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Feng Shui
~ Simple
Beginning Quick Tips for Energy Balance
February 20, 2009
Alexandra Shaw

With my energy work balancing homes, offices and individuals to be blessed with the very best possible good fortune, I have come up with several things that are critical to make changes in the patterns that surround these spaces.

Check around your sacred space and make the changes you see are needed. You will only see things improve all around you. Good luck with your personal improvements.


Clear out all of the clutter in your home. If you haven't used it in a year, you probably won't. Boxes of stuff sitting around your house unsorted and junking up your space are symbolic for unsorted issues in your life that you never figure out or refuse to let go of. Clear your life of the trash piles around you and inside your head, heart and spirit. You are going nowhere if you stay in the same old rut.


Get rid of all old sentimental things (photos, pictures, knick-knacks, etc.) that have a negative impact on you every time you walk by or see them. These things bring up old memories, past sorrows, divorces, heartaches and much more that make you question yourself, beat yourself up with the "what if" game, and trap you in the past. If it is valuable and you have to let go, give it as a blessing to someone you want to bless. Their memories are not bound to the old feelings attached to the items. Set yourself free from the past. Do not put this stuff under your bed. If you must keep it, put it out of sight.


Throw out all dried flowers, dead plants, or dirty silk flowers. Dead things have all of the life drained out of them and often mean you feel the same about your own life. Displaying them only keeps the negativity around you. Clean up, refresh, repot, brighten up your life and you will see tremendous differences.


Put a small fountain with running water by the entry doorways to your home. It's sound affects your subconscious with a renewal of your spirit and also your money flow. Keep it filled with water and watch things change.

A few more tips:


Clean out your bedroom. Is it receptive to love and loving situations? Think about it. If your lover was new to your life, would you be embarrassed to bring them to your most sacred space? Make it a suite of peaceful love, fun, joy and laughter. We expect to be loved for ourselves unconditionally. Are we making it pleasant or are we having love among the junk we can't find places to store anywhere else? Would you go into that room and feel inspired to share your love? If the answer is no, make those changes.


Use candles, incense, or any other aromatheraphy means to set a mood in your home, not just for a formal dinner. Don't your children deserve to learn how to enhance peace, love and joy through these methods so they will be able to share this in their lifetimes? Walking into a home or office where the smells are fresh and create a receptive mood changes us immediately. Make it work for you.


If you are trying to sell your home plant some yellow or red blooming plants (or place silks) by the front door. It not only lifts other's spirits, it puts prospective buyers in the mood to enjoy the rest of the house.


Fix all broken things or get rid of them. They only take up space and are not "working" in your life.


Close toilet lids to keep money from symbolically going down the drain if you can't keep bathroom doors closed. A separate toilet room is the best if possible. It is thought that you are actually flushing away money energy and opportunities if the door is open to the rest of the house. This is the best arguement for "keep the lid down" I have ever seen.

Have some fun with this. It is meant to offer you other options of success you likely have not considered. Enjoy!

see Tiger Swami blog
Holistic Radio Show. com
see Alex's article on setting up an Altar to raise vibrations
Alexandra Shaw
Certified Feng Shui Consultant and Intuitive.
her store with Books, CD's and more
& her e-zine and blog


Source: http://www.powerfengshui.info

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