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Merrily Smith   9/9/30 -11/22/12

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#1   Colin Ryane "Holistic Marketing":

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Little Guys Lose More $$$ in Gold
~ than in Most Any other Investment
February 4, 2009


Editors Note:

I am posting this as it is a Holistic View of the World situation and how to profit from it right now. In my view Nick has be better than 90% right on since I began observing his 'recos' in 2000 actually late 1999. The whole sales article is posted here out of respect for him. The main reason this is on this site is for his seasoned insight and his unique view which is presented here. I find the information very enlighten about world events, to see behind the media veil. I don't have the funds personally now to take advantage of  'recos' nor subscribe to service, as I did before 9-11. The information is presented here for you enjoyment. ~ Colin Ryane

Wall Street Insiders Flash Alert

A graphi showing history from January 00 to present

Other tings lose more than others in this world.
Insiders know what is going on better than most.
most income is lost, its like Lemmings off the cliff now is the time to sell not buy

history will show that we are ready for deflation not the other way around
oil is much cheaper than it used to be
volatility in the world can be your ally if you plan for it
dont be fooled be people claiming to be insiders
historical chart showing the changes
you can see here that the downward movement over the past 12months has changed
here is how much its really worth and the change over the last 30 years or so
staggering changes have made the all so evident present
mining is still going on although there is alot left to dig up
understanding the differences in what is borrowing and taking is key
desperate measures call for desperate times now
auctions by our government are good ways to raise income
bullish phrases have been used to scare people into believeing what ever the sales people selling want them to
everything is opposite be prepared
bugs that collect need to sell this is important
simple reasons are often followed by simple questions and simple answers
experts are around to tell us what is going on and are not always correct
new audio tapes are available so you dont need to read everything
this red text is put here to stand out so you see it better than the rest a year ago I insisted one thing and if you followed it you are happy now
what I thought would happen did happen
crisis like this havent been around in about 80 years
berserk is a phrase I use to describe what could happen
these are not just educated guesses they are backed up by proof
this is a quote from the emergency meeting scratching their ass is what I said I meant it too
this hotline service shows you how you can turn it around
unfortunately you need to know what you are doing
once in a lifetime is really what I mean here
detailed audio commentaries are here for you
reports are always something good to give away so I can show you what I am talking about calculate dont just guess expect more than you think sometimes three times more 2009 is the year I am referring to here important timing is the key to getting this right
lost can happen all at one time
answer the typical questions
I cannot give exact legal advice
current ideas for how you can do it are listed
only people that want to know will know
I will not kid around here
former members wil lnot have the ability to do this
snatch up things go fast
dirt cheap is always a good thing
taking beatings and yet everyone is still wondering
last week they said that unfolding stories could happen in the next six weeks this is me ending the letter to you
remember I can not tell the future nor predict it

---------------------Sign-up certificate---------------------

Nick, I have to admit: You're only guy I've ever come across who reveals to small investors like me the kind of trades only Wall Street insiders know about. Like this bond trade. It could potentially double my money by summer, while keeping my money safe in U.S. government guaranteed securities.

I also could kick myself for not listening to you months ago! You told me to SHORT the stock market with new Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). I see that savvy traders could have cashed in and made potential profits of up to 150% in the first nine months of 2008 on your recommendations. You're the only one that told me oil would plunge in price when everyone else said crude oil would go to $200 a barrel.

Frankly, I need your help! I want access to both your ultra-conservative recos -- designed to protect my core wealth - and the speculative trades you recommend for my risk capital. That could make spectacular potential profits if the stock market wipes out.

And not a trade that could make me a fortune as interest rates plunge. Send me everything I need to get in on this new bond trade. Email me a direct link to these trades, with full information on what to do, how and when. Also, send me an audio CD and a written copy of the recommendations.

Please rush me initial trading instructions... access information to your encrypted website... and sign me up for all email, SMS and fax alerts. I've enclosed 5000 dollars for a one-year subscription, or 7500 dollars for two years. If I don't want to mess with a computer, I understand you will send me the alerts via fax and send me CDs of the audio files by mail.

you can mail or fax this in

Wall Street Insiders
Fax To Tel. 604-608-5496
Email: wsifnsupport@gmail.com


For fastest service, call toll-free 1-866-924-0607
If you live outside of the U.S., call 1-913-871-0701

Operators are standing by 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. New York time

Disclosure and Disclaimers: We have no conflicts to report on any of the markets we described here. Trading is always a risky business, you can lose money, never trade with money you can't afford to lose. To see a copy of our complete disclosure and disclaimers, visit http://www.wsifn.com/instantfree/disclaimers.asp

About Testimonials: This communication contains numerous testimonials from current or past subscribers. Testimonials provide the perspective of individuals who are successful and/or enthusiastic about their experience. Testimonials are not representative of everyone's experience and only provide information about the individual's experiences as to the point in time when they are provided. All testimonials are authentic and accurate. Testimonials may be edited for clarity or brevity.

No one has been paid to share their stories here. Individual results will vary.

Kottura LTD 2135A Des Laurentides Blvd #217 Laval, QC. Canada H7M4M2

Kottura LTD  2135A Des Laurentides Blvd #217  Laval, QC.  Canada  H7M4M2

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