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Merrily Smith   9/9/30 -11/22/12

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Flash email

U.S. economy 6 months away
from its biggest wipeout ever

In six months, ten trillion dollars in debt comes due. Real estate debt. Commercial debt. European government debt. The money does not exist to pay it back. We shot our wad in the last bailouts. There is no money left.

This debt was used to prop up bubble markets the world over. It helped keep the global financial system afloat – temporarily. In six months, that debt officially goes bad, and no one can stop what happens next. That's when the whole house of cards comes tumbling down.

Stocks, gold, oil and commodities are about to crash. Like never before. The next six months could make you wealthier than you ever imagined. Or they could make your life a living hell, as you are reduced to among the poorest people on the planet.

The worst mistake you could ever make make is being fooled into believing the depression is over. The truth is things get worse by the day. The biggest financial wipeout ever is just around the corner.

Hundreds of millions of desperate people are buying the recovery b.s., hook, line and sinker. “The recession (depression) is over,” they are told. “Inflation is taking the place of deflation.”


That simple mistake will wipe out the world's masses. It will throw more people into poverty than the Great Depression, World War II and the US Civil War combined.

The most important thing I can do for you is make sure you don't get taken in by this great lie straight out of the pits of hell. It will steal your wealth and literally make you a slave.


Everything depends on you getting this right. Why do you think the world's biggest financial institutions have wiped out -- and those not officially closed are walking dead men?

Why is real estate still crashing in value the world over?

Why will most people get a bologna sandwich and a bowl of gruel at the soup kitchen, instead of their retirement check or access to their savings?

The answer is the depression. It is wiping out every financial institution the world over. The 21st century Great Depression is far from over. The next phase is just getting started. It will be worse than ever.

We are six months away from the biggest financial wipeout in history. That is because in six months, trillions of dollars in debt comes due, that can't be paid.

Commercial debt. Real estate debt. Foreign government debt. The money does not exist to cover it. Accounting tricks can't hide the losses any longer.

This debt was used to prop up key markets. It created the latest bubbles in gold. In stocks and oil. It drove up commodities markets, way beyond their fundamentals.

In six months the false stimulus ends. Gone forever. And that is when the next round of liquidations starts en masse.

Remember, this debt is propping up the world's major assets. Everything from stocks to real estate to crude oil. They will be unloaded in emergency fire sales.

Not at the imaginary values the banks carry on their books. They will be sold at their real value. Five cents on the dollar.

The Dow will fall 2000 points to start. Over the following months and years it will collapse to 1000. That is not a typo.

Gold will go to under $200. Million dollar homes will sell for $50,000 cash. If they sell at all. Many will simply get bulldozed into the ground, after the taxman and the mobs are done with them.

You have six months at most to protect yourself. Six months to position yourself for financial Armageddon.

Then it will be either your biggest payday ever, or your biggest wipeout. Millionaires mile or skid row. You have the power in your hands to choose.

Within months after the November elections,
all hell will break loose

Our politicians are trying to spin “recovery.” Before the elections, when it was clear the Democrats would take an ass kicking, the economy was on hold. Nobody wanted to commit political suicide, by stirring up the voters.

The Federal Reserve was treading water. Bankers were told to stop calling bad loans.

Huge numbers of foreclosures were put on hold. GMAC, e.g., stopped foreclosures altogether. So did JP Morgan Chase and even Bank America for awhile. They still are desperately trying to take the pressure off the banks.

Within months after the elections, the kid gloves will come off. Most people will learn firsthand the meaning of government oppression. They will find out what a real live police state is all about. They will finally see what it means to be a debt slave, impoverished by the money they owe.

All this comes at an enormous price. It makes the coming wipeouts even worse. You have a very rare window of opportunity now, to position yourself for the huge crashes that are coming.

The masses do not understand this key fact: the global economy has taken another serious, abrupt downturn. The next round of failures, in the ongoing depression, are just around the corner. They will be bigger than ever.

Quietly, the cost of government borrowing in Europe is skyrocketing. To raise money, most European nations are now forced to pay huge premiums, above and beyond top-rated market interest rates. For example, the rate on U.S. and German government debt is around 2.5%. Most Euro nations must pay 6%, 8% and higher. Otherwise they get zero money.

