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Merrily Smith   9/9/30 -11/22/12

Colin Ryane Holistic Radio show Host     ~ A Holistic Way to Go..
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#88 SunSpots ~ Lions, Tigers,  
         & Bears

#87 Merrily Smith ~ soon

#86 Karma & Reincarnation

#85 Healing w Radio-Active Rocks

#84 No Craving Weightloss

#81 Tesla Energy Lights II

#80 Ghosts keeping you Broke?
~Colin RYane

#79 Balance in UnBalanced World
~Dr OM Prakash

#78 One Answer to Cancer
~ Dale Maxwel

#77 'A new Look at Iodine'
~ John Brookshire

#76 'Unleash our natural Healing Power'
~Dr Virgil Chrane

#75 'Aloe's Secretes' prt 2
Scott Siegel

#74 'Cranial Sacral' Dr Andrew Fryer, MD

#73 'Bank Holidaze' ~Colin Ryane

#72  Aloe's Secrets ~
Scott Siegel

#71 Vivian Castleberry ~Peacemaker

#70 Moonlady ~Amy Martin

#69 Expand Ur Creativity ~ The Artist's Way & The Weight Code ~ Jeanie Brosius

#68 "All Relationships -the freedom to Choose"
Lynda Wooding...

#67 Essential Oils - 20 yrs with Yong Living oils ~ Knittles

#66 "Chocolate is a Raw a Food" ~ Miranda Martinez

#65 "Cook not Kill, Food" ~Kevin Jellerson

#64 Anti-aging, Anti-Illness

#63 "Your Local City" ~Marketing
with Tonya Hoffman

#62 'Spiritual Mail Carrier'
 ~Nancy Marlowe | Medium

#61 Gentle Life Healing ~Dr Carol Cole, Ph.D.

#60 All can Advertise here ~ Colin Ryane

#59  Fibromyalgia to Heath Nutrition for all~ Tonja Wells

#58 Get what U want ~Jan Gentleman-Ingersoll

#57 RA Defiant ~Roseline Bodiford

#56 Holistic Dentistry- 'A Passion for service' Dr. Henry Guy, DDs

#55  Peace Project - Donna Collins

#54 Meta-Match.com a Spiritual Social Networking site.

#53 Myth Investigator ~ William Henry

#52  Parris Afton Bonds - My Passion

#51 Numerology w Jean-Pierre Khordoc

#50 Near Death Exp. wtih Prof. Jan Holden, PhD

#49 Feng Shui ~Alexandra Shaw

#48 The Gentle Way ~ Tom T Moore

#47 "Tesla Energy Lights" ~ Aeron Goldheart

#46 Astrology 2009 with Rose Marie

#45 "Using Essential Oils" with Rhavda Emison

#44 "A Holistic Energy Plan" T. Boone Pickens

#43 "Colin's response on how to be healthy in the face of a major epidemic"

#42 "2009 predictions" ~Joni Patry

#41 "Iodine" ~ John Brookshire

#40 "Colin's year on Cancer" ~ Colin Ryane

#39 "Power of Inner Guidance" ~ Dr Pam Garcy

#38 "Herbalist for All Seasons" ~Diane Hackett

#37 "Nature of a healer" ~Greg Joseph

#36 "Sacred Shamanic Journeys You can take" ~Maria Gurule

#35 Tibetan Yoga 5 Rites for Longevity

#34 Mexican Art & Culture in TX

#33 Thermography = non radiation breast check up

#32 "New Thought in the South" ~Dr Petra

#31  Wild Alaskan Salmon

#30 "Sisterhood of the Rose'

#29 Sacred Feminine ~Judy Gillentine

#28 Kat's view 2008 & beyond -She sees it all...

#27 Russell ~ Angel Therapist "My Story & My life"

# 26 2008 Forecast ~ Elexis Rice Astrology & more...

#25  David Spina on grounded holistic residual income

#24 Immuno enzymes & Dark Field Microscopy Ron K Schneider

#23 James Clark
Spirituality & Economics

#22 Merrily Smith "Sparkling Soul Symbols"

#21 Michael Gott, Musician

# 20 Dr Nancy French - 'Power of Dowsing'

# 9 5 Interviews + Tan Ren Healing by Joyce Smith

#18 "Free Publicity" by Jeff Crilley Fox4 - Dallas

#17 "The Secret" revealed - It's all in the Numbers with Lori Bach

#16 "Let's Talk Stars" with Rose Mare - Intuitive Astrologer

#15  Your Hair can be Read or Red-Michael Motorcycle

#14 Kangen Water - so, the Body heals itself? " lost 20 # s -in 2 months."

#12 Black Mold Exposure, plastic in the body - both Nasty....

