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Stars for April 
~ How go the planets?
April 1, 2009
Joni Patry


Galactic Center with Joni Patry - News From The Stars

April 2009 News From The Stars

Joni Patry - Certified Vedic Astrologer

Spiritual Insights

Everyone is searching frantically for the secret to put an end to all the devastation and calamity currently happening globally. It seems like the world is about to cave in with all the talk of the economy and who's to blame for what. The planetary energies are becoming very intense this month. Conflict and anger top the news on all fronts, in every area, the economy, health care, threats of terrorism, stock market down, and the banks collapsing. I began to deeply search for the answers to unravel the mystery of what is truly happening. It seems so hard to stay centered in this unbalanced world. When the astrological aspects are really difficult, as they certainly are right now, it is hard for all of us to stay on track.

What I believe the entire chaos is all about is to get us to begin our searching for answers, but the more we keep searching for our answers in the external world the more and more frustrated we will become. This year of radical change is actually the year of spiritual transformation. There has been so much talk about the secret and tools for transformation to achieve your goals and more money in life. But I found it extremely interesting just how cleverly the true secret was hidden in the movie "The Secret." I believe in all the tools and techniques mentioned in the movie, but they carefully sidestepped the answer to what the secret really is.

The secret is GOD! It is so sad that today we are afraid to say this word, God. WHY? It all goes back to all the religious persecution. It has been going on since recorded history. We all have a differing belief in what God is to us, so we have many names now for God. Around metaphysical groups they are more comfortable with the words Spirit, Life Force, Universal Force, Cosmic Consciousness, Supreme power, Infinite Spirit, Infinite Intelligence, Infinite Presence within, Source energy, Love, and around the spiritualist they prefer Divinity or the Divine, Christ Consciousness, or Jesus. All of us have different words that express the same exact thing. This is no secret at all, but it has been abandoned because there has been so much hostility and negativity around religions and spirituality. It has diverted people from the most significant thing that we all need so desperately right now. The secret is actually the realization that God is the source or the power that is within us that does all the work and is the answer to all our problems.

Okay, this may still sound vague and unattainable just to know God is the secret that gives us everything we need. Once you understand that you and God are one and the same, then you will understand you have the power to master and do anything. Now that you know what the secret is, let me explain what to do with this information. I know all my clients are looking for answers, so I know you need this information now. This will work like magic in your life. I have testimonials already with the clients I have worked with on a personal level. These are all outlined in my new book. Use these steps and the results will speak for themselves. Please share this information with anyone you know who needs help right now.

Follow these, step-by-step, and you can create anything using the Power within You.
1) Look at your life responsibly. Do not blame anyone or anything for the condition you are in. If you begin blaming, then you are a victim and resentments crop up preventing you from achieving your goals and happiness.

2) Focus on your intent; be clear and decipher the one thing you want to achieve, with right intention and a steady focus.

3) Realize that you have the Power of God within you to help you achieve your goals. Ask that you be divinely guided as to what is necessary for you to be open and allow your highest power to assist you in accomplishing your set intention.

4) Let go of any past emotional baggage that may be hindering your growth. Ask that the higher power within you dissolve your inner blocks due to outgrown beliefs based on your past hurts, and how you have been wronged. This only holds you back in every area of your life. Fear, hate, bitterness, resentments, jealousy and guilt are the emotional issues that are road blocks to your success. Ask the divine to help you rid yourself of these poisons. It is the Ego that feels pain, resentments, judgment, fear it fights, defends and argues for it is not our true essence.  God or source is our true essence.

5) You must have Faith and Trust that your request will be answered.  Have absolutely no doubt, have total confidence, and it will come through. You cannot doubt the Almighty Power.

6) Make positive plans for a better future. Write out all the details. You must concentrate on a solution to your problems. You cannot concentrate on your problems and how bad they are, you must only dwell on a positive outcome and different paths to achieve this solution.