These nations already can't pay their debts. That is what the sovereign debt crisis is all about. (I warned you about this back in March of this year.) The vastly higher interest rates make those debts far bigger. In fact, they are impossible to pay.

Take Portugal. Its borrowing costs are the highest ever. The Portuguese government must pay a premium of 3 percentage points to sell its debt.

It's worse in Greece. Greece is now paying an incredible 5 percentage points above face value.

Similar in Ireland. They raised a few billion dollars recently -– but only by paying nearly 11% interest! An unmitigated disaster.

All this means one thing. These European countries will be the first of many to default. U.S. government debt is the best debt in the world to hold.

The U.S. Federal Reserve joined the party, too, though in a different way. They let the world know they will try to stimulate even more, by using Quantum Easing.

Quantum Easing is where they directly buy trillions of dollars of U.S. government debt. That lowers the interest rate on long-term U.S. government debt. It could potentially make you an unbelievable killing.

I have been begging you for 2+ years to buy very special U.S. government debt instruments. Especially the zero coupons. They let you leverage your gains, as interest rates fall. If you did so, you are smiling. These investments have doubled in value and more. And they are so safe, the U.S. government guarantees them.

Falling interest rates on U.S. government debt... plus the fact that money supply is plunging... give even more iron-clad proof that we are not in an inflation. They show again that we are in a deflation. A depressionary black hole.

If you are confused by all this, don't worry. The Big Boys planned it that way. They don't want you to understand their plans to steal everything you own -- by telling you it's a inflation, when the truth is we are in a massive deflation.

Sad to say, they are doing a damn good job of that. U.S. household net worth is plunging. Officially down over 20% the past two years. The real number is far worse: the value of people's biggest asset, their house, has plunged far more than government figures show.

We are light years away from inflation

You will be a victim of these wipeouts, if you don't understand this key fact: for 30 years everyone has been screaming inflation.

For 30 years they have told you the immense, growing U.S. debt will cause hyper-inflation. They say the only way government can deal with the massive deficits is by printing massive amounts of money. What a load of crap.

In 30 years we have gone through an incredible transition. From a massively inflating economy... to a massive deflationary economy.

That is the single most important economic fact of our time. Yet the media keep spoon feeding the masses the “inflation is coming” hooplah. The only things coming are more deflation, a bigger depression and even worse economic wipeouts.

I've told you this many times before. It is vital that you wrap your head around it. From one end of the globe to another, people are earning less. Saving less. Spending less. They have less than ever before.

Your house is worth less. Your job probably pays less. Your pension is likely falling in value.

Government services will be a sick joke. Profits in your business are less. Less is the order of day.

Look at the graph below. You can see that money supply is in a death plunge to the ground. Down 10% in the last year. (The blue curve on the graph shows you the percentage change.) This is why the recent gold “rally” is such a great opportunity for us.

Why we have DEFLATION: M3 money supply is donn 10% the last year

Now look at the table of gold supply and demand figures on the next page. It shows the ugly truth for gold bugs. Gold supply greatly exceeds gold demand. By over 25%.

Yes, investor demand went up a bit. But that was more than offset by plunging jewelry demand and rising supplies. As the table shows you, the bubble gold market is in huge over-supply.

Of course, Wall Street and World Gold Council do not want you to know that. They used to tell you that the newly-rich masses of India and China would scoop up all the gold in the world. They have stopped spinning that b.s. The table shows you why.

We've had the greatest debt orgy in history. The biggest wipeout the world has ever seen. Gold keeps getting hyped to the moon.

Gold Supply & Demand 2010 (Metric Tonnes)


Yet gold is only up $100 from its mid-June high. Not something to give you a lot of confidence. Four months of the biggest hype imaginable, and gold only gains 8%.

In fact, over the past year and a half, gold is only up $130. Excuse me? A year and a half rally only lifts gold one hundred thirty bucks?

That is not a breakout. It's not gold busting to ever-new highs. It is a suckers play in the making. A desperate manipulation that is failing miserably.

