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A Gold Talking Mirror ~ Ancient iPod found in Russia
~ Answers to questions we can't even ask
January 17, 2009
Jonathan Gray 


Could this be the greatest find of all time? What do you
think? My normal meticulous checking procedures have been
blocked in this case.


The reported discovery was made in a 4-mile deep mine in
Russia. (4 Miles from mine entrance~ mostly horizontal)

(By comparison, in the USA ancient man-made items have
been discovered 2 miles deep.)

A miner came up with what looked like one of those fire
proof security boxes that people put their valuables in.

Just the fact that something like this could be found so
far down in the earth was shocking enough, but once the
x-rays were done and they finally decided to open it, the
shock was just beginning.

My informant (name protected) reports:

“Inside the box was a mirror, or at least it looked like
one. It was not glass though. It sounded and looked like
gold metal, but so smooth and shiny that it looked like a
gold mirror.

It was approximately 5 inches by 8 inches by ½ inch
thick. It had a gold edging around it, but no seam could
be detected.

“After x-rays of the ‘mirror’, it appeared to be hollow
but the inside of it troubled the minds of some, because
in the center was something that looked like a circuit


“When they brought the box into our laboratory we knew
that this was not going out to the public. But now, after
this, we knew that just the few of us were going to know
what was going on from this point on.

“Never in our wildest imagination did we foresee what was
going to take place 10 years later.

“Never has any object gone under so many tests. This
‘mirror’ had everything known to us, done to it. And then
one day while one of the scientists was holding it in his
hand, something strange happened. It turned white and
black lines of what looked like a foreign language
appeared on it for just a second.

“He nearly dropped it, and yelled for everyone to look.
But as soon as it displayed the black words, it returned
to a gold mirror.

“Six times in the next 5 months this happened. And on the
7th time, we discovered that it happened at exactly the
same instant as another group of scientists were
performing experiments with Low Frequency in another


“When we took the ‘mirror’ to their building and they
turned on their testing equipment the ‘mirror’ turned
white and line by line, black letters appeared on the

“Photographs were taken of the writing and no one of the
top people of the field could tell us what language it
was. We had a problem. We didn’t want to tell anyone
where this strange language came from, but we had to get
outside help.

“We finally decided to use the military decoding people.
At least they would keep silent. They didn’t need to know
where the writing came from, in fact they didn’t even
know that it appeared on the ‘mirror’. All they saw was
the photograph of the writing. There seemed to be no end
to the writing. It just went on and on. Page after page.
And then one day it stopped and went back to the gold

“We wondered why it stopped, even though the Low
Frequency equipment was still going. It wasn’t until we
tried to duplicate the experiment a week later that we
discovered that when it came to stop, if we could touch a
certain spot on the side of the ‘mirror’ that it would
start with the writing all over again.

“Then the shock of all shocks. I was holding the ‘mirror’
in my hand and looking deeply into it and touched two
places on the back of it and the ‘mirror’ turned into a
picture in a gold frame.


“It was a scenery picture, beautiful in color and
obviously taken in a dense vegetation area. But where?
Nothing looked familiar. What was this ‘mirror’?

“As others gathered around to look, I touched it again
and a different picture appeared and this was a picture
of a small stream, with people standing beside it. They
looked as modern as us, dressed in sophisticated
clothing, like anyone you meet on the street right here
in this country.

“But when was this picture taken? Who were these people?

“I guess that the pictures had something to do with the
writing. There were 15 pictures and they all appeared
to be of a certain family.

“Some of the pictures included modern type buildings and
vehicles I couldn’t explain, other than people were
riding in them.

“One showed a young man holding a globe, but nothing
looked familiar about the land mass. Could this be
pictures and a recording device from another planet?

“I thought, what we have here is a time capsule, but
from what time and from where?

“Photographs of the pictures were taken as well as the
whole writing sequence and for over 12 years now, every
expert we have at our disposal has been working on this
project. Don’t think for a moment that the things of
the world were top priority… this was top priority!


“The de-coding people ran every word of the strange
language through their super computers and then it
happened. Things started to click. They started to make
some sense out of the words.

“And what came to be the translation would shock all
mankind… but it was never to be let out to the world. It
couldn’t be let out. The government wouldn’t allow it to
be let out.

“I could not get the photos of the pictures out, but I
did devise a way to scan and send to a private computer,
the translation of it.

“Now my life is in mortal danger. They do not know who
made a copy, but they know that one was made. That is why
I am giving it to you. They will soon put two and two
together and know it was from me. My life won’t be worth
a coin.

“The only way to keep them from killing everyone who has
this, is to publish it and get it into as many hands as

“Then all they will be able to do is claim it is a fraud
or some crack-pot story. They will disavow any knowledge
of any of us who worked on the project and will deny any
knowledge of the ‘Mirror Project 77’.

“If you can get this published, some will believe!”
That, Colin, is the end of his letter.


Here are extracts I have made from what was translated:

“This is the 800th year… I Jubal, the son of Lamech… want
to leave this history to my children and all those who
follow me.

“I want to tell the other side of the story, the true
version, not the religious foolishness of my great,
great, great grandfather.

“From the very beginning there were some of us who knew
that the false teachings of Adam had to be stopped. They
were corrupting our children. Arguments were a daily
thing…. We just moved away from them….


“I remember as a child that we all… had a glow about us…
Now it seems that we are not as glowing… they lost nearly
half their light.

“He told us, because of the change, great fear came upon
them. Now it seems that we are not as glowing as the
other group, but this came on so gradually that no one
thought much about it….

“Another thing I have noticed is the diminishing of
‘quickness of the mind’. We seem not to be as sharp as we
were in the beginning. We have to think things out and
reason, whereas before we just seemed to know the answer
to whatever the problem was.

“The same with the ‘power of the mind’. We used to be
able to do many things with our minds, but have lost that
power for some reason, but we just invent a machine to do
the work, so it is no problem.


“We made vehicles to transport us, when we could not
transport ourselves with our minds anymore. We devoted
many years trying to restore our mental powers, but could
not, so invented things to make up the difference.

“We were growing day by day and our inventions were
glorious to behind. The sad thing is that the time came
when our children and grandchildren didn’t believe us
when we said that we used to have the power.

“Adam and his followers are constantly trying to get us
to return to the old ways. Why would we want to? He is
living in the past.

“Our technology and transportation is so great that we
are the marvel of the world. We have proven that we do
not need the old ways of Adam.


“In fact, the rumor is floating around that soon we will
be able to transport to the moon. We have gone to the
very corners of the earth. Why not the moon? The sky is
the limit for our people…

“When my family and I flew to Zan the other day. We
noticed that some of the lush foliage was gone from the
earth. I wonder what is causing that? With so many
changes in my life, I wonder what…”

There’s just some of that document.

Just think! If this is a genuine pre-Flood document
which recorded the contemporary technology while it was
still in existence - but was then buried deep by the
Great Disaster - then what else might await our

Are you keeping up with the astonishing secrets of our


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read the blog   see also:   Alien Evidence  Evolution in danger


4 miles from the entrance to a deep Russian mine a time capsule like container was discovered; opened; golden mirror found with photos and a strange language - translated for us to view...

Sincere best wishes
Jonathan Gray
Surprising Discoveries
Pacific Coast Hwy
PO Box 785
New Zealand
International explorer, archaeologist and author
Jonathan Gray has traveled the world to gather data on
ancient mysteries. He has penetrated some largely
unexplored areas, including parts of the Amazon
headwaters. The author has also led expeditions to the
bottom of the sea and to remote mountain and desert
regions of the world. He lectures internationally.


Source: http://www.beforeus.com

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