7) Ask in prayer that you be divinely guided to the correct answer. Do not try to control the situation. There are many ways that the result you seek can be achieved and probably you cannot even imagine the way that your goal will come about for you. The only thing you must do is TRUST that it will come, even though you have no idea how it can come.

8) Watch your thoughts and very specifically your speech. Pay attention! You will be surprised what will come out of your mouth. Negative thoughts and speech must be curtailed at once.

9) If you have a repetitious negative thought you must break the pattern with affirmations. To break a repetitious thought you must repeat a repetitious sound by saying out loud over and over a positive phase contrary to the negative thought. Do not give up with this. It works!

10) Stay connected to Divine spirit through meditation each day. At least 5 minutes. Quiet the mind, focus on the breath and listen. If meditation is hard for you, acquire meditation CDs . Find the ones you really like and stick with them. Being part of your spiritual life will connect you to the spirit of God within, and your problems will dissolve.

11) After the above techniques are done you must learn to then release all expectation and control to the Divine. Say, "May thy will be my will." We think we are so smart and have all the answers, but we cannot see the big picture and cannot see what is truly in our best interest. So we must allow the highest power that knows all to choose what is best for us. Release it and let it go. You will know when you have truly done this because you will feel a true sense of peace come over you. In submission to your will, you will find power you have never dreamed of. The question to find the will of God is always answered in the asking. You will be guided to peace and serenity and solutions.

12) To get an answer, turn over your request to that center of quietness knowing that the answer will emerge. Many times the answer will come within an hour, a week or later, but it always comes when you are preoccupied with something else.

13) The best time to instill the power of the mind is to instill the things you want to create in your mind right before falling asleep. You are impregnating what you want to manifest into your subconscious when you do this. During sleep these ideas will gestate and your deeper mind will determine how these things will come to you.

14) After you have achieved your success you must remember to give back to the world. You will find meaning and purpose to your life as you teach and give others the opportunity to achieve their goals. Life is meant to have meaning and purpose and to promote others to grow in this capacity. It will give your life meaning and purpose. Do this in love and compassion and you have fulfilled your destiny. This is easy to do when you realize you are part of the oneness and unconditional love that is God. All your perceived pain and suffering will disappear. You will have a life full of love, joy and happiness.

[In light of these difficult times, I've created a new type of astrology reading to help you discover your Karmic Destiny and achieve Self-Realization. Learn more about this new reading near the bottom of this newsletter.]

Below are some excerpts taken from an inspirational book I recommend for spiritual awareness entitled, "Miracle Power for Infinite Riches." The book's author is Joseph Murphy. You may use this link to access "Miracle Power for Infinite Riches" available from Amazon.com. It is still definitely worth the read!

"The greatest secret is that the Kingdom of God is within Man, which means that infinite intelligence, boundless wisdom, infinite power, infinite love and the answer to every problem under the Sun are locked in his own subconscious mind.

People are looking for the greatest secret in the world everywhere but within themselves. Begin now to tap into these tremendous powers within you, and you will begin to lead a full and happy life based on God.

Poverty is a mental disease; wealth is a state of mind. Your thought and feeling control your destiny.
You are truly rich when you are acquainted with the infinite power within you which is called God. You are truly rich when you know your thought is truly creative, that what you feel you attract and what you imagine you become.

Whatever we focus our attention on, the subconscious magnifies exceedingly. Thought is creative of things.
You must be a good executive when using your mind. Turn your request over to your subconscious with faith and confidence, and you will get the appropriate response. You know when you have really turned it over, because you are at peace.  "I let go and let God take over, bring about the perfect answer."

The law of the subconscious is to increase any idea implanted into it. The experience of the negative thinker will attract more and more loss. You can't think evil and reap good no more than you can think good and reap evil.

True faith is the combined use of your conscious and subconscious mind scientifically directed for a specific purpose.

Resentment and hostility are mental poisons that rob you of vitality, enthusiasm, and energy. Come to a decision forget the past and saturate your mind with Divine Love, peace, and harmony. Realize Divine love dissolves everything unlike itself.