When the gold crash comes -– real soon now -– we are positioned to make a leveraged killing.

Oil: another bubble about to burst

Now take the oil market. It already crashed 50% from its $150 a barrel high. After that it put in an April high of $93 a barrel. Then an August high of $84 a barrel. Now it's trading in the $80 range.

Still a bubble. Still in vast over-supply. Every day more and more new supplies of crude come to market. In the global recession, demand is falling. (Not rising as the oil sellers/producers would have you believe.)

With demand crumbling, and record amounts of oil coming to market, that is no surprise. Oil is another market manipulation that is failing miserably. It, too, could make us a huge killing.

Now let's look at stocks. In 2007 the S&P 500 put in a high of over 1500. In early 2009 it plunged to around 750.

Since then we've had the greatest rally in stock market history. Yet as I write this, stocks are still under 1200. Still 25% to 30% below their former market high. More important, every indicator of market breadth is crying its warning: another stock market death plunge is imminent.

Auto sales are plunging again. Down 21% from a year ago. This in a market that already had crashed 50%!

Home buying is down 40% so far this year. Most of the buying that has occurred was forced liquidation of foreclosed properties. On top of that, industrial production is in another plunge.

Over 800 banks are on the U.S. government's critical list. Of those, at least 400 will be closed in the next twelve months.

Companies are dead-broke. Wiped out. The biggest stock bear market in 150 years is about to begin.

Yet bearish sentiment in the market has fallen to just 24%. That means on the eve of the worst wipeout ever, the market is the most optimistic it's been since the peak in 2007! That is what usually happens, shortly before a wipeout.

Mutual funds jumped into this market with both feet. Now they hold the lowest cash reserves on record. They have little to no money to buy more stocks. They can't meet their coming massive redemptions.

The investing public can't put more cash in stocks. They have seen their pay, savings and wealth plunge, year after year.

Banks can't give the funds more cash either. They are broke themselves. They are scrounging up every penny, to try and cover the new higher capital requirements. (3.5 times greater.) Banks also are desperately trying to cover the ever-increasing losses on repossessed property they must liquidate.

Every time markets have behaved this way -– when they have gone against the fundamentals like drunken sailors given a port call after months at sea, blowing their money on liquor and whores -- they end up busted. This will be no exception.

I want to be crystal clear here. The last time we saw indicators like this was right before the 2008 market wipeout. A very profitable time for us.

Now the economy is in worse shape than ever. Not just in the U.S., but globally. The market is whistling past the graveyard.

This next plunge will be the last curtain call. Dead-broke governments can't bail out their own massive budget deficits. Never mind bailing out the global banking system, like they tried last time.

You do not have much time to get your house in order. To position yourself for the next death plunge.

The next crisis is six months away. This is the most urgent warning I've ever given you. As I've told you before, there will be no more bailouts of any significance. Dead-broke banks will fail miserably.

There will be no recovery. If you have ever listened to me before, please hear me now. You will get no second chance. If you wait for the crash to make headline news, you will have no chance to save your wealth. No chance to get at this market.

The born-again gold bulls will soon realize they've been screwed again. Think the 1980s, only worse. This time there will be no rising economy to bail everyone out.

The 30-year promise -- of massive inflation that never ends -– will be shown as another false myth. ETF gold funds will liquidate their positions en masse. They'll have to, to meet customer redemptions. This will drop the gold market so fast it makes your head spin. You will have little time to take advantage of the huge market downturn.

Same with real estate. 40 million properties will be foreclosed, or liquidated by their owners. That's because over 40 million properties are underwater. Their owners owe more than the properties are worth.

These people are desperate for money. Many have lost their jobs. And now the biggest “investment” they ever made is losing money left and right. It is bankrupting them. They are hanging on by the skin of their teeth.

Only one thing has kept the housing mess from getting even worse. Many major banks simply are not foreclosing on houses right now. That ball of string is about to run out. They will be forced to liquidate.

In commercial real estate, banks have rolled over the bad loans year after year. Now money supply is plunging. The smart money is liquidating loans and stocks. It is buying record amounts of U.S. government debt. The big pig at the trough -- the U.S. government -- is sucking every dollar not nailed down out of the world economy. This is deflationary.

