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The Language of Love:
The power of beliefs and transcending them
February 14, 2009
Colin Ryane

Love is a Wonderful thing...
Or is it? What is it?

Do you mean by being “Loved” that another is flowing energy towards them in a pcupid by Bouguereau - "Cupidon" 1875ositive way, and they feel 'loved'?  

If so, the converse then seems to be also true:
If I am not feeling 'good' vibes from such and such a person, then they don't love me. or then I don’t feel loved and this is a bad thing…”

Do you see the difference between the two sentences?
You say yes; but do you?
OK, one says I feel love than the second one says I don't... Right?
so, Are you miserable because I lack love...(my comment -is that right?)
Cupidon (French for Cupid),
by Bouguereau,

Look closer at 2 the sentences: one has 'if ...then' and is different.

When you notice you are saying 'If 'I only had love, 'then' I would or could or... now you can see that there is an expectation that you are operating from a belief.

There are many issues here.
Lets look a bit further.

How do you know that someone is sending love your way...
'cause it feels good' you say...OK
If someone ignores you, then is that unlove? does it feel bad? if a stranger in wall mart doesn't acknowledge your presence as you pass them by and you don't see them either (except to avoid hitting them with your shopping cart) then is that a 'not love' situation?

You say 'no' I hear...
'because I don't expect them too do anything...
so the first sentence is an observation with emotional expectations, the second is both the observation and the emotional expectations. It is a program in you that say poor me: when I push the 'on' button the TV will come come on and will play the 'poor me' program - 'I have no love'; that is what you feel. The preplanned and you feel this -but you can change the channel.

A small girl has a little frog, oopps a small boy, (my mistake, our society says little girls don't like little frogs - more beliefs)
and he 'loves' the little frog so he hugs it, just like his mom does to him. He is sending all kinds of good energy to the little green thing. So he is loving it right? to it death, squeezes to hard.

So does he love it? I would say no. I would say he is operating from a preprogrammed behavior and that is not love in my book, but in his.
It doesn't give him (her) the right outcome she is expecting.

So, do feel then, unloved if you don't get bunch of flowers, a card, a nice dinner? Or do you feel unloving if you don't give something to your beloved? These are beliefs. And I would say nothing to do with love - but your rules.

Look inside is there a 'If ....then' rule?  I have them.
If she gives me a card... she loves me.  she thought enough to go out, look around a store, find a card, sign it, put it in an envelope, and give it to me.  There for I am loved.  no card, no love, I have been miserable over that rule.

But I forgot the times, she paid for my lunch, my dinner, my bill payments when I couldn't, I forgot that she is tiered when she comes home from working all day, and doesn't feel like talking to me and is 'ignoring' me - right! Only if I have to feel right ! but i am incorect. She loves me - in her way and in her language.

Truth is I had to learn her language of love, if I wanted to feel it.
To do that I had to get my emotions under control, back into neutral, be Present again, and look at life in the here and now, I had to look in reality.

Did I give her a diamond bracelet? no. Bunches of flowers? nope. What does she really want? Me bring in more than enough income to handle what needs to be taken care of... She does this - she just would like to be matched. Do I ? about 1/2 time yes I do...

So what is love? 
Lets look at the first sentence again... Love is flowing positive energy to  another. I would like to add and it is mutually felt and reciprocated, in a timeless deep understanding of unemotional joy, peace, and liquid positive energy called 'ananda' or bliss.

Paramahamsa Yogananda chants in 'Oh God beautiful' to the lover thou art love...
this mutual state of energy flowing back and forth around and through the beloved so that one could not say where it starts nor ends.  It is a oneness of unconditional love; A focus on each other and not on another. The key is the focus not the object of the focus.

I see that when the focus changes, say a man or women looks to or at another, instead of at the once lover, all hell breaks out in the one who has lost the focus of the other person.
'Hell hath no fury like a women scorned' is the observation of many playwrights.

