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Stars for March 
~ How go the planets?
March 2, 2009
Joni Patry


Galactic Center with Joni Patry - News From The Stars

March 2009 News From The Stars

Joni Patry - Certified Vedic Astrologer

Spiritual Insights

Whenever we meet people who agree with us and think like us we feel so understood and happy. I believe we are searching for those connections that make us feel loved and understood. Ultimately we seek complete union in which there is no void or emptiness. Is that at all possible here on earth? We all seek this in relationships but at some point we come to differences and disagreements. The harmony turns to discord. How and why does this happen?

I had a conversation with a friend recently that made me laugh, because I totally understood. She exclaimed "Life is so hard.  Why can't everyone be just like us, and agree with everything we say and think? That's the world I want to live in."

I have come to realize every human being on the planet believes their way of thinking and their beliefs are absolute truth. When others confront us who have a different belief we feel offended. They are wrong and we are right, which becomes an issue of becoming defensive, then we seek others to confirm our justification that we are right and they are wrong. Seeking validation for our beliefs confirms our insecurity of our beliefs and essentially our being, but when we cannot find this validation we are lost and feel the void. We wonder if there is something wrong with us. Are we searching only for someone to agree with us to validate us?

Why does it bother us when others disagree with us? We take it personally, to be an attack on our character. In trying to understand this matter and desiring my own personal growth, I have to share my own little victory. This past week I had a business meeting where things did not go as expected. I was put on the hot seat to present a business proposition when the conversation definitely started going south. I was accused of being angry and righteous in my beliefs. I sincerely had no idea I was projecting this. I immediately became defensive, and then began to justify my response.

When I got home that night I reviewed the situation over and over in my head feeling worse and worse about what went on. I began to think I was a bad person for reacting this way. Then the entire victim scenario began in my mind. I even compared it to past events where my mother used to make the same accusations that were made during the meeting. I then began to think well I don't want to be part of this project (I'll show them)! I will deny myself the entire project because they caused me to feel a certain way. They are the ones with the anger and they are attacking me, therefore I will pull out and forget the entire project. This is the same scenario of the person in my last newsletter who vehemently exclaims "I will never fly Southwest airlines for they are the ones who cause me to always miss the flight". Who am I really hurting with this attitude? I began to think, if I felt this way before then this problem cannot be outside of myself and where ever I go, it will follow. I have the opportunity now to recognize and change the problem.

I finally realized I am attracting this energy, because like attracts like. For when you feel mistreated or victimized fairness cannot find you.  When you feel poor, prosperity cannot find you.  When you feel sick, health cannot find you. Exactly the vibration that you are giving off will be the vibration that resonates to your field of energy and that is exactly what you will get. It can be no other way. This is fact! So we must change that field of energy if we expect our lives to change and we receive what we want.

Then another flaw was yet discovered the next day. Another friend was brought on to the project and my initial response was to warn her of my experience. Then after the meeting still feeling a victim and hurt by the attacks on my character I wanted to call her and unload my victimization, knowing she would understand. When I went to call her I found I left my phone in the meeting room which had her phone number in it. We were to meet back the next morning, so I had to do without my phone that evening. I know everything happens for a reason so I contemplated deeply on why my phone was displaced (I believe spirit had an act in keeping my phone away from me). I came to realize that when I feel victimized I want to complain to friends whom I know will hear me and offer validation to my feelings of being a victim. So I was stuck with only myself to process these negative feelings. Particularly my need to complain about a matter where I feel I have been wronged.

First of all I would not be attracting this situation of being accused of being angry if anger was not part of me. One of the main learning experiences for me was the need to confide in others to feel okay about the flaw I am trying to cover up by validating my feelings of anger and victimization. I then realized it is not about justifying my behavior to others but analyzing it with my source within in me. I have to admit it was hard dealing with it alone, I went through the process of admitting my character flaw and agreed with myself that I must work on myself and change this negative behavior. I did feel resistance the whole time.

If only I could unload these feelings of how I was wronged, I would feel better. Who am I trying to convince in these conversations the person I am speaking to, or myself? So essentially I had a conversation with spirit (God) concerning my behavior. I just couldn't let it go! The realization did not come in an epiphany. I had to argue back and forth with myself, and honestly the realization did not come till the next morning after sleeping on it. But what I realize now is it was the battle with my ego. I had to surrender my justification of my flaw of character to the ego. Yes it was reminiscent of the many issues I had throughout my life but I was willing to confront it and admit I was wrong. It was the resistance to this admitting that I was wrong that got me hung up. So many "yea buts" came across. This took more discipline than a 10 day fast! Now I understand what the 40 days and nights in the dessert was about for Jesus.

