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Babel, Ancient Planetary Grid, Noah's Ark & the Flood
~ A new look at Archeological evidence of Advanced civilization
January 23, 2008
Jonathan Gray


It was a shocking, devastating event, the Great
Deluge. And it explains many mysteries that puzzle
 today’s scientists.

Will you imagine the scene as the disaster was
ending. I invite you to step back with me for a
few minutes…


A chill blast whipped under her coat, as Rebecca
stepped out.

It was a horrendous shock: the mud, the utter
desolation, the floating bodies. But worse, an
awful silence, the silence of universal death.

She turned with a heart-rending sob to her
father-in-law. Here they were, eight people, the
only living human beings in all the world.

How indescribably lonely they must have felt and
what a dread and fear must have come upon them!

As Noah Lamechson and his family stepped down from
their survival vessel, they gazed upon a world
totally foreign to them.

Gone was the enchanting, subtropic environment they
knew. All the familiar landmarks had been swept

Instead, barren wastes, bleak and sterile hills
and unbearable extremes of cold and heat confronted

Great mountain ranges — high, forbidding, rocky walls
— had been thrust up, destined to isolate areas
into harsh climatic pockets.

The first generations were born and grew up in the foothills
of Ararat. But in time their curiosity was to draw them out to
stake new territories and to search for valuable resources.

They soon found a world reduced considerably in land
area. The fertility of the soil and the natural
resources necessary to human progress were now
unequally distributed.

One resource was of particular concern. Pre-Flood
scientists had unlocked a secret. They had discovered
our spinning planet to be a giant generator, its land masses
crisscrossed with energy lines.
These magnetic currents they had harnessed. But now
all trace of the power network was gone.

Within centuries the rapidly increasing population
sent out exploratory expeditions. Soon almost
every corner of the world was visited by a group of
men who came with a particular task to accomplish.

They were charged with relocating those energy
springs and constructing a grid pattern to harness
them.  Today we might have called it – one imagines –
Operation Spider Web, or some such thing.

To facilitate this, they employed units of
measurement based on simple fractions of the earth’s
dimensions. They measured distances, as we have
noticed, in degrees, minutes and seconds of latitude
and longitude, just as we do today.

Soon a "prehistoric" network of dead-straight
alignments appeared. It seems to have sprung up
everywhere at once. Planning took place on an
almost unimaginably large scale.

Along these lines, (situated at terrestrial power
points) arose temples, pillars, rocking stones,
circles, crosses, mounds, pyramids, tunnels and

Traces of these are dotted still throughout the
world. You see them on every continent and even on
remote islands.

Sites had an exact geometric relationship to each
other within a master worldwide pattern.

For example, all ancient temples in Greece arose
in relation to each other. Those in Greece were
geometrically interlocked with those in Egypt.


Planetwide, the system constituted ONE GIANT

Today we all live within the ruins of this single
vast ancient structure, whose sheer size has so far
rendered it invisible. A great scientific instrument
lies sprawled over the entire surface of the globe.

It is marked by these megaliths of all types, all
aligned in a single geometric pattern—the remains of
an ancient power network.

In order for it to operate, many sites were aligned
to favor certain astronomical phenomena. The planners
were conversant with the introduction of solar or
atmospheric energy into the terrestrial energy streams.

They developed a technology to detect earth currents,
and then to manipulate them to a predictable result.

Thus, all over the world, thousands upon thousands
of pillars (called "menhirs") arose in symmetrical
formation, their purpose to realign earth magnetism
from its natural meandering paths to straight
artificial lines.

At each pillar, the electric current of the
atmosphere was attracted to combine with the
terrestrial current to produce a fusion of power.
(A secret we have not yet utilized.)

Interestingly, the standing stones were all rich
in quartz, a crystal similar to that used with the
cat’s whiskers in early radio receivers.

It has been suggested that megaliths were connected
below ground by metal strips, although there is no
conclusive proof for this position.

Because the standing stones worked as cathodes, the
corrosive current over the millennia would have most
certainly dissolved the metal, leaving the grooves
into which they were set.

Such grooves are found below ground level in, for
example, the Breton menhirs of France. That these
grooves had some such functional purpose is a
distinct possibility.


And something else. Researchers have detected an
energy rising in spiral form from standing stones,
gathering magnetic strength toward the top of the

Interestingly, photographs of the stones are
sometimes marred by a mist of light surrounding
their lower extremities.

The crucial factor was that from natural energy
springs in the earth, the currents were ultimately
directed to mounds—which focalized the energy

There is overwhelming evidence for the reality of
these forces, only rediscovered in modern times by
Wilhelm Reich.

He described how this energy could be trapped or
accumulated by constructing a chamber lined with
inorganic material and covered on the outside with
alternate layers of organic and inorganic matter.

Is it not startling, then, to find that almost
every ancient site has at least one such buried
chamber — purposely lined with the same alternating
layers! Often foreign stones and clay were used,
selected for various magnetic properties.

These submerged chambers were energy accumulators.

Finally, from these mounds, the currents were
dissipated to the surrounding countryside.

Not only did standing stones, mounds and pyramids
focus energy fields.

Across the whole world, the structures formed a
gigantic power network. This provided the population
with a source of energy and inspiration to which
their whole civilization was tuned.

It appears that a major effect of the energy lines
was to increase soil fertility and plant growth.

Fertility stones are no myth. (The phallic symbolism
which later developed was a degenerative response to
an earlier scientific truth.)