Self-condemnation and self criticism are destructive mental poisons that send psychic puss all over your system, leaving you a psychic and mental mess.

Miracle Power for Infinite Riches available at Amazon.comMiracle Power for Infinite Riches
Miracle Power for Infinite Riches
Decide to engrave the subconscious mind with the idea of wealth. Ideas are conveyed to the subconscious by repetition, faith, and expectancy. God is the source of my supply, and all my needs are met at every moment of time and point in space. God's wealth flows freely, joyously and ceaselessly into my experience and I give thanks for God's riches forever circulating my experience.

Never finish a negative statement about finances. Reverse it immediately in your mind by affirming "God is my instant and everlasting supply, and the bill is paid in divine order." If negative thought comes to you fifty times in one hour, reverse it each time by thinking, God is my instant supply, meeting that need right now.  Your thoughts make you wealthy or poor. Choose the riches of life right here and right now.  Your thoughts are creative. Never talk about lack, limitation, or being poor or unable to make ends meet.  Never engage in thinking of lack limitation, loneliness, and frustration. With God all things are possible. Persevere and you will find that the images will be deposited in the subconscious, which will bring them to pass.

Look to the real source of wealth which is God. The master key to disciplining the mind for money is to come to a clear cut decision once and for all that God is the source for everything you see in the Universe, and that everything that people have made came out of the mind of God. "


Planetary Predictions

I want to start out with a quote from the great guru preceptor Paramahansa Yogananda from the "Autobiography of a Yogi" to set the stage for the astrological predictions for April 2009.

"Occasionally I told astrologers to select my worse periods, according to planetary indications, and I would still accomplish what ever task I set myself. It is true that my success at such times has been preceded by extraordinary difficulties. But my conviction has always been justified: faith in divine protection, and right use of man's God-given will, are forces more formidable than are influences flowing from the heavens." 

March was the beginning of the many changes that are yet to come this year. The good news is, I believe once we make it to May we will experience some peace in this turbulent time. In the months of May, June and July, Jupiter will enter into the sign of Aquarius for a brief time. This will give us a glimmer of hope and sense of peace from all the conflict and fear. These three months will be a brief intermission for the fall will probably be even more difficult.  But we still have the month of April to get through, and it won't be easy! April will be a turbulent month. There are fears of social uprisings and civil wars threatening our world.
USA New Moon April 2009
04/04/2009   Mars will oppose Saturn, and Pluto turns retrograde. This indicates extreme setbacks in our progress as a country. It feels like a repeat of the 1960's. Racial tension and extremism are on the rise, and warfare is a problem on a global level. It will definitely be climatic, with conflict appearing everywhere. This is a very difficult day and caution is necessary on all fronts. As Pluto stations and turns retrograde it is hovering on the Ascendant for the USA chart I have been using. This degree of around 8 degrees of Sagittarius was the degree transiting Mars and Ketu conjoined on September 11th, 2001.

04/06/2009 Mercury enters Aries and Uranus enters Pisces. There will be a considerable shift in awareness worldwide. Mercury will be in Aries till the 23rd of this month promoting progress in business. Yes we can attitudes prevail and kick start all social affairs. Mercury is traveling in top speed forward now and is a great time to proceed with signing contacts and initiating new projects. Uranus will be in Pisces for about the next 7 years. This will open minds to new realities never before considered acceptable. Awareness of life and intelligence on other planets will come into acceptance under this transit through the sign of Pisces. This is the beginning! I believe it is relative to the shift associated with the year 2012.

04/13/2009 Sun enters Aries opening a feeling of new birth and beginnings. The world seems to be going through a transformation. The symbolism of Easter will have a new meaning for our world.

04/14/2009 Mars enters Pisces and conjuncts Uranus 04/15: This is a radical event that shifts the Earthly energy. Uranus rules earthquakes and combined with Mars will cause unexpected events of this nature. Expect the unexpected on this day! Earth changes such as earth quakes, outbreaks of war and attacks, and possible airline fatalities. Mars in combination with Uranus can indicate problems with machinery too. Back up your computer and have your car serviced.