But after the wrestling with my ego I found the following day to be a new beginning in my life. The meeting made a turnaround for me and had an entire different feeling and vibration. I connected and felt an affinity to the ones who I perceived as attacking me. It was truly amazing. If I had called my friend I would have felt like a gossip and felt a deep guilt but justified it somehow. I no longer felt the need to tell my friend about the previous day, for it didn't matter. There wasn't an issue or a problem anymore. If I had not solved the problem (which was within me) then the entire process would keep returning in other situations throughout life. I am not claiming to be healed of this character flaw but I do understand and will recognize this behavior and do my best to overcome it.

I can't tell you how much better I felt the next day about myself and life. This was truly a healing for me. I realized there is nothing but the spirit or oneness in all of us and when we go to the source for help, as I did in the loneness of the night, I got the answer. I struggled, and put up a fight, felt completely misunderstood but finally surrendered and changed through this experience. I took what appeared to be a negative experience and chose to see what lesson it was trying to teach me. I found my solution to this problem once I identified what was causing it and to focus my attention to the positive attributes of how I have changed. Now I will attract people and situations that are the vibrational frequency of my awakened essence. I find we must teach what we want to learn. So this is my message. I hope it can awaken a healing in you so you can feel the freedom and happiness I have received for this life experience.

The works of Ester and Jerry Hicks has influenced my life and development considerably lately. I highly recommend all their books and CDs, but the newest book, "Money and the Law of Attraction" has truly shifted my awareness in this new way of thinking. Here is an excerpt that influenced my most recent revelation.

"Often, when experiencing an unwanted situation, you feel a need to explain why it has happened. In an attempt, perhaps, to justify why you are in the situation. Whenever you are defending or justifying or rationalizing or blaming anything or anyone, you remain in a place of negative attraction. Every word you speak as you explain why something is not the way you want it to be continues the negative attraction, for you cannot be focused upon what you do want while you are explaining WHY you are experiencing something that you do not want. You cannot be focused upon what you do want while explaining why you are experiencing something that you do not want.

Often in an effort to determine where your trouble started, you only hold yourself in that negative attraction longer: What is the source of my trouble? What is the reason that I'm not where I want to be? It is natural that you want improvement in your experience, and therefore it is logical that you are solution oriented...but there is a big difference between seriously looking for a solution and justifying the need for a solution by emphasizing the problem.

The realization that something is not as you want it to be is an important first step, but once you have identified that, the faster you are able to turn your attention in the direction of a solution, the better, because a continuing of the problem will prevent you from finding the solution. The problem is a different vibrational frequency than the solution." 


Planetary Predictions

This is the month to expect enormous shifts and changes. It will be a very explosive and difficult time. Mars nears the opposition to Saturn and Mars crosses Neptune approaching Uranus. I have never seen a month with such an array of extreme aspects. The exact opposition of Mars oppose Saturn is April 4th and April 15th Mars will conjunct Uranus. So April will be just as eventful! But this month of March will begin the shake ups that make this year of 2009 transformational.

The New Moon chart for this month is the chart to be used for making world predictions for the entire year of the time frame from March of 2009 to March of 2010. In India a chart is drawn up on the day of the New Moon in Pisces. The longitude and latitude for each country or city to be looked at is used to make predictions for that particular place.

This is an extremely eventful and extreme chart. The world will never be the same after this month. There could be assassination attempts and riots that create a world of social unrest and calamity.

Below are the days of the exact aspects but be aware that usually the energies discussed will occur around these dates not only on the exact dates. The energy is felt a few days before and after.

March 1, 2009 Mercury conjunct Mars in Capricorn will contribute to arguments concerning financial matters. Mars is still in Capricorn, the sign of its exaltation. This means that the initiation of a new project now can have great power and speed once the conflicts are addressed and ironed out.

March 5, 2009 Mercury conjunct Neptune in Aquarius will cause a brief haze of confusion. The important thing to realize is the facts are not seen yet, and decisions cannot be made right now. Abrupt changes will soon occur that will change the realization of the outcome in any matter.

