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Merrily Smith   9/9/30 -11/22/12

Colin Ryane Holistic Radio show Host     ~ A Holistic Way to Go..
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#88 SunSpots ~ Lions, Tigers,  
         & Bears

#87 Merrily Smith ~ soon

#86 Karma & Reincarnation

#85 Healing w Radio-Active Rocks

#84 No Craving Weightloss

#81 Tesla Energy Lights II

#80 Ghosts keeping you Broke?
~Colin RYane

#79 Balance in UnBalanced World
~Dr OM Prakash

#78 One Answer to Cancer
~ Dale Maxwel

#77 'A new Look at Iodine'
~ John Brookshire

#76 'Unleash our natural Healing Power'
~Dr Virgil Chrane

#75 'Aloe's Secretes' prt 2
Scott Siegel

#74 'Cranial Sacral' Dr Andrew Fryer, MD

#73 'Bank Holidaze' ~Colin Ryane

#72  Aloe's Secrets ~
Scott Siegel

#71 Vivian Castleberry ~Peacemaker

#70 Moonlady ~Amy Martin

#69 Expand Ur Creativity ~ The Artist's Way & The Weight Code ~ Jeanie Brosius

#68 "All Relationships -the freedom to Choose"
Lynda Wooding...

#67 Essential Oils - 20 yrs with Yong Living oils ~ Knittles

#66 "Chocolate is a Raw a Food" ~ Miranda Martinez

#65 "Cook not Kill, Food" ~Kevin Jellerson

#64 Anti-aging, Anti-Illness

#63 "Your Local City" ~Marketing
with Tonya Hoffman

#62 'Spiritual Mail Carrier'
 ~Nancy Marlowe | Medium

#61 Gentle Life Healing ~Dr Carol Cole, Ph.D.

#60 All can Advertise here ~ Colin Ryane

#59  Fibromyalgia to Heath Nutrition for all~ Tonja Wells

#58 Get what U want ~Jan Gentleman-Ingersoll

#57 RA Defiant ~Roseline Bodiford

#56 Holistic Dentistry- 'A Passion for service' Dr. Henry Guy, DDs

#55  Peace Project - Donna Collins

#54 Meta-Match.com a Spiritual Social Networking site.

#53 Myth Investigator ~ William Henry

#52  Parris Afton Bonds - My Passion

#51 Numerology w Jean-Pierre Khordoc

#50 Near Death Exp. wtih Prof. Jan Holden, PhD

#49 Feng Shui ~Alexandra Shaw

#48 The Gentle Way ~ Tom T Moore

#47 "Tesla Energy Lights" ~ Aeron Goldheart

#46 Astrology 2009 with Rose Marie

#45 "Using Essential Oils" with Rhavda Emison

#44 "A Holistic Energy Plan" T. Boone Pickens

#43 "Colin's response on how to be healthy in the face of a major epidemic"

#42 "2009 predictions" ~Joni Patry

#41 "Iodine" ~ John Brookshire

#40 "Colin's year on Cancer" ~ Colin Ryane

#39 "Power of Inner Guidance" ~ Dr Pam Garcy

#38 "Herbalist for All Seasons" ~Diane Hackett

#37 "Nature of a healer" ~Greg Joseph

#36 "Sacred Shamanic Journeys You can take" ~Maria Gurule

#35 Tibetan Yoga 5 Rites for Longevity

#34 Mexican Art & Culture in TX

#33 Thermography = non radiation breast check up

#32 "New Thought in the South" ~Dr Petra

#31  Wild Alaskan Salmon

#30 "Sisterhood of the Rose'

#29 Sacred Feminine ~Judy Gillentine

#28 Kat's view 2008 & beyond -She sees it all...