In six months, you better love whatever you have. Because that is what you will be stuck with.

If you own gold, you better love the stuff. It's going down to under $200 an ounce. If you can find a buyer.

If you own real estate, you gotta really love it. Instead of the 50 cents on the dollar you might get now, wait till you see it sell for 5 cents on the dollar. That's assuming you can find a buyer and are willing to finance the sale.

Shares of stock in America's biggest companies will turn into penny stocks. (The ones that manage to stay in business.) This already happened to GM, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Think about this. U.S. auto sales have dropped from 22 million units per year to 11 million. What business can stand that kind of loss in volume?

On top of that, they drastically cut prices. Volume collapsing... and prices plunging. No wonder they lose billions more each year.

Incredibly, the housing industry is even worse. We've gone from selling 1.5 million new homes a year to 290,000. More than an 80% decrease. Now add the plunge in housing prices. One of America's key industries has crashed by 90%.

Remember, home construction and the automobile industries WERE key industries. They were major sources of loans, jobs and GDP. And the Wall Street/political/media assholes want you to believe the economy is recovering?

We've seen this game for two years. Nearly all big businesses are broke. By playing tricks with their books, they pretend to the world they are solvent.

Banks the world over refuse to trade with each other. Rightly so. They know their books are fantasy novels. Only massive accounting fraud and ongoing trillion-dollar bailouts give them the illusion of solvency.

Read the handwriting on the wall. We entered the depression in 2007. That's when the wipeouts started. We are still in that depression. In fact, it's just starting.

Ask yourself this question. What has changed in the last two years?

Have more people gone to work? No. The real unemployment rate keeps soaring higher and higher. 25% to 30%, counting discouraged and part-time workers.

Have businesses made more profits? Hell no. Just the opposite. Their top-line sales are plunging. Take away their accounting fraud, and corporations are losing more than ever.

For example, as I mentioned earlier in this issue, they don't include their trillions in unpaid retirement debt on their books. That alone would bankrupt most major U.S. companies.

Have banks shed their bad loans? No. And NONE of those loans have gotten better. They owe more than they did in 2008.

Has the housing market recovered? No. More homes are being foreclosed on than ever. The few sales that take place go at ever lower prices.

Commercial real estate is the disaster du jour. Another multi-trillion-dollar wipeout. But banks haven't liquidated those bad loans. Instead they pretend they aren't there. i.e. they bury their heads in the sand. Those debts are bigger than ever. Bank balance sheets are worse than ever.

The dumbest freaking thing you could ever do is to buy the bankers' desperate b.s. spin. To believe we are in a recovery. Are you ready to bet your life -– your future -– on p.r. releases from the Obama administration?

No, my friends, the crisis gets worse by the week. You don't have much time left, to get out with your wealth. That time shrinks with each passing day.

If you have nothing, and are happy with that, you have nothing to worry about. But I think you will not like being a slave. I think you will want to keep yourself and your loved ones safe from the coming financial/political upheavals.

Not so long ago, we had debtor prisons. During the Civil War, people burned the furniture in their Mississippi plantation homes, just to stay warm.

Not long ago the only way you survived in the Wild West was by how fast you could reload your shotgun.

Not so long ago, during the last depression, millions of people stood in bread lines. Hoping to get a meal. Their only possessions were the clothes on their back.

Are we so smug to believe that can never happen again? We are somehow immune? We believe government will bail us out? Think Katrina victims X 1000.

You have witnessed the biggest banks in the world go broke. The biggest insurance companies, investment bankers and brokerage firms. You saw what used to be the world's biggest industrial company -– GM -– declare bankruptcy. Investors were wiped out. Doesn't that say something to you?

You've watched the greatest debt ever amassed. But tell me. What have the $10 trillion in global bailouts bought us? This is a recovery?

No, this is a publicity stunt. The last thing you need to do is buy into b.s. spin. You got six months. You better use that time wisely.


2011 will be the worst year in economic history...
...and it will be our most profitable

Global leaders dug a grave for the world economy. They used their cozy relations with bankers, to try and bail out every major dead-broke financial institution the world over. This will go down in history as the tragic mistake that brought down the global financial system.