04/17/2009 Venus turns direct 5 degrees Pisces: Venus' sojourn through the sign of Pisces has deepened our relationships. It will remain in Pisces through May. Venus is exalted in this sign and gives more depth and feeling to all our relationships. The house you have Venus in transit will activate your creativity in this area of life. Interest in movies, film and the arts in general are activated and enhanced. For most, issues needed to be healed in their relationships will surface and be addresses in a positive way. You may find an old love contact you, for you to take a closer look at what went wrong.

04/21/2009 Venus conjunct Mars can cause an instant attraction. Passion and love fill the air now.

04/22/2009 Mercury square Jupiter will give you the push needed to initiate action to achieve a goal you have been postponing. You may be hesitant to travel but it would definitely do you some good to have a change of scenery.

04/24/2009 New Moon 11 degrees Aries: This will give the following month of May an entirely different feeling from the difficult start initiated with this year. New beginnings and hope returns to the business world.

04/25/2009 Mercury square Neptune: This aspect can cloud judgment. Hold off a day or two from this day for things may not be as they appear. It is a good time to take off and relax, because today may be counterproductive to getting any real work done.

04/26/2009 Mars square Pluto: This is a difficult day in government affairs. Major disruption and possible explosions disturb the peace. The housing markets come under scrutiny and despair. There still has been no real solution. I expect the bottom in this area will fall out in the fall as Mars goes into Cancer.

04/28/2009 Ketu aspects Mars (9th): This is more of an indication of the government's unsavory handling of the banks and housing markets. It is in part the destruction of the American dream of a home. It is disturbing family life and security.

April is a very difficult time for President Barack Obama. Mars will conjunct Uranus and this will oppose his natal Mars in his 8th house. His public appeal will plummet. This is a very harsh and dangerous aspect. His health may be a serious concern due to all the stress and pressure of this year.  It can be indicative of extreme turbulence in America.

Planetary Aspects

04/03 Venus square Pluto
04/04 Mars oppose Saturn
04/04 Pluto turns retrograde 9 degrees Sagittarius
04/06 Mercury enters Aries
04/06 Uranus enters Pisces
04/09 Full Moon 25 Virgo
04/13 Sun enters Aries
04/14 Mars enters Pisces
04/15 Mars conjunct Uranus
04/17 Venus turns direct 5 degrees Pisces
04/21 Venus conjunct Mars
04/22 Mercury square Jupiter
04/23 Mercury enters Taurus
04/24 New Moon 11 degrees Aries
04/25 Mercury square Neptune
04/26 Mars square Pluto
04/28 Ketu aspects Mars (9th)

Excerpt From My Book "Awaken to the Power Within You"



Through understanding ourselves, we can come to self-realization which is our destiny or eternal quest, meaning through ourselves we will find God. Jesus stated, "The kingdom of God in within you." Have faith that the truth will be revealed to you, giving your life meaning and purpose. All religions state this simple truth, no matter what symbol you pray to, or meditate on to get there, whether it is the saints of Catholicism or the deities of Hinduism. They are symbols that represent an energy we need to give us meaning, focus, and direction. Don't get caught up in the semantics of words or symbols. It is the energy we give to the symbol that is our truth. The truth is all there is, and there is only one essence that gives the feeling of completion and unconditional love. There is no proving this to anyone when you know it and feel it.

There is no proof necessary to the believer, and there is no amount of proof possible for the non-believer. The connection to this Divine force we call God is indescribable. There is no reason to doubt or judge others, because to doubt others is really our own self-doubt. This is the experience we all yearn for, and this is what will heal our lives and the world. This is an inner journey we must all make alone. When we receive this experience, it reflects to others and makes a shift in the entire consciousness in the world. The way you can start to connect with the Divine is to start meditating a little every day. Take time to reconnect with your inner spirit that is connected to the vast spirit of God. You will start to have a sense of the mystical, and you will get a clearer picture of yourself and your purpose. No one can do it for you. You must put in the effort to experience the Divine. The only requirement is faith. This will give peace in a time of chaos.


