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Wall Street Insiders Alert
~ “Banks bankrupting global economy
'Why all your money in any form of a bank is at risk'
'2 things you can do without reading my full recommendations:'
January 22, 2009
Nick Guarino

Nick Guarino began as a dishwasher. He was responsible for breaking the Monica Lewinski story, he told his readers when Gold was $260 / ounce that it would go to $1000 and oil at $18 it would go to $100 - I got to watch this all happen - but I could afford to take advantage of the moves. You can do what he says here - or you can more - or nothing - this is your choice.  I see this as Holistic Investing because it takes into account what is going on behind the scenes and not what the Rich and the Politicians want us to believe.  I leave it to you to judge your path on this matter. May this shed some light in a very scary and dark area for many right now.  ~ Colin

Dear Colin,

Government made the mistake of the century.  It bought into the bankers' line of crap, that their banks are too big to allow to fail.  

Banks would have us believe their failure will destroy the economy.  The exact opposite is true.  Their continued subsidy -- by U.S. taxpayers -- will eventually bankrupt America.

"We are too big to be allowed to fail."  

This lie, out of the pits of hell, is costing America everything.  Because of it, governments around the world -- especially the US and UK central banks -- are literally bankrupting their countries.  

And for what?  To try and save dead-broke, lying, scumbag banks.  Banks that in reality are too broke and too big to bail out.  

This is Mission Impossible, Wall Street style.  It's doomed to fail.  Bankers created hundreds of trillions of dollars in worthless derivatives.  These derivatives have turned into Frankenstein monsters.  They are bankrupting the planet.

For years, we told you that derivatives allowed banks to book profits they did not have.  They let them hide massive losses.

We also warned you that banks still hold these massive derivative loans off their books.  Often they keep the derivatives offshore entities so they don't have to disclose them on their balance sheets.  That makes it impossible to know just how much they are losing -- until the lights get turned off due to non-payment.

Well, guess what?  It's lights out for the world's biggest banks.  They need hundreds of billions of dollars of cash infusions each quarter.  Otherwise, they will shut their doors forever.  Depositors will see the biggest losses ever.  FDIC insurance is worthless: they don't have the money to cover even a small fraction of the losses.  So they will freeze your account, and severely limit withdrawals for years, as they nationalize these banks.

The time will come when everyone figures out the truth: that these banks are broke.  The money isn’t there.  All they have are bank statements that are complete fabrications.  

Unfortunately, by the time the public realizes this, most governments and people will be stone cold broke, too.  

The derivative market created $800 trillion in debt.  Some of that money was spent on overpriced houses. It created the record breaking real estate bubble. Houses as the bubble breaks that are now worth less than half their purchase price and still dropping in value.  That means that money loaned is now gone forever.  It will never be paid back.

$800 trillion is 15 times the total GDP of all nations on earth, combined.  Think about that.  15 years of all work, goods and services -- for the entire planet -- lost in over-leveraged, worthless debt.  

Yet the banks still claim these worthless loans as "assets" on their books!  Unbelievable.  Forget Bernie Madoff's scam.  His $50 billion Ponzi scheme is penny ante stuff.  Look at the $800 TRILLION con, by the world's biggest banks, perpetrated on the world’s masses.  Now that's a Ponzi scheme!

So far, $400 trillion dollars of the derivatives debt have wiped out.  The rest of this debt from hell ain't far behind.  

Every day more and more CDO's (collateralized debt obligations) go broke.  Hundreds of thousands more homes go into foreclosure.  Thousands of companies go out of business.  Millions of people watch as their savings and brokerage accounts shrink smaller and smaller. And the economy is shutting down before our very eyes because dead broke people don't buy much.

Look, this isn’t rocket science.  The banks leveraged themselves 100 to 1.  Often more.  They loaned hundreds of trillions on home mortgages, commercial real estate, automobile loans, credit card debt and hedge fund speculation.  That debt is going bad all around the globe.  

Every bankruptcy means the loans that supplied financing have been defaulted on.  Same with every home foreclosure, every mall business that closes, every hedge fund that shuts down.  The money is gone.  No one has close to the cash needed to cover the losses.  

Don't forget, all those loans were heavily leveraged.  Wall Street sold them to banks, mutual funds, retirement funds, money market accounts, insurance policies and annuities.  These bad loans are everywhere.  But most people don't know that the money managers and funds they trusted with their wealth are drowning in them.  Their money -- often their life savings -- are gone.  

I told you that so far the banks and people who bought these loans have lost over $400 trillion.  If government wants to save them, it's real simple.  Write a check for $400 trillion.  

Just one problem.  All the governments in the world, if they pool all their resources, can only cover a tiny fraction of the losses.

Say they come up with $4 trillion... or $10 trillion... or by some miracle a $50 trillion bailout package.  That still is not enough to save them.  Not even close.  The bail out our little more than a publicity stunt.  A sick joke.  

And if they don't come up with $400 trillion (soon to be nearly $800 trillion), somebody has to go broke.

