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Valentine Day ~ A History
February 14, 2009

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200 AD
200 AD - This day is named after two Christian martyrs named Valentine who lived around 200 AD. Only in the middle ages did Valentine's Day become associated with love.

269 AD
269 AD - ...  Show more

269 AD - In 269 CE, Bishop Valentine was beheaded by the Pagan Emperor of Rome. He was later made a Saint by the Roman Catholic Church and is today celebrated on "Valentine's Day" for his long-established work in helping Roman's (particularly soldiers) to write love   Show more

Feb 14, 269 AD - He died on February 14, 269 AD, the same day that had been devoted to love lotteries. Legend also says that St. Valentine left a farewell note for the jailer's daughter, who had become his friend, and signed it "From Your Valentine".  Show more Traditions-as-Entertainment-ppt-powerpoint/

Feb 14, 269 AD - Valentines Day has a long history, going back, as some traditions say to February 14, 269 AD, when the Roman Emperor Claudius martyred a Christian priest by the name of Valentine for secretly marrying couples during a time of war, when the Emperor had made ...  Show more

Feb 14, 269 AD - It is widely believed that it is named after Saint Valentine, who is said to have been a third century Roman Christian priest who was martyred on 14 February 269 AD According to the Catholic Church there are another two saints named Valentine who were martyred ...  Show more

Feb 14, 269 AD - There are changing views as to the source of Valentine's Day. A number of specialists declare that it originated from St. Valentine, a Roman who was sacrificed for refusing to give up Christianity. He died on February 14, 269 AD, the same day that had been ...  Show more

Feb 14, 269 AD - But the most popular opinion is that St Valentine's Day is named after the priest in Rome who was martyred by Claudius on February 14, 269 AD.   Show more

Feb 14, 269 AD - I believe that note started the custom of exchanging love messages on Valentine's Day. It was written on the day Valentine died, February 14, 269 AD Now, every year on this day, people remember. But most importantly, they think about love and friendship.

Feb 14, 269 AD - Valentine was put to death on 14th February 269 AD Many people believe that was when people first started exchanging messages of love on what was later to be known as St Valentines Day.

270 AD
270 AD - The history of St. Valentine's Day begins in Rome, in 270 AD . The Roman Emperor, Claudius II demanded that everyone worship the pagan gods that he worshipped. He also abolished marriage, and arrested anyone who disobeyed his rule. Many Christians were ...  Show more

270 AD - Many believe Valentine's Day was started around 270 AD, to commemorate Valentine's death. The History Channel claims that "the Christian church may have decided to celebrate Valentine's feast day in the middle of February in an effort to 'Christianize' celebrations of the ...

270 AD - According to the History Channel's Web site,, Valentine's Day is based on Saint Valentine who, in 270 AD, wrote a letter in prison to a girl he was in love with. He ended the letter with "From your Valentine," which is a phrase that is still used today. Each ...  Show more

270 AD - Saint Valentine, they say, was a grave and earnest bishop, who was put to death in Rome on the fourteenth day of February, about the year 270 AD, for his too zealous efforts in converting the heathen. When he was canonized, the day of the month on which he died was ...  Show more

270 AD - In addition to the secular celebration, I recognize that it's a feast day on the Catholic calendar to commemorate a man who was martyred for his faith in AD 270. Some people have a problem with St. Valentines Day, others with (regular) Valentine's Day, or with V ...  Show more

496 AD
496 AD - Valentine's Day is named after not one, but two Christian martyrs. However, history states that the Feast of St. Valentine's day was declared a holiday by Pope Gelasius in 496 AD to take attention away from the pagan holiday Lupercalia that celebrated Faunus ...  Show more

496 AD - But in AD 496, when Rome became fully Christianised, this pagan festival was retained but its significance was mixed up with Christian history and renamed St Valentine's Day to pay homage to St Valentine. This time the traditional lottery had a more religious ...  Show more

498 AD
498 AD - We do know that in 498 AD, Pope Gelasius declared February the 14th St. Valentines Day. Although the history of Valentines Day is still somewhat a mystery, it is obvious that the story of St. Valentine is a romantic one. Whether it lay in his ideals or his ...  Show more

1349 - Finally, for Jews, Valentine's Day is (although it is not widely known) a day of terrible tragedy. In 1349, one of the largest single pre-Holocaust massacres of Jews took place on Valentine's Day in Strasbourg, France, where Jews, blamed for the spread of the ...  Show more

