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Merrily Smith   9/9/30 -11/22/12

Colin Ryane Holistic Radio show Host     ~ A Holistic Way to Go..
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#87 Merrily Smith ~ soon

#86 Karma & Reincarnation

#85 Healing w Radio-Active Rocks

#84 No Craving Weightloss

#81 Tesla Energy Lights II

#80 Ghosts keeping you Broke?
~Colin RYane

#79 Balance in UnBalanced World
~Dr OM Prakash

#78 One Answer to Cancer
~ Dale Maxwel

#77 'A new Look at Iodine'
~ John Brookshire

#76 'Unleash our natural Healing Power'
~Dr Virgil Chrane

#75 'Aloe's Secretes' prt 2
Scott Siegel

#74 'Cranial Sacral' Dr Andrew Fryer, MD

#73 'Bank Holidaze' ~Colin Ryane

#72  Aloe's Secrets ~
Scott Siegel

#71 Vivian Castleberry ~Peacemaker

#70 Moonlady ~Amy Martin

#69 Expand Ur Creativity ~ The Artist's Way & The Weight Code ~ Jeanie Brosius

#68 "All Relationships -the freedom to Choose"
Lynda Wooding...

#67 Essential Oils - 20 yrs with Yong Living oils ~ Knittles

#66 "Chocolate is a Raw a Food" ~ Miranda Martinez

#65 "Cook not Kill, Food" ~Kevin Jellerson

#64 Anti-aging, Anti-Illness

#63 "Your Local City" ~Marketing
with Tonya Hoffman

#62 'Spiritual Mail Carrier'
 ~Nancy Marlowe | Medium

#61 Gentle Life Healing ~Dr Carol Cole, Ph.D.

#60 All can Advertise here ~ Colin Ryane

#59  Fibromyalgia to Heath Nutrition for all~ Tonja Wells

#58 Get what U want ~Jan Gentleman-Ingersoll

#57 RA Defiant ~Roseline Bodiford

#56 Holistic Dentistry- 'A Passion for service' Dr. Henry Guy, DDs

#55  Peace Project - Donna Collins

#54 Meta-Match.com a Spiritual Social Networking site.

#53 Myth Investigator ~ William Henry

#52  Parris Afton Bonds - My Passion

#51 Numerology w Jean-Pierre Khordoc

#50 Near Death Exp. wtih Prof. Jan Holden, PhD

#49 Feng Shui ~Alexandra Shaw

#48 The Gentle Way ~ Tom T Moore

#47 "Tesla Energy Lights" ~ Aeron Goldheart

#46 Astrology 2009 with Rose Marie

#45 "Using Essential Oils" with Rhavda Emison

#44 "A Holistic Energy Plan" T. Boone Pickens

#43 "Colin's response on how to be healthy in the face of a major epidemic"

#42 "2009 predictions" ~Joni Patry

#41 "Iodine" ~ John Brookshire

#40 "Colin's year on Cancer" ~ Colin Ryane

#39 "Power of Inner Guidance" ~ Dr Pam Garcy

#38 "Herbalist for All Seasons" ~Diane Hackett

#37 "Nature of a healer" ~Greg Joseph

#36 "Sacred Shamanic Journeys You can take" ~Maria Gurule

#35 Tibetan Yoga 5 Rites for Longevity

#34 Mexican Art & Culture in TX

#33 Thermography = non radiation breast check up

#32 "New Thought in the South" ~Dr Petra

#31  Wild Alaskan Salmon

#30 "Sisterhood of the Rose'

#29 Sacred Feminine ~Judy Gillentine

#28 Kat's view 2008 & beyond -She sees it all...

