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Merrily Smith   9/9/30 -11/22/12

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#81 Tesla Energy Lights ~ revisited with Colin Ryane & Aeron Goldheart
Holistic Radio Show films Aeron Goldheart once more, in another provocative, challenging and enlightening episode, but much deeper than the 1st time. ~ Can Tesla Lights fuel our intentions to effectively direct yourself and even humanity? ~~ How are our PhD physicists proving our subtle energy life force is real? ~~~ What new ways are the Lights offering to empower our hearts in life's dynamic equation for genuine connection to one's soul? All these topics and more are covered. ---- Is this video the best yet? See if you agree or not as you will have the opportunity to respond by rating this documentary styled interview.

Tesla Energy Lights, Aeron Goldheart



47 "Tesla Energy Lights" , Aeron Goldheart   214-693-9522

First Interview...
Colin Ryane interviews Aeron Goldheart, Global Developer/Distributor of the Tesla Energy Lights in a SPECIAL interview recorded in Dallas, Texas. This provocative interview stretches the viewer's limits to go beyond in personal growth as fueled with subtle energy on demand. AeronGoldheart@TeslaEnergyLights.com

Tesla Energy Lights, Aeron Goldheart


Quantum Informational Biophysics Observations in Studies:

Tesla Energy Lights ~ is a finely calibrated subtle energy activation system made with intuitively
engineered Tesla technology that fuels noble gases in 26 tubes for production of coherent balanced
harmonics on demand. This full body “electron donor” quantum informational biophysics data system broadcasts positive and negative bio photons via a proprietary uni-polar / dual bias complementary process. The Tesla Energy Lights dual polarity design synergizes multi-dimensional frequencies which results can be observed and measured by the Russian GDV (Gas Discharge Visualization) camera. It’s photonic process captures and measures the subtle energy fields with people and materials.

It is really important to understand that the magnetic fields of the Tesla Lights are generating torsion in present time without a delay in time or space. Directing subtle energy with intention makes this a very interactive opportunity to fuel not only personal goals in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, but especially for humanity as torsion operates throughout the globe instantly in remote and distance

Diagram A - When sitting or lying between two arrays of 26 lit gas filled tubes, spinning electrons flip and converge in a field of billions of cascading ions. A way to bring one back into balance is by directing torsion through the acupuncture meridian system.
WATER STUDY: Under the advisement of physicist Dr. Claude Swanson, PhD., 1 dram vials of
uncharged distilled water containing .09% salt (the same amount of salt content in human blood) are
filled. The GDV camera measured the absorption from charged air in the room atmosphere produced after
a fifteen minute Tesla Lights session. Upon the Lights turning off, the water study commenced as the
protected samples previously in a separate room were placed between both units for 15 minutes.

Diagram B – Water Study (with the Tesla Lights off)

The GDV measured the water before and after as the photo below reveals. On the left is base line water
and on the right is the same water having absorbed the charged air for 15 minutes. The GDV measured a
20% shift in the glow.

Diagram C – Data recorded at 2.4 seconds of GDV capture
Left: Photo Before 7377 | Right: Photo After 8856
Extended from the above water study,
personal use may prove beneficial

Diagram D - Subtle Energy donations continue
permeating the air when the Lights turn off.
This is NOT a study but Ruby’s choice of use.
For practitioners of science looking for objective data, they want to know, “Is there a difference?”
Without exception, the GDV reports shifts (increases and decreases) after
each and every Tesla Energy Lights session. We observe from the GDV,
parasympathetic and sympathetic data objectively but also take into account
the importance of subjective data. Not all shifts can be detected by the GDV
such as pain, altered states, bodily sensations, specific outcome of intentions
etc. during or after the Tesla session. Also one should take into consideration
variables of age, chemistry, lineage, current and past stress, emotions,
mental, nutrition, medicines, scars, belief systems etc. Other valuable data is
to observe one’s slower twilight alpha and theta states while in the lying
mode with one’s eyes closed during a session. It is said to be the most
empowering portion of the experience.
Data observed in the left frames is the parasympathetic system. It was
created via the computation of the GDV camera capturing 10 finger images
and combined to create full body aura graphic charts (as shown). The
program delivers a numeric pixel value captured from the finger images
before and after Tesla Energy Lights sessions. The difference between the
two captures is observed in the increase or decrease of pixels. Note the
dropouts and spike patterns in the energy field of the before frame.
E - Observe a 23.1% Shift
In the lower after frame, observe the finer redistribution of energy filling voids, smoothing out spikes, and
in this case, an increase of 5,542 pixels after the second capture within minutes after a 10 min. Tesla
session both sitting and lying down.
Aeron is a member of the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine
(www.ISSSEEM.org). Membership is encouraged with annual conferences are held in Colorado each
Public Videos: www.YouTube.com/TeslaEnergyLights

The Holistic Radio Show is about taking the whole being into consideration: body, mind, spirit, heart, & environment.

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