1382 - In the 14th century, the meaning of the holiday took a dramatic shift when poet Geoffrey Chaucer linked the St. Valentine's Day celebration with romantic love in his poem "Parlement of Foules," written in 1382. In the poem, he describes the holiday as a day when birds in ... 3200987.shtml

1399 - The only remaining monument to royalty in this ancient chapel is erected to the memory of Richard II., who was murdered at Pomfret Castle, on Valentine's Day, in the year 1399, and his first consort Anne. The workmanship of his statue deserves particular ...  Show more

1400 - Using the language of the law courts for the rituals of courtly love, a 'High Court of Love' was established in Paris on Valentines Day in 1400. The court dealt with love contracts, betrayals and violence against women.

1415 - Legend also has it that Charles, Duke of Orleans, sent the first real Valentine card to his wife in 1415, when he was imprisoned in the Tower of London. Because the history of Valentine's Day as given above is more legendary than historically authentic, the ...  Show more

1477 - Apparently named after a French saint whose bones are buried in Dublin, the first mention of Valentine's Day as an amorous occasion is thought to have been in 1477, when Margery Brews sent a steamy letter to John Paston, her ‘right welbelovyd Voluntyne'. The ...  Show more

1537 - Finding its origins in the Roman Feast of Lupercalia, Saint Valentine's Day was officially recognized by Royal Charter by a love-struck King Henry VIII in 1537. As Christianity spread, this holiday, marked by the drawing of names and the dispensing of love ...  Show more

Feb 1613 - In February, 1613, the Prince-Palatine, and that lovely Princess, the Lady Elizabeth, were married on Bishop Valentine's day, with all possible pomp and grandeur. Her vestments were white, the emblem of innocency; her hair dishevelled, hanging down her back «t ...  Show more

1660 - Celebrating St. Valentine's Day was one of the old customs happily revived at Charles II's restoration to the throne in 1660. (Oliver Cromwell and his Puritan ilk had tried to ban the day as frivolous and pagan, overlooking the fact that most Englishmen and women ...  Show more

Feb 14, 1667 - Several Web sites dedicated to the history of Valentine's Day cards claim that the wife of the famous diarist, Samuel Pepys, had a valentine made of blue paper with her name written on it in gold and presented it to him on Feb. 14, 1667.  Show more,100EC5EEB75014FB.html

1725 - History's Romantics - Valentine's Day Born in Venice in 1725 to actor parents, Casanova was expelled from a seminary for scandalous conduct and embarked on a varied career, including a stint working for a cardinal in Rome, as a violinist, and as a magician, while ...  Show more 13&timeZone=EST

Feb 14, 1797 - Notwithstanding this great disparity of force, Jervis, full of confidence, was determined that the enemy should not escape. The details of the battle of Cape St. Vincent, fought on the 14th February, 1797, are known to all students of naval history, but by no one ...  Show more

1836 - Valentine's Day - Wikipedia Offers information about Valentine's Day, including its history and its ... In 1836, relics of St. Valentine of Rome were donated by Pope Gregory XVI to the ...\'s_Day.

Sep 18, 1846 - The History of Valentine's Day - The Brownings The pair's last letter was exchanged on September 18, 1846, the night before the two left for a trip to Italy, and two weeks after their secret marriage. Sadly, the wedding was held in secret, with only her maid and Browning's ... =24&timeZone=EST

Feb 15, 1861 - So much for the greetings of happy hearts, St. Valentine's dar AD 1861. Yesterday, although a day on which Araminta Scroggins and Letitia Emeline Dobbs could not promenade the sunny side of Lake street, and the Adolphus Jenkinses were compelled to keep their rooms that they might ... CITE&FMTS=CITE:AI&date=Feb+15%2C+1861&author=&pub=Chicago...St.+Valentine's+Day...

1866 - Joining a motley band of ex-soldiers and common thieves, Jesse and Frank staged the first daylight bank robbery in US history on Valentine's Day in 1866, making off with $57'000 in Liberty, Missouri.  Show more

Feb 14, 1876 - What would Valentines Day be without a loving phone call to your mother? It's interesting to note that this wouldn't be possible without a telephone, the patent for which was filed by Alexander Graham Bell on February 14th, 1876. At the turn of the Century ...  Show more

1883 - St. Patrick's Day History - The History Channel Suddenly, annual St. Patrick's Day parades became a show of strength for Irish Americans, as well as a must-attend event for a slew of political candidates.  Show more V2&searchPage=29&timeZone=EST

Feb 15, 1894 - Another one of Saint Valentine's days has passed into history. Nearly everyone knows that the 14th of February is dedicated to St. Valentine ... But very few seemed to be aware that yesterday was Saint Valentine's day, and many will remember it this morning with a pang of regret for ...