March 6, 2009 Venus turns retrograde 21 degrees Pisces. This will highlight any planet that is at this degree mark in your chart for prosperity, and new developments will transpire concerning relationships either for business or love. As Venus is retrograde till the end of May it will be extremely bright in the night's sky. Venus is the planet for creativity, love and prosperity. Look for creative music, films and art to top the news. Sometimes it can indicate a return of an old love or healing of current relationship issues. But the most pertinent issue I believe for Venus now is the prospect of peace on our planet. When Venus turns retrograde it is time to make plans for peace. I have done some research on the planet Venus and the time tables involved in creating peace on our planet. It involves Retrograde Venus and aspects of transiting Saturn. The degree that Venus stations and turns either retrograde or direct are important markers. When Saturn aspects this degree it stabilizes the effects of peace. The end of this year Saturn will change into Virgo where it will oppose the sign Pisces, where Venus stationed this year. I am including a link to a protion of a chapter in my book, Eastern Astrology for Western Minds, that covers Venus's Cycle of Transformation.

March 7, 2009 Mars enters Aquarius where it will near Uranus. This will cause disruptive weather and airline problems and possible crashes, for Aquarius is an air sign. Mars/Uranus causes problems with machinery and possible earth quakes and volcanic eruptions.

March 8, 2009 Mars conjunct Neptune and Sun opposed Saturn will uncover the deception and fraud within our society and government. Spiritual groups or mystical cults will be exposed as to their extortion and manipulation of their participants. Be careful of any rising new Jonestowns. Don't drink the Kool-Aid!

March 10, 2009 This Full Moon at 25 degrees Leo is very close to Saturn indicating an awakening to what is happening in our world. This is a wake-up call.

March 12, 2009 Sun conjunct Uranus will cause some unexpected events concerning leaders, there will be a big shift in the powers that rule. The Sun represents the heads of countries and Presidents. There may be sudden attacks and disruption that causes rioting and social up rising. There will be talks of big buy outs and bankrupt companies.

March 18, 2009 Mercury opposes Saturn close to Uranus causing delays and upsets. The stock market continues to plummet and scare the world as to our future of mass destruction. There cannot be a compromise for the government and the people oppose any decisions wanting to be implemented. Arguments and fighting are prevalent. The world is in a crisis.

March 23, 2009 Jupiter quincunx (6/8) Saturn causes irritation to any progress made with the economy. It seems there cannot be a solution with all the losses in almost every area of our economy, banks, real estate, and the stock market. Remember the solution cannot be found when attention is only on the problems. Also around this time the Sun squares Pluto and Mars will be quincunx Ketu this will give a glimpse into the future of the problems to come concerning a collapse of the world economy. This will cause blow-ups and shock waves throughout our nation. The financial markets and the societal attitudes are at their worst in history. Now is the time that we are at the brink of disaster. Do we want to change or not?! We are expecting the world to change for us without us changing. It is time now to take back our own power. This is a social revolution that will herald in the changes that are necessary for this world.

The political, economic and social breakdowns are all because we are not being responsible for our own lives. When we redirect the blame of our thoughts and beliefs and quit projecting our fears and angers outside of ourselves, then we can become a nation and world of responsible awakened people. What seems to be destruction is actually an ending of an old era that is creating a new world. Nobody changes unless they have to, and now we all have to change. There has never been this much opportunity for growth as we have on the planet now.

As a last note: I just saw the movie again "Starman". It was always a favorite of mine. A special note that the Starman from another planet observed was; we are a very interesting species, intelligent but savage but the best feature we have is we are at our best when things get extremely difficult. I thought this was relative for the here and now on our planet.

Astrological Analysis of the Pisces New Moon Chart
The Pisces New Moon chart is looked to for the future of this entire year. The ascendant sign is calculated by the longitude and latitude of the country to be analyzed. This chart is erected for the place of Washington DC (Eastern daylight time) to give the predictions for this year.
USA New Moon March 2009
The new Moon occurs in the 10th house indicating the new government regime that is in office for this year. This new moon is very close to Venus exalted in Pisces giving way to a trend towards peace and healing. Mercury is the ruler of the chart because the ascendant is Gemini and Mercury rules Gemini. Mercury is debilitated in the 10th house meaning there is a significant problem to overcome. Glancing at the navamsha chart Mercury does go to its exaltation sign which means the problem will be overcome eventually.

The ruler of the 10th house which indicates the government of this chart is Jupiter because Jupiter is the ruler of Pisces (Vedic astrology uses the old rulerships). Jupiter is in Capricorn debilitated with Rahu in the 8th house. This can indicate extreme obstacles for our government to overcome the financial crisis of this year.