#11 John Lipinski - "Off the Reservation" Wingmakers+

#10  5 Interviews at Holistic Meet Up

#9 Colin Ryane "Nada Yoga ~ the Science of Sound"

#8 Kathryn Perry - "Theta Healing" - down to your DNA

#7  Merrily Smith -"The Other Side of Living"... NDE

#6 Aeron Goldheart "Tesla Energy"

#5  Holistic Healing with Tamela Johnston,

#4  Rob Wilson "Cowboy -Wisdom"

Donna Matus ~"Huna-Aloha"

#1   Colin Ryane "Holistic Marketing":

  Website Promotion



#20 Nov. 29. 2007 Rev. Dr. Nancy French Professional Dowser, 'Finding Water, minerals and more. Rev. Dr. Nancy is a Doctor of Divinity, a ND, RN, CCHt, and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist specializing in Medical, Surgical, & Dental Hypnosis.  Speaker and teacher of Dowsing, view her DVD on the web.

Rev. Dr. Nancy French Author of 5 Books, Publisher, Speaker, Teacher, Therapist
Rev. Dr. Nancy French
may be reached at 817-656-1548
web site: www.Innergyhealing.biz


#19 Nov. 26, 2007 N. TX Holistic Living Meet Up 5 - 5 minute Interviews - 'No diet or Exercise weight loss, plus our featured presenter Intuitive Joyce Smith demonstrating Ton Ren a unique healing modality using laser, hammer & doll.

Joyce Smith N TX Holistic Living Meet Up
5 - 5 minute interviews + our main presenter:  Intuitive Joyce Smith shows new healing Modality of
Tong Ren   817-446-3922


#18 Nov 13, 2007 Jeff Crilley How to get "Free Publicity" Author, speaker, Fox 4 News Caster gives a rare look behind the scenes to get you real publicity for free. wwwJeffCrilley.com  His youtube site video tips.  His 15 year old son's book

Jeff Crilley Jeff Crilley  Nationally known speaker, of Dallas, TX - Fox 4 News, loves to serve. He will give you a rare insight behind the scenes of what it takes to get you Free Publicity.
wwwJeffCrilley.com  amazing !


# 17 Nov 9, 2007 Lori Bach "The Secret" revealed - It's all in the Numbers - the energy of your House or Business may be attracting fraud, theft, poverty. Call me to participate in my research study - no charge & Change these to positive influences for you.  972-255-3248   or  lori_bach@verizon.net    www.great8news.com

Lori Bach Lori Bach is changing the negative influences of homes and Businesses in her proprietary research project with numbers. Join in the fun, listen in, change your life, give her call:
 Listen            Video      ideo

#16 Oct 31, 2007 Rose Marie Intuitive Astrologer, "Let's Talk Stars" The Moon effects the Tides, & all the planets effect life on earth. What is coming up for you?   Reach Rose Marie at   972-754-1411 

Rose Marie "Let's Talk Stars" with Rose Marie
Call her at  972-754-1411 for the most amazing astro-intuitve reading. Tough questions are easy for her.


#15 Oct 31, 2007 Michael Motorcycle - Feng Shui Hair - You and Your hair really have a unique personality -  www.MichaelMotorcycle.net     214-526-2261
Baby's hair as well as yours shows the personality. 

Michael Motorcycle Meet Michael Motorcycle in his Salon,
Travis St. in Dallas, Texas
You can view a video on his site at: www.MichaelMotorcycle.net
Music Video
with Michael and Kevin Murphy


#14 Oct 24, 2007 Interview on Kangen Water with Sherry Keisling, "Dr Hiromi Shinya Chief of Surgery at Einstein  Med. Ctr., N.Y. has treated over 300K people, he is the inventor of colonoscopy procedure." In Japan, these units are listed as a medical device, and used in hospitals as well as homes. Contact for more info:
817-690-5541  www.KangenWave.info    SherryTexas@gmail.com

Sherry Keisling 817-690-5541  www.KangenWave.info    SherryTexas@gmail.com
Your body seems to heal itself, with a little help. Give me a call -


# 13 Oct 21, 2007 removed by authors request ~old information

#12 Oct 19, 2007 Interview with Bill Smith & Barbara Fritts on "Black Mold, Plastic in the body -environmental Toxins-  You are not on your own"
Bill:  bobcat4956@aol.com  & www.massagebybill.com ;
Barbara:  BarbaraFritts@sbcglobal.net

Bill Smith Bill Smith -MassagebyBill.com & Softball Hall of Famer, was crippled by enviro -toxins & plastic hernia implant. Barbara Fritts had to ground her passion of piloting of Sea planes -Mold +


#11 Oct. 16, 2007 - Interview with John Lipinski, a wonderful host, holistic renaissance man. "Off the Wall or Off the Reservation" Wingmakers and more..

open arms John Lipinski a Renaissance man
"This is Off the Reservation- Off the Wall"  ~ Wing-makers, Triangle Table, much more


The Holistic Radio Show is about taking the whole being into consideration: body, mind, spirit, heart, & environment.

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