Feb 13, 1900 - ... ... Francis Egerton Webb, will be celebrated at the residence of the bride s parents at Mount St. Vincent, near Yonkers, to-morrow afternoon, St. Valentine's Day. ... Philadelphia, which thus far has had thi gayest Winter in its history, is now devot ing itself to fancy-dress balls. ...

May 24, 1902 - St. Valentine's day; Hertford, St. Alban.s; the Anglican Church and Its ceremonies; the government and revenues of Knsland; Ks taxes, laws; ... I,an(TuaKes, and Literature ": Part III. is devoted to the history of India; Part IV. to its religions, and Part V. to India of today. ...

Feb 9, 1908 - ... ... or reincarnations under the same title, for we find. two Bishops of the name, a Virgin martyr, and a saint, all of whom have authentic records of their lives and deaths preserved In history, and none of whom would seem to be in any war connected with the valentines of to-day. ...

Feb 4, 1912 - I-Ier own story, as told a few days ago in her NoW /ork apartment, of the founding of , the first woman s club ever or/, is an interesting ,'to the history of Dickens's A_merica* visits. "I' can t remember at this day all the :'- at our Valentine party in 18;" said Mrs. , "but I know ...

Dec 7, 1913 - Instead we find an unusually large number of serious books, reprints of the classics, and works of history, criticism, and science. ... In this, her latest book, she provides, it is said, one-act pieces for New Year's Day, St. Valentine's Day, Easter, All Hallowe'en, Christmas, ...

Jan 22, 1922 - 14, St. Valentine's Day, at Palm Beach. Dirs. Brooks comes frequently to New York from Washington. DC, and has a large circle of friends here, ... Ball notice, or page of its history, can ever be complete without the name of Mrs. Edward J. Berwin, who-recently passed away. ...

Feb 12, 1928 - An alluring Valentine party. 1s planned for the Women's AthletIc Club members for the afternoon of St. Valentine's Day when there will be ... Mlis, 7--11ar will open the program with I : pictures of the history of the harp from as far back as 3000 years down to the present day and will ... CITE:AI&date=Feb+12%2C+1928&author=&pub=Los+Angeles+Times&desc=OPERA...

1929 - On Valentine's day in 1929, the streets of Chicago ran with blood as the gangs of Al Capone and Bugs Moran battled to the death. This riveting . . . 10 Days That Unexpectedly Changed America Book PRODUCT DETAIL: 10 Days That Unexpectedly Changed ...  Show more 9&timeZone=EST

1929 - Most people think of St. Valentine's Day as a time for lovers, but for crime buffs and those interested in gangland history the day will always be associated with a gruesome crime on the north side of Chicago in 1929. On that day gunmen, supposedly working for ...  Show more

Feb 10, 1929 - The exhibit consists or valentines and they are the gift of the late Mrs. Emma B. Hodge. For the history of the valentine you must go back to Roman ... There Is the origin of our St. Valentine's day with its gifts of valentines and and candy. Our difference Is found in the fact that ... CITE&FMTS=CITE:AI&date=Feb+10%2C+1929&author=&pub=Chicago...Valentines&pqatl...

Feb 10, 1929 - The story of St. Valentine will be given by Leila Gidley at the meet- lig of the California History and Landmarks Club. Valentine's Day, at 2:00 pm The program will also Include an open . reading the federation history, compiled by State Historian Mrs. FraPk Gibson. and talks by Mrs. ... CITE:AI&date=Feb+10%2C+1929&author=&pub=Los+Angeles+Times&desc...IN...

Feb 14, 1929 - Other suitably barbaric events on Valentine's day include the Valentine's Day Massacre in Chicago on 14 Feb, 1929. Dubbed "the most spectacular mob hit in gangland history" by crime buffs, the hit polished off five enemies of Al Capone, but missed his arch-foil ...  Show more

Feb 14, 1929 - Well I'll tell you. It all happened on Valentines Day, the morning of February 14th, 1929. This incident was call, "The St. ... History Of Valentines Day history of valentines day. ... And, according to a recent study, sales of valentines gifts are expected to reach $650 ...