#27 Russell ~ Angel Therapist ® "My Story & My life"

# 26 Removed

#25  David Spina on grounded holistic residual income

#24 Immuno enzymes & Dark Field Microscopy Ron K Schneider

#23 James Clark
Spirituality & Economics

#22 Merrily Smith "Sparkling Soul Symbols"

#21 Michael Gott, Musician

# 20 Dr Nancy French - 'Power of Dowsing'

# 9 5 Interviews + Tan Ren Healing by Joyce Smith

#18 "Free Publicity" by Jeff Crilley Fox4 - Dallas

#17 "The Secret" revealed - It's all in the Numbers with Lori Bach

#16 "Let's Talk Stars" with Rose Mare - Intuitive Astrologer

#15  Your Hair can be Read or Red-Michael Motorcycle

#14 Kangen Water - so, the Body heals itself? " lost 20 # s -in 2 months."

#12 Black Mold Exposure, plastic in the body - both Nasty....

#11 John Lipinski - "Off the Reservation" Wingmakers+

#10  5 Interviews at Holistic Meet Up

#9 Colin Ryane "Nada Yoga ~ the Science of Sound"

#8 Kathryn Perry - "Theta Healing" - down to your DNA

#7  Merrily Smith -"The Other Side of Living"... NDE

#6 Aeron Goldheart "Tesla Energy"

#5  Holistic Healing with Tamela Johnston,

#4  Rob Wilson "Cowboy -Wisdom"

#2   Donna Matus ~"Huna-Aloha™"

#1   Colin Ryane "Holistic Marketing":

  Website Promotion


#60 " Coming Soon"

#59  "From Incurable Fibromyalgia to worlds Healthiest Person"~
Tonja Wells, a delightful informative talk to newbies and veterans on Nutrition, her story on getting over fibromyalgia at 29, She is now a Certified herbal health Consultant and Certified Natural Health Professional, a 4 year Instructor for the worlds largest herbal company she now designs complete herbal health and Nutritional programs for her clients, in person or over the phone.

Tonja Wells Pic herbalist Nuttionist Interview Tonja Wells
Incurable to Healthiest Person -

    How to download


#58 "Attraction Principal - close the gap from want to get" Rev. Jan Gentleman-Ingersoll.
More than another example of the Law of Attraction in Action, Jan Gentleman-Ingersoll has stepped it up a notch with her answer to The Secret and A New Earth: The Solution - The ZuK Paradox Revealed. If these books were a sandwich, she claims, “The Secret would be the bottom bun, A New Earth its top while my book, The Solution – The ZuK Paradox Revealed would be the filling that connects, closes and adds the flavor to the gap!“

“The Law of Attraction works every time and immediately,” she proclaims passionately, “it is most often the mismatch between what we “ask for” and what we “believe” that delays and can block wants and dreams becoming our reality. Thus,” she continues, “the need for a solution.”


Jan Gentleman-Ingersoll Pic Rev Jan Gentleman-Ingersoll
her experience of failing to attract
what she wanted, what when wrong & why & how you can attract your desires in life. www.APCD-Institute.org


#57  "An RA defiant" - No Rheumatoid Arthritis  
Roseline Bodiford will not have RA in her life, this is her story of how a painter, diagnosed with RA, facing curled fingers for life - chose to not have it in her life.
3 years later- she doesn't have it.  A warning to all artist of  the toxicity of paint, her chosen medium.


Colin Ryane s picture of Spring Wisteria Roseline Bodiford
~an RA Defiant
A Painter's healing journey with
Rheumatoid Arthritis


#56 Holistic Dentistry ~ a Passion for Service - with  Dr. Henry Guy, DDS
Today service is one of the most valuable commodities. With business failings reported daily in the news, and the troubles of these times, service is solid Gold. Not only a good business practice, it is a way of life to a light-worker. Dr Guy has always known what he wanted to do in life, to be a dentist, so he is.  Each person he sees is a new adventure for him, as everyone's needs for healing is unique.  Dr Guy begins with a mutual interview so each may know the other, and go from there on a journey of healing together. Henry Guy has been meditating with his wife and an Arlington group regularly for 25 years, The School of Ageless Wisdom; he has not once missed the 2ce weekly meetings.