#27 Russell ~ Angel Therapist "My Story & My life"

# 26 2008 Forecast ~ Elexis Rice Astrology & more...

#25  David Spina on grounded holistic residual income

#24 Immuno enzymes & Dark Field Microscopy Ron K Schneider

#23 James Clark
Spirituality & Economics

#22 Merrily Smith "Sparkling Soul Symbols"

#21 Michael Gott, Musician

# 20 Dr Nancy French - 'Power of Dowsing'

# 9 5 Interviews + Tan Ren Healing by Joyce Smith

#18 "Free Publicity" by Jeff Crilley Fox4 - Dallas

#17 "The Secret" revealed - It's all in the Numbers with Lori Bach

#16 "Let's Talk Stars" with Rose Mare - Intuitive Astrologer

#15  Your Hair can be Read or Red-Michael Motorcycle

#14 Kangen Water - so, the Body heals itself? " lost 20 # s -in 2 months."

#12 Black Mold Exposure, plastic in the body - both Nasty....

#11 John Lipinski - "Off the Reservation" Wingmakers+

#10  5 Interviews at Holistic Meet Up

#9 Colin Ryane "Nada Yoga ~ the Science of Sound"

#8 Kathryn Perry - "Theta Healing" - down to your DNA

#7  Merrily Smith -"The Other Side of Living"... NDE

#6 Aeron Goldheart "Tesla Energy"

#5  Holistic Healing with Tamela Johnston,

#4  Rob Wilson "Cowboy -Wisdom"

Donna Matus ~"Huna-Aloha"

#1   Colin Ryane "Holistic Marketing":

  Website Promotion


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20 Steps to Vibrant Health:
1 - Pure Water
  I like Sam's Distilled with a pinch of Celtic Sea Salt

2 - Fresh Juice
  I use Juice man II - make your own, citrus, fruit, &
  veggie juices daily

3 - Vegan Food
  Stop eating the foods that are killing you-when you are
  sick, eat vegan; when healthy eat the best

4 - Live Food
  Eat salads, & raw veggies and nuts - soak seeds &
  beans overnight =sprouts, snack on celery etc.

5 - Bowel Cleansing
  This will do more than any thing else.

6 - Cleansing & Detoxification
  clean your filters like you would your car's - Liver, kidney

7 - Breath Deeper
  Yogis, singers, athletes know that oxygen is a healer

8 - Stretching, Walking, Moving
  Move your body - exercise some - get oxygen &
  nutrients into your cells and remove toxins

9 - Water Therapy
  Alternate Hot & Cold H2O in shower 1 min each 7 times
  This removes pain gets good things flowing

10 - Natural Clothing
  Breast Cancer has been shown to be caused by
  synthetic bras- your skin needs to breath

11 - Laugh More
  Learn jokes and share them daily. Subscribe to email
12 - Natural cleaning
  Clean your body, home, car etc with natural products
  eliminate toxins. Amway, Shaklee, Dr. Bronner etc.

13 - Stop Television
  Sick- take a news fast = no garbage in your brain
  Try talking to your family, friends for a change

14 - Trashing
  Dump your old unused 'Stuff" and bad emotional memorabilia
  Donate to battered children's center, or other neat place

15 - Love Life
  Watch movies like "The Secrete"  Look around you and find
  3 things, people you love, appreciate, enjoy daily

16 - Express Yourself
  Hold it in and rot = tumors, etc. learn to communicate
  consciously express yourself - maybe in dance, music,
  poetry, email, a blog, public speaking, talk to your family,
  friends.See "Conscious art of loving" - no blame
 communicating   www.SourceTantra.com

17 - Help Others
  Do something nice for another daily, someone who can't give
  it back or pay it forward or the scout thing = help an old lady
  cross the street.  This Opens our hearts.

18 - More Sex
  www.SourceTantra.com  "The Conscious Art of Loving"
  Movie: "Like Water for Chocolate"  Bring "life" back into
  your life. Experience Joy.

19 - Listening to Yourself
  What is your self talk? Positive? Body telling you?

20 - Love Yourself
  Since you created all this fat - you can choose to create
  something else - learn to love yourself the way are now;
  If you want you can then change things, or not!

From Colin Ryane:  ~ This is a compilation of all my experiences in healing this life. Ask for a book from 1-800-HerbDoc or visit www.herbdoc.com   on these 20 Steps. (This is my teacher)  This is taught by all holistic practitioners in our directory
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The Holistic Radio Show is about taking the whole being into consideration: body, mind, spirit, heart, & environment.

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