Feb 14, 1929 - Roger Mudd narrates the History Channel's "The St. Valentine's Day Massacre," at 10 pm, a chronicle of the struggle for control of Chicago's North Side between George "Bugs" Moran and Al Capone, which culminated in a bloody ambush in a garage on Feb. 14 ...  Show more CITE:FT&type=current&date=Feb+06%2C+1997&author=SUSAN+KING&pub...

Mar 10, 1929 - History, as a col- lection of facts, absorbed him: as a he had no use for It. Faguet alSo stresses his want of method. ... It Is told with about the same de- gree of gusto you will find In your daily paper s account of what hap- pened in Chicago on St. Valentine's Day. ... CITE:AI&date=Mar+10%2C+1929&author=&pub=Los+Angeles+Times&

Feb 9, 1930 - There ie a fascination in following the history of any utterly, thing. The valentine, always a caprice, a whim, is tender, ostentatious, low or sentimental, ... But St. Valentine's Day customs are kept alive here by at least two influences. One is commercial, the other is sentimental. ...

Feb 8, 1931 - Saint Valentine's Day in. : History and Legend. By. Mayfield Allen . i. T HE old custom, which Is now barely. more than a memory, for young men and maidens to choose each other for valentines on the 14th of Feb- ruary, was recorded in literature as early as the time of Chaucer, ... CITE:AI&date=Feb+08%2C+1931&author=&pub=Los...Valentine's+Day+in+History...

Feb 3, 1935 - PERSONAL HISTORY. By Vincent Sheean. 398 pp. New York: Doubleday, Doran Co. $3. By RL DUFFUS At different stages in the reading of this ... "The Primrose Path," will nitely be published on St. Valentine's Day. And that, in case you fare so dead to romance as to have forgotten it. is ...

Jan 1936 - History's Romantics - Valentine's Day Just months after being crowned king in January 1936, after the death of his father, George V, Edward proposed to Simpson, precipitating a huge scandal and prompting Britain's prime minister, Stanley Baldwin, to say he would resign if ... V2&searchPage=98&timeZone=EST

Mar 3, 1940 - Latest Books Received History and Biography KATERI TEKAKWITHA. By Oullbert C. l3. Paper covers. Montreal. Canada: Le Meseager Canadlen, 1.981. ... Plays, poems and games suitable for the observance of Christmas, St. Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day and Easter. PUBLIC . ...

Feb 8, 1942 - This year, with the rise in the marriage rate and a general revival of interest in things sentimental, St. Valentine's Day may well be due for a boom. ... The two ideas merged and St. Valentine's Day became the occasion for sending what, in Victorian days, was called love . ...

Nov 19, 1944 - And thus it is, skipping nimbly down the centuries, that we reach Kate O'Leary, Heinie Zimmerman, Big Bill Thompson, Clarence ]Darrow, Ben Hecht, the St. Valentine's day massacre, and yesterday s head- lines. All this is perhaps an oversimplification of history and of Dr. Quaife, ... CITE&FMTS=CITE:AI&date=Nov+19%2C+1944&author=&pub=Chicago+Tribune&desc...

Feb 9, 1945 - Valentine Day Meal Is Gay and Colorful. I Ration Roundup. ]PROCESSED FOODS-Book 4, blue stamps XS thru ZS and A2 thru 312, 10 points , now valid. ... I Valentine's day Is one occasion when we all love to. give parties! It's not only that we re sentimental about the-meaning of the day ... CITE&FMTS=CITE:AI&date=Feb+09%2C+1945&author=&pub=Chicago...Valentine+Day...Is...

Jul 21, 1946 - Bessie Lou, the soft eyed calf born last Valentine's day, stood patient. ly while eager hands patted her nose and body. ... Bessie Lou, born last Valentine's day, stood close to Macauley while being shown off. Interested spectators were (left to right) Don Border, 3040 Oglesby av.; ... CITE&FMTS=CITE:AI&date=Jul+21%2C+1946&author=&pub=Chicago...79...DAY&pqatl...