They did stimulus programs. They forged ahead with their socialist fantasies. They promised they would right every wrong humanity faces.

Central banks pulled every trick in the book. They wrote some new chapters as well. All to no avail.

Even after the trillions spent on stimulus, 40 million people who used to work are now either unemployed... underemployed... working minimum wage part-time jobs (because they can't get full-time employment)... or have stopped looking for work altogether (discouraged workers).

This is America's all-time record high number of people without jobs. Bigger even than during the Great Depression.

Foreclosures have gotten so bad, banks can't keep up with the paperwork. Major U.S. lenders such as Bank America and GMAC stopped foreclosures altogether, to get caught up and correct processing mistakes.

The U.S. now bulldozes down twice as many homes as it builds. It scraps 1.5 times as many cars as it sells. 22 of the 50 U.S. states are about to default on their debt.

Economies the world over have failed. Every other week, millions of people march on their nations' capitals in protest. U.S., Italy, Spain, France and Germany are a few examples.

If we had inflation, U.S. government bonds would fall in value. (i.e. interest rates would go up). That is NOT happening. Instead, bond prices are soaring to new highs. Yield has plunged to all-time lows, heading ever lower. (Remember bond prices move the opposite way as interest rates.)

This defies all of Wall Street's predictions that massive inflation is coming.

The Fed isn't worried about inflation. They are terrified of deflation. They know it could wipe out the world economy and lead to social/political chaos. Especially since the masses are preparing for the exact opposite of what actually is coming.

New orders at U.S. factories continue to fall. Debt and the U.S. trade deficit keep soaring to new record highs. Bank losses keep mounting.

Yet stocks are soaring. Despite the worst economic disaster ever, they have taken off on their biggest joke rally-back in history.

The very financial institutions that were “rescued” keep seeing their balance sheets savaged. They admit $4 trillion of their debt has gone bad. They will soon come begging again for another bailout. That is the problem. This time the money does not exist to save them. They have gone from “too big to fail” to “too broke to save.”

The Fed has made it known that Quantum Easing is on the way. This drives long-term interest rates lower and lower. Deflation kicks into an even higher gear.

Chicago Fed President Charles Evans said, “The U.S. Fed should do much more monetary easing to spur a sluggish economic recovery.”

He also said, “The last several months I have stared at our economic unemployment forecasts. I've come to the conclusion that it's just not coming down nearly as quickly as it should. This is a far grimmer forecast than we ought to have.”

Evans said he favors much more accommodation than we have in place. (Which already has amounted to trillions of dollars.) He said he favors even more asset purchases.

New York Federal Reserve President William Dudley agrees. He says he favors much more accommodation (quantum easing), unless the economy improves substantially.

In an unusually candid moment, Fed Reserve Chairman Bernanke said “the risk of deflation was higher than desirable.” This is a stark warning of the crisis you face. It sure is not inflation.

The Fed is scared shitless of DEFLATION. Not inflation. This next round of Quantum Easing should drive interest rates on the 30-year bond down to under 1%. Our U.S. government bond and zero coupon recos could make still another killing.

Meanwhile, the financial system has begun to seize up again. Major European nations are closer and closer to default. Including Greece, Portugal and Spain, to name just three.

No one wants their paper. They know it could soon be worthless. Instead investors are buying the best protection on the planet: U.S. government debt. That's where people in the know have always sheltered wealth during massive deflation.

The coming wipeout pits your interests -- your very survival -– against Wall Street's. Wall Streeters want to unload stocks, gold, real estate, oil and commodities on you. That will let them raise precious cash. You get left holding an empty bag, of assets worth nothing.

2011 will go down as the year the capital system failed. When the stock market and financial system as we know it came to an end. The next round of defaults and bankruptcies will make the losses in the Lehman/GM wipeouts look like pocket change.

2011 will be the year America's mightiest financial institutions close their doors for good. When the most prosperous people in the western world -- Americans -- turn into the poorest.

This is when U.S. democracy and capitalism stop operating. The American empire will collapse in a deflationary meltdown like never seen before. It's when we suffer a humiliating defeat in the longest war we've ever fought: Afghanistan.