In this case, a whole lot of somebodies are going broke, all at once.  This has a name.  It's called a Depression.  

You can put on a happy face.  You can make speeches about hope and unity and coming together.  You can sing inspirational songs till you are blue in the face.  But none of that will change a damn thing.

The losses are simply too big.  The bankers leveraged every dime of people's savings.  They put it all on a roulette table in the world’s biggest casino.  And they lost.   Now no amount of money on earth can cover the losses.  This runaway debt will wipe out anyone who touches it.

Please take heed.  If your money is invested anywhere but in your mattress and the few investments we show you its invested in this toxic debt -- and I assure you they  -- you will be wiped out.  Just like Madoff's suckers were.  

All money is at risk of a wipe out that's money in your money market fund.  Your 401(k) retirement account and IRA.  Your S&L.  Your stock market mutual funds.  

The bailouts cannot and will not save you.  And don't look to the so-called government "guarantees".  They can't be honored: there simply is not enough freaking money.  

Government FDIC insurance is like a shiny red fire hydrant, that has NO water plumbed into it.  It looks good.  But when the fire starts, it is worthless.  And like Madoff's victims, you are broke, even if you don't know it yet.

Governments are desperate.  As you can see, no one knows what to do.  They are scratching their asses, trying to figure out how to get out of this derivatives debt crisis.  They are spending trillions, to try and save the dead-broke banks.  To save their dead-broke economies, that are collapsing under so much worthless debt.  

The day of reckoning is here.  People are lining up, demanding their money.  More and more of these loans go bad every day.  That’s why the banks keep going to the government, begging for billions more.  

Citigroup has gone back to government again, for another $30 billion cash and $100 billion in government guarantees.  So has Bank of America.  They will keep coming back, over and over again.  This sick joke will end when government finally runs out of bail out money.  

There is a solution to all this, though.  Forget the endless bailouts.  They will not work anyway.  Instead, let them go broke.  That is how our economic system works.  

Don't try to save the dead-broke banks.  You can't.  You can't save the car companies.  You can't save the people who keep their money in the banks...or in the funds that are choking on this worthless debt.  You can't save the money market funds, or the retirement accounts.  The money is gone.  It’s already been lost.

Get rid of the rotten dead-wood.  Let our resources go to strong, healthy companies.  This is the self-regulating mechanism that keeps capitalism alive and well.  Capitalism without bankruptcy is like religion without hell.  Let the dead broke banks go broke.  Before they bankrupt every business and government in the world.

But unfortunately for most everyone you know, governments are not willing to do this.  They won’t let their banker buddies go bust.  This is especially true of the U.S. government, with its new "bail everyone out" president.  

In fact, the U.S. is making all the wrong moves.  It is repeating the fatal mistakes FDR made in the 1930's.    Results will be the same.  A 10- to 15-year long depression, where government takes over the economy, and virtually everyone's standard of living gets cut by two thirds or more.  

How you can survive and prosper
in the Depression

Your personal solution is very simple.  If you want to go broke with all your friends and neighbors, simply do nothing.    

Keep your money in the banks.  Keep your assets in money market accounts...in crashing stock markets...in houses and real estate that collapse further in value by the week...in retirement accounts that must soon declare bankruptcy.


...or you can decide you don't want to get wiped out.  You do what the survivors of the 1930s did:  get the hell out of all these sick "investments" while you still can.  You can take the steps I am outlining in our 5-part Current Recommendation series to preserve your wealth and take advantage of the extraordinary opportunities these treacherous times present.

It's amazing how simple decisions are when you admit the truth.  Just a year ago, the public thought we had a small credit crisis.  Everyone (except us) thought a nice government bailout would quickly solve the problem.  

We told you the Wall Street experts were dead wrong.  We said the world was facing a global banking crisis of historic proportions.  One that would end in financial collapse and depression.  In fact, we named the major banks and businesses that would fail.  We gave you many very successful strategies.

Now people realize there's a big problem.  Few know what to do.  But never fear, Big Brother and Obama have come to the rescue.  Mass delusion.

My friends, this means we must gear up again.  We must protect ourselves from the latest social engineering experiment.  We must take advantage of the opportunities their misguided efforts will present.

Do you really want to rely on government for your future?  I guess if you are deep in debt...if your mortgage is under water...if you lost half your investments in the stock market, all your cash is gone, and you are going bankrupt... all you have to hang onto is hope.  By all means, pray for a miracle.    

But hopefully you listened to me these past years.  You sold your real estate and got out of the stock market.  You got mostly or entirely out of debt.  You have a stash of cash in dollars and Euros in your lumpy mattress.  You bought zero coupon bonds and the Treasuries I recommended.  

In that case, you are in a very enviable position.  You’ve seen your wealth potentially double, even triple as everyone you know lost everything.  

You are way ahead of the teeming masses.  They must pin all their hopes, all their future, on Obama and his plans to nationalize the U.S. economy.  

It would be a huge mistake to throw your lead away,  believing in fairy tales.  So here is what you must do, if you have not done so already.  