Jan 2, 1947 - Alladeria Chamber of Commerce -Carrying Altadena's Queen of Hearts, this entry portrayed the romance of St. Valentine's Day, ... Torrance - California history was represented by the theme, "Admission Day." A floral lib. erty hell with a beautiful girl seated was the center of ... CITE:AI&date=Jan+02%2C+1947&author=&pub=Los+Angeles+Times&

Jan 28, 1948 - Kohn, professor of history at Smith college will give a luncheon address, "Czechoslovakia: Testing Ground,' before the Chicago Council on ... MISS SUZANNE MORRIS, who will be married on St. Valentine's day, Feb. 14, to Conrad Horace Burris, is in the difficult position of trying to ... CITE&FMTS=CITE:AI&date=Jan+28%2C+1948&author=&'s+Day...

Feb 14, 1952 - 100 YEAR HISTORY. Valentine, hnd., Feb. t3 (Spe- -This tiny community, which. has had a railroad station for more than 80 years but lost Its post- office in 1930, will celebrate Valentine's day Thurs- day with an historical pageant in. the Valentine Methodist church. ... CITE&FMTS=CITE:AI&date=Feb+14%2C+1952&author...VALENTINE...HISTORY&pqatl...

Feb 7, 1953 - St. Valentine's Day has been set by Miss Patricia Ann Camp- bell, bride-elect of Francis Vil- lette Conway, for their 11 am Mass in St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church, Westwood Hills. Invitations for 40U guests are in the mail from Joseph Regis Campbell for his daughter s wedding ... CITE:AI&date=Feb+07%2C+1953&author=&pub=Los...VALENTINE+DAY&pqatl...

Feb 14, 1957 - Valentine Day Recallsj. Romantic Era of Gloves1. BY ELEANOR PAGE. HAND in glove with Val-. entine day goes the H tradition .of romance associated with ... The romance of gloves in- a period off history when pictures of popular idols were embroidered on the backs of ladies' gloves. ... CITE&FMTS=CITE:AI&date=Feb+14%2C+1957&author=&pub=Chicago...Valentine+Day...

Feb 9, 1958 - collector of valentines, tells history of the missives to on interested trio of young people which includes,. from left, Bettye Corstensen, ... Verses in that day were more gentle, and the valentines usually more ornate, says Forndell, considered on authority. Collector Sees Great ... CITE:AI&date=Feb+09%2C+1958&author=&pub=Los+Angeles...Valentines&pqatl...

Feb 28, 1965 - When "Early Settlers in AmericaN by Heiene Hanff proves just as sad on our own colonial history, we are almost ified in giving up WWW for all ... Ages 7 to 10, a volume apiece to such national and international fiestas as Valentine's Day, Passover, Flag Day, Arbor Day, Mother's Day, ...

Jul 15, 1966 - By the time he wound up in a Wyoming jail, Starkweather stood branded as one of the most casually remorseless slayers in history He had left a trail of 11 bodies, ... Chicago, the scene of yester: day s murders, was the locale of the celebrated Valentine's Day' Massacre of 1929. ...

Feb 14, 1967 - Most historians agree, however, that the birth of Valen tine's Day was when the pagan Romans celebrated their feast of Lupercalia on Feb. 15 as a lovers festival for young people . Youthful men and women chose partners for the festival by drawing names by chance from a box. ...,2501841&dq= valentines+day+history

Feb 14, 1969 - The Hartford Courant (1923-1984) - Hartford, Conn. Date:. Today is Friday, Feb. 14, the 45th day of 1969. There are 320 days left in the year. This is St. Valentine's Day. ABS:AI&date=Feb+14%2C+1969&author=&pub=The+Hartford...Today+In+History&pqatl...

Feb 24, 1973 - Traditional "hearts and flowers" of St. Valentine's Day provided the colorful theme as Mesa Oaks Improvement Assn. staged its 12th annual Camellia Ball at Via Verde Coun-... ABS:AI&date=Feb+24%2C+1973&author=&pub=Los+Angeles...Ball...History&pqatl...

Feb 10, 1974 - Southampton-"The American Place," a history In painting of our changing society and our attitudes this society, through Mar. ... HicksvUle-Valentine's Day program witth the Platform Performers of Adelphi University, who will read love letters, poems and plays, Fridays, 8 PM, ...

Feb 13, 1977 - The heart has beat throughout history. Antiques. [By Anita Go!d. SYNONYMOUS WITH Valentine's Day .is the heart motif, and throughout gen-. erations it has appeared on various household implements, personal para- phernalia, furniture, and a great many other things. ... CITE&FMTS=CITE:AI&date=Feb+13%2C+1977&author=&pub=Chicago...history&pqatl...