Love of money is ... this is another belief about love. but the phrase is not this, it is one cannot serve 2 masters. One cannot serve mammon or money or fame and the lord at the same time. If you look at the lives of very wealthy people you will both sides of this:  some die penniless, lonely and miserable, others are a blessing to everyone they meet, know and do business with. It is not the money but the attitude about it that is the key.

So, Love lets look at the Chant of 'Oh God Beautiful' again. Some are seeking love - lovers are... some are seeking other things:
In the mountain thou art high, in the river restless, in the ocean grave... You move in many ways, you magical God...
To the sorrowful thou art sympathy,  --- can one who is sorrowful feel the loving of another? maybe but that kind of intertwining love sought by the lover is not able to be felt, while the grieving is going on, sympathy is the form of Love Yogananda indicates in this case, at this time, in this temporay situation. (Like medicine it is given for a limited time as it is needed; latter another medicine may be required.)

Paramahamsa Yogananda and great Yogis like Swami Shivananda, act in the present, the 'here and now' they also do not practice the lovers love between the sexes, interesting...
Take Mahatma Gandhi, did he love his wife? and she him? Very deeply, but they only had sex four times ( I believe) and each time they had a child and practiced no sex at other times. does this mean they didn't love each other? It would have in our society - she would have divorced him and the marriage counselors would condemn his actions as well; Simply because of different rules..(If ... then) and beleifs and the idea of 'rightness: my belief is "right" '.

When one applies rules they miss the present situation. Rules are guidelines only, but if you apply the rule unconsciously or unknowingly you may come to wrong conclusion.
'well, love means: ... card, bracelet, hug for over 10 minutes, kiss for over 5 minutes, sex only is such and such a way and not others, dinner, dance, what ever it is the rule inside your program only. There for the joy or feeling of being loved only inside you, or being shunned is inside you as well. 
Find the belief, inspect the belief, see if it serves you, change it if  you wish...
Change the belief = change the resultant feeling; change the channel.

Take another line of the chant:
To the Yogi thou art bliss....
This is 'Ananda' the liquid light flowing of indescribable bliss of universal love knowing no bounds, no rules, no limitations, no beliefs, but 'IS'. Pure 'hereness'; Pure Presence. Pure 'Knowing'. Pure Truth.

Swami Shivananda sang:
I am neither mind nor body
immortal self I am
Witness of 3 States
Knowledge Absolute.
Sat chit ananda rupa...

Sat: Truth, Knowledge
Chit: Divine spark consciousness
Ananda: Bliss

put all of those together...
and you will experience a permanet LOVE.

Loving attention is always appreciated, but there is a time for it and everything else under heaven. You tap into the state of permanet love, but think it comes from the partner or can be felt only with them. This is a lie. This here is the source.

The best love I experience is when I get centered and connect my 3 selves together.  This is my conscious self (driver of the car) my companion self (the car with all of its power) and my High Self. The bliss and love is fluid healing.  This is then passed on to another in healing energy through the hands, eyes, intention, words, etc., etc., etc.

How could the King in “the King and & I” show the love to the European teacher girl?
He tried very hard but he had to die - it was the only way to get around all of his rules and beliefs clashing; to let his son take over the country and make the changes. In this way he could honor the lady’s teaching and ‘love’ both  her, and his country.

May you rise above your limiting beliefs; create beliefs that will support you on your path; and experience more of what you want: Pure Love.

oh, are you on a path of your choosing?
This may be the message for you today.
Inspect the path you are on: observe your actions; journal them.
May you then  travel the path you want to be treading.

If you can tune into the higher self of person, and help them in the way they recongnise as unconditional truth, or love, then they will know you love them.    even if it only your smile...

how's that for a new belief?
here' another one:

If we can market to a person in the same manner as above, a product that they instantly recongnise as a bennfit to themselves, and we only want them to have it because it will help them; Then instant love, and money will flow.

Shoot your arrows cupid, please have a conscious aim.

Colin Ryane ~ Tiger Swami

Producer and Host:

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