Most other government debt around the world will default. Not the U.S. Our government debt will be paid in full. As America taxes to death its remaining citizens: those who have not been completely wiped out by the depression.

America's insane 30 year debt orgy comes at a price. Its citizens become debt slaves. Now the debts are due. The party is over. We made our bed and must sleep in it.

You have already seen the start of this. Obama is raising taxes. Soon he will raise the retirement age. Leaders on both sides of the aisle have come out in support of this.

Meanwhile, foreigners are buying up more and more of America. As of May 2010, they held $4 trillion of U.S. government debt. They own trillions more of American hard assets, such as real estate, American corporations and banks. The numbers keep rising higher, month after month.

Next year it all comes to a head. Fortunes will be lost. Fortunes will be made. If you believe the fairy tale of economic recovery... if you believe real estate is now a bargain... if you believe the Fed is printing money and bringing on inflation... if you believe gold at the highest price in history is a good investment... if you keep most of your money in a bank or money market fund... you will be reduced to poverty.

You have another option. It's not hard to do. People who get out of financial institutions... who take their money out of the stock market (on the buy side)... who are selling gold... shorting commodities... or even just keeping their money in U.S. government securities and cash instead of banks... could make a huge killing. A few thousand dollars in cash (a very rare thing over the next few years) will buy what a million dollars used to buy.

Most cities will become unlivable. Most urban dwellers will become slaves of the state or victims of the gangs. Living in crime-ridden cesspools of poverty, degradation and starvation. Trapped in the ever-loving hell holes (really war zones) the deeply impoverished/racially divided cities of America will become.

Police will be the oppressors. The arms of the new American fascist state. That is what our nation will turn into, as poverty tears it apart. It will be all-out class warfare, with the middle class losing.

Government programs will give little relief to the suffering of the impoverished masses. Social Security, food stamps, Medicare and welfare will be greatly cut. In some cases, eliminated altogether. At best they will allow you slow starvation. Until you succumb to the illnesses and diseases that will spread like wildfire.

The masses will go crazy over this. The French strikes -– that shut down the nation over a proposed two-year hike in the retirement age, that doesn't go into effect for ten years -– are just the first stages of this.

2011 is the year all debate ends. Everyone will know the empire has collapsed from within. Everyone will know it's a depression.

Everyone will know real estate is worthless and their will be no inflation. Sooner or later you will find out inflation is the last war. The new ten ton gorilla is deflation.

If you've taken a few simple steps, you could have your best economic times ever. You must get out of debt. You must put your financial affairs in order, ala the conservative recommendations we've given you.

If you have followed our speculative recos, and patiently waited, you could end up with more money than you imagined.

In 2011 the stock market will crack apart. It have its biggest losses in history. Most financial institutions will shut down for good. An unprecedented collapse in gold, oil and other commodities will take place.

Business will fail like not seen since the last great deflation. You know that as the 1930's great depression

Remember, the same distortions have propped up all these markets. These distortions are unwinding. That is why market after market will make historic plunges in the next 12 months.

Many of the formerly wealthy will abandon their mansions. Like we saw in St. Louis in the 1970s and 1980s. Like in Newark and Brooklyn.

One hallmark of every great wipeout and economic calamity: the vast majority of people are caught unprepared. They are stuck on the wrong side of the event. This time the numbers of those people will dwarf all previous downturns.

Never have I seen so many markets get things so wrong. Never have so many intelligent, prosperous people been about to wipe out. Destiny will charge them a price, that can be described in one word:

Everything. They will lose it all.

People who own houses in urban areas will see their taxes skyrocket. They will literally walk out their doors, and leave their homes behind. Just like millions of homeowners did in the 1930s. Just like millions are already doing now, in areas the depression has hit especially hard. Michigan, Nevada and Arizona are three examples.

Entire financial centers will become ghost towns. The only sounds will come from thieves breaking down doors, and stray cats that forage in garbage bins.

For a time, government will lose control. Anarchy will rule. Skinheads, white supremacists, black and Spanish street gangs will duke it out, in street fighting scenes like we saw in Iraq.