Feb 13, 1979 - VALENTINE'S DAY HISTORY IS MUDDLED BUT ITS MESSAGE IS PERFECTLY CLEAR. Garry Moore--of all people--once hired four skywriting planes on Feb. 14 to spew out a 3-mile-wide valentine heart in the sky, with "Garry and Nell" written inside. That's the kind of thing well-to-do men do for ... ABS:AI&date=Feb+13%2C+1979&author=DAN+CARLINSKY&pub=Los+Angeles...

May 27, 1984 - At Palmetto, the 30 fifth graders in JoAnn Riviere's class sold flowers on Valentine's Day. They sold popcorn, lemonade and doughnuts. They vacuumed cars and washed ... "I like to walk in the footsteps of history," he said, "to be where George Washington was and see how he lived." ...,0EB35FA346B9788E.html

Mar 10, 1985 - PHOTO: Ray Duncker: "I had to get something for my wife for Valentine's Day." Tribune photos by James Mayo. On Jan. 20, with the temperature of 27 below zero marking the coldest day in Chicago history, the hottest theatrical event of the year was setting another landmark record at the ... ABS&FMTS=ABS:FT&date=Mar+10%2C+1985&author=David+Prescott&pub=Chicago...

Aug 1, 1986 - ... ... were just one step away from solving what an old issue of the Boston Globe called "the bloodiest maritime mystery in New England history." ... Considering this was the macabre New England version of the St. Valentine's Day Massacre, I sense that we're about to peek at an autopsy. ...,0EADED97850CC52F.html

Feb 13, 1987 - Patey has all that is left of the ugliest Valentine Al Capone ever sent, packed in seven musty barrels of history. Almost all, that is. ... The St. Valentine's Day Massacre, as the 1929 carnage became known, took place in an unheated, grease-smelly garage at 2122 N. Clark St. ... ABS&FMTS=ABS:FT&date=Feb+13%2C+1987&author=Ronald...HISTORY...

Apr 24, 1988 - There are always two shows shortly before Christmas, and one before Valentine's Day. The other two big holidays are Easter and Mother's Day. In some years, both are preceded by a Hall of Fame; in other years, only one of these holidays is foreshadowed. ...,0EB29E8200202FB0.html

Jan 22, 1989 - Homemade ice cream was served every Valentine's Day, but cherry ice cream was reserved for Washington's Birthday. "Almost every special day we ... Whall said the goal of the 3 R's Society is to make the school a historical museum of sorts in an effort to keep town history alive. ...,0EADEEB9F5BD47AC.html

Jan 29, 1990 - It won't be unveiled for five years, but the planned Geology, Gem and Mineral Hall at the National Museum of Natural History is already very ... The kunzite, which is mounted in platinum and strung with South Sea baroque pearls, will go on display at the museum on Valentine's Day. ... ABS&FMTS=ABS:FT&type=current&date=Jan+29%2C+1990&author=Todd...History...

Feb 8, 1991 - Even if you managed to convince your mate that you forgot Valentine's Day, you'd have to be living under a rock before anybody would believe you failed to notice Black History Month. Dr. Glennon Graham, a professor of African-American studies at Columbia College in Chicago, ... ABS&FMTS=ABS:FT&type=current&date=Feb+08%2C+1991&author=A.+Dahleen...History...

Apr 19, 1992 - PHOTO: The country's patriotic mood is reflected in this card to a Marine from the 1940s. Photos courtesy of Archives Center National Museum of American History. Christmas is the most popular card-sending holiday, followed by Valentine's Day, Easter and Mother's Day, but everyday cards ... ABS&FMTS=ABS:FT&date=Apr+19%2C+1992&author...history&pqatl...

Feb 14, 1993 - For a Valentine's Day prelude, the spectacle was bittersweet. Prince Charles arrived alone here Saturday to help the College of William and ... And in a former colonial capital, the prince's presence at a rare tercentenary in American history added an object lesson to an occasion with ... ABS&FMTS=ABS:FT&date=Feb+14%2C+1993&author=Chicago+Tribune+wires...history...

Jan 7, 1994 - "There's so much history in this place." Chenow pulled out a scrapbook that begins with graphic photos of the St. Valentine's Day Massacre. Seven men were mowed down by machine-gun fire that morning in a Clark Street garage. Chenow knows every victim's name, history and probably each ... ABS&FMTS=ABS:FT&type=current&date=Jan+07%2C...Marla...IN+HISTORY...

