball Hall of Famer, was crippled by enviro -toxins & plastic hernia implant. Barbara Fritts had to ground her passion of piloting of Sea planes -Mold +


# 11 Oct. 16, 2007 - Interview with John Lipinski, a wonderful host, holistic renaissance man. "Off the Wall or Off the Reservation" Wingmakers and more..

open arms John Lipinski a Renaissance man
"This is Off the Reservation- Off the Wall"  ~ Wing-makers, Triangle Table, much more


# 10 Oct. 15, 2007 - 5 Interviews with Special Folks at the N. TX Holistic Meet Up held at Tamela Johnston, Diplomat of Acupuncture (NCCAOM), center www.alinkforlife.com  &  Meet Up . com

Authur Duet's view of Merrily Smith N TX Holistic Meet Up
 "5 - 5 minute Interviews" http://alternative.meetup.com/191


# 9 Oct. 12, 2007 - Recording of  Colin Ryane -(Swami Shambu) - "Nada Yoga -
The Science of Sound"  Many Paths - Many Chants  www.Holistic-helper.com 

Pic of Colin with his favorite Hawiian shirt smiling in the garden Founder of The Holistic Radio show, co-publisher of Holistic-Helper.com a Teacher, a Facilitator, Counselor, & more


# 8 Oct. 3, 2007 - Interview with Kathryn Perry, CHt - "Theta_Healing - down to Your DNA" a personal history of Theta Healing with self, family, and clients.
(360) 544-5885

Kathryn Perry Kathryn Perry, CHt a Cert. Hypnotherapists, Cert. Thetahealing Teacher CommandingWealth.com & a Commanding Wealth™ Mentor (asara.com)       Brochure
Monthly Newsletter


# 7 Oct. 2, 2007 - Merrily Smith -"The Other Side of Living"... NDE ~ Host of the
HolisticRadioShow.com tells her story and about Near Death Experiences.

Authur Duet's view of Merrily Smith Host of The Holistic Radio show, publisher of Holistic-Helper.com a Unity Teacher, a Facilitator, Counselor, & more


# 6 September 27, 2007 -  Interview with Aeron Goldheart, http://teslaenergylights.com/HolisticHelper
"Tesla began what is today Photonic Light Wellness machine. 214-693-9522


Telsa Photonic Energy for Wellness - Tesla with Dr. Lakhovshy & Dr Rife pioneered this in early 1900's. Most feel more energy, with pain reduction, and seem younger.  Aeron gives us a great introduction in this interview.  more...

 Watch Video

# 5 September 24, 2007- Interview with Tamela Johnston, Dipl. AC. (NCCAOM), on Holistic Healing www.alinkforlife.com ~ 'a custom approach to health'

Tamel Johnston Tamela Johnston LMT, CPT, MTI,
Diplomat of Acupuncture (NCCAOM)
www.alinkforlife.com  972-241-5433
different because we take the time to
listen, observe, and more


# 4 September 24, 2007 - Interview with Rob Wilson of "Cowboy-Wisdom.com"  author of "Wired for Change by a Journeyman" - a personal journey...

rob Wilons book 'Wirred for Change' Author, Electrician, Cowboy, Lecturer, Facilitator, he will help re-wire your brain for success in business, relationships, health


# 3 September 16, 2007 - removed by authors request ~old information


# 2  August 30, 2007  - Interview with Donna Matus ~ "Huna - Aloha"  Facilitator & Counselor, 972-881-4683  www.PNLPHuna.com  
Pic Of Donna Matus Smiling Donna Matus, Plano, TX
972-881-4683  www.PNLPHuna.com
PNLPHuna@yahoo.com this stands for 'Progressive Neural Linguistic Programming - Huna


# 1  August 27,2007  - Interview with Colin Ryane "Holistic Marketing":

Pic of Colin with his favorite Hawiian shirt smiling in the garden Colin Ryane on Holistic Marketing
(214) 233-5738 HolsiticRadioShow.com
Colin@holistic-helper.com  Relationship Marketing, social networking, get your web site seen.


The Holistic Radio Show is about taking the whole being into consideration: body, mind, spirit, heart, & environment.

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