You, the innocent, will be their prey. Their soft victims. You pea shooters will not do a thing against a hundred 20-year-olds, hopped up on drugs, carrying heavy machine guns and RPG's.

I know this is not a pretty picture. I know bankers and politicians have spent trillions, trying to buy time. They only make the ultimate price we must pay worse.

Starting in six months, in 2011, time runs out. The debts come due, with no way to stall.

In 2011, the world finally sees the folly of the stimulus programs. What the bankers called a “liquidity crisis” turns into a full-blown solvency crisis. This will topple every major financial institution the world over.

After the initial period of mass anarchy, governments will rush in to fill the vacuum of the mass wipeouts. Instead of bankers calling the shots -- as they do today, with forged balance sheets -- the military will call the shots, with bullets.

Never will the words “cash is king” be more true. Never will green cash give you more power, than in the next phase of this wipeout.

Of course, Wall Street, your friendly banker, and the whore politicians are not going to take out ads in the New York Times, warning you of what's coming. They won't go on the nightly biz news, to announce ahead of time, the biggest wipeout in mankind's history.

Just the opposite. They will blow blue sky up your butt. For as long as possible.

They know in advance what is coming. They have their priate islands. Their security details. Their hordes of cash and U.S. government treasuries, which are being snapped up in record amounts.

It's you, the sleeping masses, they are selling gold to. They are selling stocks and 'distressed' real estate.

The smart money is raising cash. The only question is, are you going to be smart or a victim.


Fed just reversed 90 years of fighting inflation.
Now stopping DEFLATION is its #1 goal

Some incredible events are taking place. Economic cracks that started as minor fissures are turning into giant earthquakes. They are shaking the global financial system to its foundations.

Key among these: the Fed just reversed 90 years of fighting inflation. Instead of worrying about rising prices wiping out the value of everything you own, now they worry about the opposite. As the Fed itself states, inflation is “too low.”

“Too-low inflation” is Fed-speak for deflation. This is unprecedented.

For the first time ever, they are saying we are in a deflation, and that it is a serious problem. They say they want to “inflate” the economy. Meaning they want to TRY and reverse the deflation.

Here's a news flash. They've been trying to reverse this deflationary recession for going on three years. Nothing works. Nothing will, either.

The death plunge continues. In fact, it is accelerating. The Fed is so terrified, they are taking the exact OPPOSITE stance towards prices, as they have their entire history. They are reversing the mandate that bought them to power to begin with.

The September CPI report recently came out. Know what inflation is, year over year? Zero. The core rate, that leaves out food and energy prices, was up 0.1%. For all intents and purposes, also zero.

Now add the wipeout in jobs. The crashing housing prices. The huge discounts the automobile industry is giving. You see prices are contracting at double digit rates.

GE just announced a big drop in its top of the line sales. GM saw sales plunge 25%. What's going on here?

New claims for unemployment keep skyrocketing. They come to nearly a half million each week. Home foreclosures are going crazy; home prices are still plunging.

And they want you to prepare not only for inflation but hyper-inflation? Talk about insanity.

You've heard the spin that government will somehow “stop” foreclosures. Bull. They can't do that, any more than they could keep Lehman Brothers afloat, or stop the real estate bubble from bursting.

They face a fundamental problem. Millions of people stopped paying their mortgages. That number keeps growing. So the real estate wipeout keeps getting worse.

It is damaging every major U.S. industry and business. It is setting the stage for the next huge downturn in our economy. Every foreclosure is a cheaper house coming to market. Eventually it MUST be sold, no matter what the price.

The stimulus put a little fluff in the economy. But that is now long gone. The economic numbers are turning negative again. As Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke said, “there would appear, all things being equal, to be a case for further action.”

“Further action” means more Quantum Easing.

The Fed and the U.S. government made perhaps the gravest mistake in banking history. They let the wipeouts fester. They did not cut out the cancer in our biggest financial institutions. They fed it, and let it spread.

Result: the entire financial system is wiping out. Our democracy will fall apart. Replaced by dictators, who control not just your money, but your every move. You have been warned. Ignore this at your own peril.