Dr. Henry Guy, DDS.
Arlington, TX
972-647-4300 - Office
web site:www.henryguydds.com/
Email:   office@henryguydds.com 


#55 Peace Project
The latest in scientific research shows that we can share our collective intention for reducing violence and healing discord through city-wide collective prayer, meditation, and directed consciousness experiences that honor all paths and exclude no one. It is now possible to track and measure the effect of our collective efforts on conditions and events in our world.  Peace Project

Peace Project press here to see more Donna Collins is heading the Peace Project in Dallas, TX
NO Matter where you are ~ you can help if you want to...


#54 New: Social Networking site for the Spiritually Conscious:  Meta-Match.com
Spiritually Conscious Social Networking Site to Unify Souls for Business, Social and Match-Making purposes. Come help build the united community, create groups and meet likeminded souls. Free Membership for a limited time honoring the Peace Project Nancy Harte of Dallas, TX has created this wonderful site for us as part of her passion.
reach Nancy through here Creation www.Meta-Match.com   or

Nancy Hart of www.Meta-Match.com www.Meta-Match.com logo


#53  "A Myth Researcher's discoveries of the US Capitol"  with William Henry
Author, investigative mythologist and guest host of the popular radio show “Dreamland”, William Henry welcomes you to his extraordinary journey as he seeks lost secrets, mystical symbols and forbidden knowledge. He invites you on a quest to reveal the lost codes and symbols that will provide keys to unlock the amazing power within you.
Sponsored by www.Meta-Match.com  (
metaphysical matchmaking for U & UR Biz)
1 615 292 5397 
His Dallas 3-28 Workshop   other workshops

William Henry Investigative Mythologist Picture William Henry
Investigative Mythologist
talks about the US Capital
'Temple', Egyptian time travel

and His Dallas 3-28 Workshop
www.williamhenry.net/  read more


#52  "My Passion", by Author Parris Afton Bonds: 
Thirty-five books and five sons attest to the prolific Parris Afton Bonds. She is an award-winning author of westerns, historicals, international espionage, romances, sagas, and mainstream fiction as well as a multitude of nonfiction articles and essays. As co-founder of both Southwest Writers Workshop and Romance Writers of America, she instigated and sponsors the SWWW Young Writers contest. Parris donates part of her time, working with both grade-school children and female inmates to help them express their creativity.
    Parris says "I write...Not because it’s good money; a lot of the time it’s not. I write because I feel better for having written. I come most alive when I write. Bottom line, I’m compelled to write. It’s the curse and the gift with which I came into this life. So, I feel that my calling is simply that of a storyteller. But, oh, think of the magic we storytellers cast!"

www./parrisaftonbonds.com    article  

When the Heart is Right ~book by Parris Afton Bonds Parris Afton Bonds
"My Passion"

35 Books & 5 Sons
A world class Romance Author
discuss her Passion: writing

Parris on the power of words to heal


#51  "Numerology's powerful insight into success and partnerships" with Jean-Pierre Khordoc.
Jean-Pierre Khordoc ~
Kabbalah is a very powerful tool to gain inner knowledge, but it is hidden in Mystery within the books on the subject. Cutting through the fog of millenniums of darkness, Jean-Pierre teaches us to get to the inner beauty of this sacred science beginning with its branch of numerology. In this interview, Jean-Pierre demonstrates some of the hidden powers of numbers for  healthy relationships, jobs, the nature of compatible livelihood, and power over others; also timing of daily activities.
jpkhordoc@gmail.com     Dallas Class 3-16 UCD Brochure     visit blog

Jean-Pierre Khordoc Picture

Jean-Pierre Khordoc
Numerology is a branch of Kabbalah-

~ a secret science to inner knowledge
hidden for 1000's years. Clearing the Fog of Millenniums - get to Inner Knowledge.
        Dallas Class 3-16 UCD Brochure


The Holistic Radio Show is about taking the whole being into consideration: body, mind, spirit, heart, & environment.

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