What You Can do:

1.  First and foremost, sell all your remaining real estate.  Even if you think the market is depressed.  Please believe me, you ain't seen depressed yet.  The biggest wipeout in real estate values is still to come.  Get out now.  Otherwise, you will lose every dime you have sunk into any and all real estate you hold.      

(Possible exception, though still not recommended: you already own your home free and clear.  You don't care about market values.  You are self-sufficient, with your own water supply, generator, solar panels and wood-burning stove.  You have tons of cash on hand in your lumpy mattress.  You are located far away from the masses, who will soon be broke and starving.  In other words, if you have a place far off the beaten track, that carries no debt, and where you can hole up in a crisis.)  

Instead of owning your house...RENT!  Don't wait.  Do it now.  In a few years, I will dramatically change this recommendation.  When there is blood in the streets (maybe literally!), we will scoop up bargain real estate for a few pennies on the dollar.  But now is not that time.  

2.  Raise even more cash!  Cash is king.  I mean real, hard cash.  You should stockpile a mountain of cash -- real money -- in your lumpy mattress.  Both Euros and dollars.  This is my most important suggestion to you.

(Note: I just posted a Current Recommendation Part II on the Insiders website.  This reco gives you a very interesting Euro trade that is opening up.  Also a currency that is sure to crash in value, that you can take advantage of.)

Of all the recommendations I have ever given you, the Big Kahuna is to stuff your mattress with cash.  Believe it or not, this reco could make a boatload of money for you.  

Yes, I know that is a hard pill to swallow.  Let me explain.  We are in a full-blown depression.  Every institution in the world is at risk.  There is no way to know which are the good ones, and which will get the ax to the back of their heads.  In fact, many bad institutions will drag down the good ones with them.

So don't risk it.  Cash in the mattress is the safest bet you can make.  It could also turn into one of the most profitable.  

Remember, you aren't giving up yield.  You are just collecting interest payments in a way you never have before.  It's a depression.  As you are seeing, prices are falling.  That means one thousand dollars put away today could buy ten thousand dollars worth of quality assets in the future.  

In a few years, a thousand dollars may be worth what five or ten thousand dollars are now.  By 2014, quite possibly $1000 will buy what $100,000 buys today.  You will be able to buy cars and homes and steak dinners, for a fraction of the price you pay today.  

Another key point.  If you keep your money in banks, you run the strong risk of losing it all.  Banks turn your money into debt.  That's how they profit.  But we are in a global wipeout.  Debt obligations are becoming worthless because you will never get paid.  So even if your bank promises you a 5% return, that does you no good when they wipe out, and you lose all your money.

To be clear, my most important recommendation is that you empty your bank accounts.  Same with ALL your money market and stock funds.  Stuff your mattress with dollars and Euros.  (As you will see in my new Insiders tape, the timing for Euros could soon be especially good.)  And don't forget U.S. T-bills, T-bonds and Strips.

Current Recommendation Part II is now up on the Insiders website.  It gives you my critical strategy for your conservative holdings.  That is money you can't afford to lose.  It should make up 90% of your wealth.

I tell you how to make sure you hold on to your wealth in the Depression and Obama years.  No small feat with the coming challenges.  I also tell you how to invest some of it, in what I believe are bullet-proof investments.  

Finally, I show you how very little money could turn into a fortune.  You could easily grow your wealth by 10,000% or more over the next several years.  Yes, I know that sounds incredible.  But again, we are in a depression.  You have never experienced this before.  Neither has anyone else.  The rules have changed.  Almost no one understands this critical fact.  

I want you to think about this.  Never have so many people lost so much wealth in so short a time.  Never have so many people been surprised and fooled.

If you held onto your real estate, you have already lost hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Perhaps millions.  Same with stocks.  Shit, they weren't supposed to do that!

The majority of people you know are a whole lot poorer today than they were even six months ago.  But here is the punch line:

Many believe the worst is over.  All those government promises, of endless bailouts, have fooled them.  

I swear to you, these bailouts will NOT work.  In my opinion, they will make things far worse.  They will bankrupt the country.  I am convinced the worst is yet to come.  

I am proud to say that if you followed our conservative recommendations you should not have lost a dime.  In fact, you could have made a small fortune.  I have to admit, I am taken aback when the 'experts' tell the people that no one saw the wipeout coming.  Well, I saw it coming!  I sounded the warning for you.  Long, loud and clear.  

They say no one made any money last year.  Bull.  You and I both know my reco's made money.  Quite a handsome sum, to boot.  

Please go to the Insiders website, for important observations and money-making recommendations for your conservative holdings. Current Recommendation part II has now been posted.

Happy trading!

Best wishes,

Nick Guarino, Dw. X

Dish Washer Extraordinaire

P.S.  If someone you or someone you care about needs to protect their wealth or needs to make some fast money, send them to the link below.  I honestly believe it’s the best gift you could give them.  It could save their and for that matter you financial future, even your very life.

Click here to see Nick's special report titled "World's Banks Going Bust!"


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