Personal Predictions

Each month the personal predictions by sign are posted on the Galactic Center website.  Be sure to stop by and read yours and your loved-ones' too.  If you aren't sure what your Vedic astrology sign (ascendant) is, use the online chart calculator to find out.  It's quick and easy and fun!


Karmic Destiny & Self-Realization
A New Vedic Astrology Reading by Joni

Click to schedule a personal astrology reading by Joni.During these difficult times on the planet Joni has devised a special reading for those who feel they cannot experience the break through needed to achieve their goals. The reading is called the Karmic Destiny and Self-Realization.   During a one hour session, Joni will focus on your own personal destiny and what is needed to break through these barriers to find your own personal bliss.  First comes a close look at Rahu and Ketu within your birth chart to discover your karmic destiny; what you came here to learn and grow through. That is followed by a complete analysis of your navamsha chart to reveal the fruits of your life. The navamsha chart is the 9th harmonic of the birth chart and reveals your life's true potential, particularly for your spiritual growth. In India the birth chart is never analyzed without  the reference to the navamsha chart. The birth chart is considered to be the tree and the navamsha is the fruit of the tree. The potential in a chart cannot be predicted without the indications being present in the navamsha chart. The one thing that is required with this reading is an accurate birth time because the navamsha chart is specifically based on time.   

Your reading will be recorded to a CD which will be mailed to you after the consultation, along with the astrology charts Joni uses during your reading.

Schedule and Pay for Your Astrology Reading Online and Save 10%!

Use our online consultations booking calendar to both schedule and pay for your Vedic astrology reading, and save 10% off the regular price. This discount does not apply to appointments made by telephone or using the online consultation request form.

Our FAQ page contains step-by-step notes on how to use the Consultations Booking Calendar.

Visit the Galactic Center Consultations page to read more about each of the different types of readings and also the additional ways a reading may be scheduled.


Learn Vedic Astrology Online

Joni takes you through Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Vedic astrology lessons, and more.  Much of the course material is taken from Joni's book, Eastern Astrology for Western Minds, as well as conference classes Joni has taught.  All the material has been enhanced for the Internet.  

For a limited time, all new website members will receive a complimentary 30 day subscription to the Beginning Vedic Astrology Lessons.  Sign up today and start learning Vedic Astrology!


Enjoy Patry's Bistro in Dallas, Texas, USA

Patry's Bistro
"The Secret's in the Sauce"  
Dinner Presentation:  Monday evening, April 6, 2009 at 6:30 pm

Radio personality, author and intuitive, Dr. Darla Diamond will present "The Secret's in the Sauce." An indepth look at keeping your optimistic perspective in any crisis or situation in order to manifest your world as you need it to be. You will learn to apply the gifts of positive attitude and optimism to achieve your greatest desires.
Dr Darla Diamond, Author - Angel Prophecies, Spirit Speaks, The Secret's in the Sauce. Darla has been an intuitive reader for over 40 years. All her classes, hypnosis and meditation series are on CD. You can find her books, cds and radio times at www.drdarla.com.

To make reservations contact Patry's Bistro: 214-352-2489.
For more information visit the Patry's Bistro website.

Galactic Center Gift Certificate

Give An Astrology Reading as a Gift

A Vedic astrology reading is a personal and unique gift.  Gift certificates for 1 hour consultations are available online.  Simply use this link to access the Consultations Appointment Calendar, then select the "Buy Gift Certificate" link at the top of the page.


Looking for an Informative & Entertaining Speaker?

Joni is available for speaking engagements.   To check her availability and make arrangements, call the Galactic Center at 214 352-2488, or send an e-mail to joni@galacticcenter.org.


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Blessings to all, Joni Patry

Galactic Center Web Site

Visit the Galactic Center  online.  We'll be bringing you  a galaxy of new information and services, so  stop by often.



Source: Galactic Center

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