With Ketu in the 2nd house I do not expect the economy to make any come back within this year. Since Ketu is in Cancer I see this affecting the housing markets in the worse way.

Mars with Uranus in the 9th house opposing Saturn will affect the travel industry negatively. This can also be indicative of airline failures and crashes.

The most significant planet in this chart is Saturn, particularly because it is isolated away from all the other planets. This makes it the focal point of this chart. It is in the 3rd house indicating an emphasis on learning, education, communications and travel. With Jupiter in Capricorn and the Sun/Moon, Mercury, and Venus all in Pisces is forming a Yod, for all these planets are in quincunx to Saturn. Mars is the planet that is at the apex of the quincunx. It is opposed the focal point, Saturn. The Yod in astrology is named the "Finger of God". This says it all! It will seem like a time of fate and destiny for our nation. Because there is so much social destruction the Divine must intervene and create the radical changes that will put our world on a different course. This is truly a unique pattern. It means there will be a life changing event that will change the destiny of our nation.
US Navamsha Chart March 2009
The navamsha chart is the 9th division of the chart and gives the result or the fruit of the main chart. In the navamsha chart Saturn is in Libra, (its sign of exaltation), with the debilitated Sun in the 9th house indicates overcoming a weakness of leadership that leads to a powerful spiritual direction that will shift consciousness and the awareness of our country. We must understand that everything happens for a reason and indicates a powerful experience that can lead us closer to our eternal quest, self realization. So this is all well and good for the evolvement of our country.


Planetary Aspects

03/01 Mercury conjunct Mars
03/04 Mercury enters Aquarius
03/05 Mercury conjunct Neptune
03/06 Venus turns retrograde 21 degrees Pisces
03/07 Mars enters Aquarius
03/08 Mars conjunct Neptune
03/08 Sun oppose Saturn
03/10 Full Moon 25 degrees Leo
03/12 Sun conjunct Uranus
03/14 Sun enters Pisces
03/18 Mercury oppose Saturn
03/22 Mercury conjunct Uranus
03/22 Mercury enters Pisces
02/23 Jupiter quincunx Saturn
03/23 Sun square Pluto
03/25 Mars quincunx Ketu
03/26 New Moon 12 degrees Pisces
03/26 Ketu aspect Venus (9th)
03/27 Mercury square Pluto
03/27 Venus conjunct Sun (Venus combust)
03/28 Ketu aspect Sun (9th)
03/28 Mercury conjunct Venus
03/30 Mercury conjunct Sun (Mercury combust)


Excerpt From My Book "Awaken to the Power Within You"


standing on a rock in a still lake

Religion wasn't meant to separate; it was meant to unite, but somehow it has become one of the most powerful forms of separation due to individuals wanting to believe they are separate because their beliefs are superior to others. This is ego-based. The ego is what gives us a sense of separation from others. When we come to realize that humanity will never evolve and grow to a higher level until every single human being evolves is when we will realize we aren't separate. You cannot work on your own enlightenment without considering you are part of the whole, and until every human we are connected to evolves, we won't find total enlightenment, because there is still that missing soul that completes humanity. We are one, and when we do evolve individually, we affect the whole and uplift the collective mass. So, when I ask why the world is such a difficult place, I remind myself we are only trying to find our sense of belonging, validation, and connection to others, to feel our natural sense of Unity.

Personal Predictions

Each month the personal predictions by sign are posted on the Galactic Center website.  Be sure to stop by and read yours and your loved-ones' too.  If you aren't sure what your Vedic astrology sign (ascendant) is, use the online chart calculator to find out.  It's quick and easy and fun!


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Enjoy Patry's Bistro in Dallas, Texas, USA

Patry's Bistro
"A Shaman's Approach to Spring, The Healer Within"  

Dinner Presentation:  Monday evening, March 16th 6:30 pm

Featuring:  Shaman and healer Charles Crooks will present "A Shaman's Approach to Spring, The Healer Within."  You will learn about your connections to the world, the cycles of balance within,  and experiment with several healing techniques that you can apply at any time.

Charles Crooks is the author of  Taking Flight, The Shamanic Process.  He has been a healer and reader since 1974, and a Shaman since 1994. Charles has provided weekly classes in the DFW area since 1997.  http://healerofheartsandminds.com

To make reservations contact Patry's Bistro: 214-352-2489.
For more information about this special night, visit the Patry's Bistro website.

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