Feb 27, 1995 - It was his exercise, a way to prepare for the day ahead, and a chance for the former history professor to enjoy his surroundings. ... Gingrich and his wife celebrated a belated Valentine's Day dinner with fried calamari, seafood bouillabaisse and Cappuccino l'Amor. ...

Feb 14, 1996 - By RICHARD L. BALL . Capone joined the James Street gang, headed by Johnny In 1920 Torrio asked Capone to go to Chicago to work for his uncle. Rig Jim head of the city's largest prostitution and gambling ring Later that year when Prohibition became law. Torrio foresaw bootlegging ...,954300&dq= valentines+day+history

Feb 9, 1997 - We can thank the Pilgrims -- of all people -- for the Valentine's Day tradition of giving gifts of chocolate and candy, says the National Confectioners Association. Seems that Miles Standish et al. sent their betrothed gifts of sugar wafers, sweetmeats, marzipans and sugarplums, ...,0EAF99F6B9F1BAE3.html

Sep 13, 1998 - 14: The Washington Post published an anonymous Valentine's Day note placed by Lewinsky, addressed to "Handsome." Feb. 28: After she attended the taping of Clinton's radio show, she had her picture taken with him. He told her to see his secretary Betty Currie because he had something ... ABS&FMTS=ABS:FT&type=current&date=Sep+13%2C+1998&author=&pub...History...a...

Feb 7, 1999 - Popular legend has it that Valentine's Day started in ancient Rome. A god named Lupercus was in charge of keeping the wolves away from the city. The grateful citizens of Rome held a festival in his honor every February. One of the traditions of the festival of Lupercalia was for the ...,0EB423F18594686E.html

Feb 14, 2000 - It's Valentine's Day, for crying out loud! Don't the FA care at all?!? If David Davies and his lean disciplinary body really cared they surely would have ... Well, on this day in history Sir Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin (reports the Fiver's history expert Dr Franz Fiver). ...

Jul 3, 2001 - "We date our history from 1787, the day of the walkout," said [Thomas Higginbothan], himself an AME pastor. ... Invited to a Valentine's Day party at Alexander's home, he quickly identified the portrait figures in her new painting. "Do you know who you have?" he asked her. ... ABS&FMTS=ABS:FT&type=current&date=Jul+03%2C+2001&author=Jon...history...

Feb 12, 2002 - Valentine's Day provides an opportunity for yearly memory making, whether they turn out positive or negative. Like the Valentine's Day recollections of some, the holiday's history is unclear and confusing, including many people over a great deal of time. Rome's ancient Feb. ...

Feb 12, 2003 - That's right, Valentine's Day is rearing its sickly little head. Break out a cigarette and let the activities commence. ... What is the St. Valentine's Day Massacre? Why, it was the day that the infamous 1920s Chicago gangster Al Capone and his trusted hit man "Machine Gun" McGurn sent ...

Feb 11, 2004 - By RACHEL MONTGOMERY , Press & Guide Newspapers. DEARBORN -- Pagan rituals, bloody goat hides, animal sacrifice and solitary confinement all conjure up the ideal images for Valentine's Day right? While those are certainly far removed from the holiday we all know and love now, ...

Feb 11, 2005 - Whether you think Valentine’s Day evolved from a Catholic Church tradition, was instituted by Hallmark or a combination of the two, there is no denying that the day is synonymous with laughter, love and romance. And while the Georgetown Chimes bring the campus together to sing their ...

Feb 15, 2006 - But the history of Valentine's Day is lost on the young loves, and probably for good reason, according to one medieval history professor. Forget about Roman Catholic ... Beyond the present-day history of a commercialized holiday, many students appear unaware of Valentine's Day lore. ...

Apr 8, 2007 - Every year February comes to celebrate the new hopes of lovers all over the world. St. Valentine's day or Valentine's Day falls on February 14 on which lovers express their love towards each other; sending anonymous gifts, valentine's cards or candy. The history of Valentine's Day is ...

Jun 18, 2008 - "It's a monumental day," Millon said shortly before the clerk's office opened Tuesday morning. "We're changing history and we wanted to be a part of that ... San Diego County issued 230 licenses, surpassing its old record of 176 set on Valentine's Day 2005. Opponents of gay marriage, ... ABS&FMTS=ABS:FT&date=Jun+18%2C+2008&


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