Modern experiments have shown that cosmic influences
do affect magnetic currents at the earth’s surface
and that at certain seasons rocks become charged with
energy which they release into the soil, stimulating
seed germination and vegetable growth.

Lightning flashes also are known to affect the
nitrates of the earth, ensuring fertility.

Green tomatoes placed within a magnetic field have
been shown to ripen four to six times faster; seeds
placed in a current grew many times faster. Something
new here?

The energy lines were also harnessed for propulsion
and transport, if we are to believe Druid reports.

When a line became animated by a sunrise directly down
a path, the currents were purposely directed so as to
charge an object to such a degree that it could be
levitated and made to travel.

British flying vehicles so energized are said to
have flown to Greece.

Of course, an eclipse intervening could lead to
disaster, by causing a sudden drop in the power of
magnetic activity.

This would shut down all of the society’s machinery,
an event comparable to modern-day electrical

Thus, only by a constant computation of solar, lunar
and planetary movements could the waxing and waning
of the currents be measured and anticipated.


Here lies the answer to a riddle. We’ve long wondered
why ancient astronomers seemed so obsessed—almost
insanely so—by the need to predict eclipses with
absolute certainty. Now you know.

Another use of the network was power production and

A word here on pyramids. The pyramid shape is known
to accumulate and may even generate energy—provided
that specific proportions and exact alignments are


So somebody’s told you that pyramids were tombs! In
general, pyramids were not built as tombs.

Significantly, they were part of the worldwide network.

For starters, eighty-five survive in Egypt; at least
four in France (one radioactive); hundreds along
coastal Peru; thousands in Mexico, Guatemala and
Honduras; while still more survive in China, Tibet,
Southern Russia, the Sudan, Brazil,Hawaii, Tahiti,
the Marianas, Caroline Islands, Marquesas islands
and Bermuda (submerged); as well as stone step-pyramids
in Florida and pyramid-like temples in Southern India.
Now, that’s some list.

And there is evidence, quite considerable evidence,
that the pyramids focused energy fields; that is,
they produced power.

Additionally, healing probably resulted from this
energy system. It has been observed that animals
born over "springs" of favorable energy are always
healthier than those born elsewhere.


A connection has been noticed between the incidence
of ailments such as cancer and the location of
dwellings over lines of earth current that have
become sour.

Such "black streams" have been purified successfully
by driving metal stakes into the earth above the
cause. The effect, it seems, is to allow atmospheric
forces to enter the flow of the earth current.
We know that the Chinese sited every building, stone,
and planted tree to conform to the "dragon currents"
that flowed along the lines.

The Incas utilized similar spirit lines with the Sun
Temple at Cuzco as their hub.

The Romans built their famous straight roads along
these already existing lines.

North African Bedouins use the line system marked out
by standing stones and cairns to aid their crossing of
today’s desert wastes.

The Australian aborigines still use the "prehistoric"
line system. At certain times of the year these
"turingas" (lines) become revitalized, they say, by
energies flowing through them, giving new life to the
adjacent countryside.

The natives paint the story on rocks, but claim it is
not the pictures but the rocks themselves that release
energy to fertilize plants and animals.

The aborigines actually receive messages over vast
distances and are forewarned of the approach of
strangers—all through their system of magic lines.
It’s a residual legacy, you see, from a former global
By its very nature, this network required that all
terrestrial surface currents be accounted for, if it
were to operate to its full potential.

Thus the stone monuments were strewn across the
world, located on the crossings of the "ley lines."

This implies that a single authority was directing
a united world effort.

Perhaps the biblical Tower of Babel was the receiving
station for earth’s ley line currents. At any rate,
it was constructed as the result of a concerted effort
on the part of the outspreading nations to remain
together "lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of
the whole earth."

The tower was a center of world communications, as
well as of energy accumulation. The city of Babel
later to become Babylon) was a political center for
world government.

By possessing such a global energy center, Babel
effectively controlled the world.

Old chronicles record that Nimrod, the egotistic
founder of Babylon, "grew more and more wicked and
mad until he thought in his heart that he was
himself God." The arrogance of Babel became a


Then something happened—something significant enough
to mark a break in world conditions and to bring the
line system to an end.

Today we are left with but shadows and remnants of
the former universal system.

Thanks to archaeological discoveries, much of what
was classed as myth in the biblical account of the
rise of nations is now being found true.

It is becoming increasingly tenable to regard its
"stories" as not religious fantasy but rather apt
reporting of phenomena that actually occurred. The
story of a former global unity which was broken
into factions is now seen as real.

It might be said that the sudden breakup of the
totalitarian world government was the catalyst.

In the events which followed, most continents and
island groups were to become so isolated, they
would all but forget each other’s existence.

Thus began the next stage of man’s decline.

If you’ve been missing out on these wonders from
our past, now is the time to catch up.

To discover more on these ancient mysteries, please
go to

Did you enjoy this information?
If you know someone who would find these facts
interesting, Click the URL below now to email it to
them, or copy and paste the URL below into your

read the blog   see also:   Alien Evidence  Evolution in danger
Best regards
Jonathan Gray

Please email me your questions. I am here to help
you with any questions on ancient mysteries. Just
email me at

International explorer, archaeologist and author
Jonathan Gray has traveled the world to gather data
on ancient mysteries. He has penetrated some largely
unexplored areas, including parts of the Amazon
headwaters. The author has also led expeditions to
the bottom of the sea and to remote mountain and
desert regions of the world. He lectures internationally.
Or write to
Surprising Discoveries
Pacific Coast Highway
PO Box 785
Thames 3540
New Zealand

Source:  http://www.beforeus.com

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