I said it many times before. Let dead-broke banks go broke and stay broke. Let wiped-out businesses (like GM) stay wiped out. Unfortunately, no one in position of power is willing to do that.

Not just in the U.S. Everywhere. Take Ireland. It now spends close to 25% of its entire GDP, just to keep three of its biggest financial institutions above water. (Anglo Irish Bank, Allied Irish Bank and Irish Nationwide Building Society.)

Ireland is bankrupting its citizens. It is bankrupting the entire Irish economy. It should have let the banks go broke. That would have limited the losses to the shareholders. Instead, it is spreading the banks' losses to everyone. People are literally going back to herding sheep to make a living.

In the U.S., the wipeout is in its third year, with no end in sight. Don't get taken in by the recovery b.s. There is no recovery. There will be no recovery in your lifetime.

Look at most any neighborhood across the nation. Property values are still falling. Retail businesses are still closing their doors. It's not over. It's getting worse....

Banks use accounting black magic to create the illusion of solvency. That is no more real than the profits Bernie Madoff promised the poor fools who gave him their money.

A whole new round of defaults is about to hit. That's on top of the mass of defaults we already have (including those the banks swept under the carpet: a much bigger number than the ones admitted to).

You might say, “Yes, I know the recovery is bull. I know the depression is getting worse. But the markets are not responding yet. They are whistling a happy tune.”

I say, “what else is new? Markets often get it wrong. That's why we have opportunity. If markets didn't get it wrong, we couldn't make any money.”

You might respond, “you've been saying this for a long time. But the stock market trades have not yet taken off. Gold is going higher.”

Let me put it to you this way. Suppose I guaranteed you would make a million dollars. (I'm not. This is an example.) Suppose I said to you, “do this, this and this, and I guarantee every thousand dollars you invest will turn into a million.”

Then I said, “The millions are coming. They will be yours. You won't have to put up any more money to get them. But I don't know if it will take one year, two years, or three years.”

Would you care? The answer should be, of course not. You have a guaranteed return. You are happy to wait for those kinds of profits.

Of course, I can't give you a guaranteed return. But I can give you the closest thing to it. Here's how.

The U.S. economy is showing all the signs of disaster. In unemployment. In foreclosures and real estate prices. In retail sales, consumer prices, trade deficits, bank and business failures.

At the same time, against all sense, gold is rallying –- because of the phantom “hyper-inflation”. Stocks are going up -– on the wet dream that government stimulus programs or the newly-elected group of politicians will turn around the economy.

In this mass fantasy, Obama and government create jobs for tens of millions of unemployed people. They send real estate values soaring to new highs. They pay back the hundreds of trillions of debt we owe, and drive profits in America's companies to record levels.

It's a huge disconnect with reality. Reality is deflation. It is debt soaring ever higher. It is interest rates plunging, and the economy sinking deeper into depression.


Slogans and flag waving will not save the day. Because the day is beyond saving!

I've never seen anything like it before. That's why I am doing cartwheels. The markets will catch up with reality. There is a fortune to make. Damn soon now. The money we could potentially make is greater than any even I imagined. That is saying something!

The banking system needs untold trillions more in capital. That capital does not exist. Even if it did, it would not save the banks.

This is about to get a lot worse, too. New capital requirements require banks to hold 3.5 times more capital than they do now. In other words they are running out of capital, at the exact time a new law is enacted that requires them to raise vastly more of the stuff!

On top of that, the Fed is making history: by saying the big economic crisis is that inflation is running too low!

This is unprecedented. Inflation is already invisible. But for the first time ever, the Fed wants to keep this nonexistent “inflation” from falling even further!

Whenever you hear this crap, keep in mind the two words they are loathe to speak. The “D” words. Deflation... and depression. The greatest con job ever is getting pulled on the masses and the nation.

And it could not occur at a worse time. Sure, the 1930s were hell. Up through 1945. But the Great Depression was followed by the greatest economic growth in U.S. history.

(Of course we had to make it through that little thing called Word War II to get to the recovery part. That was no small feat. Around 100 million people lost their lives. It completely re-wrote the map of the globe.)

For 25 to 30 years after the post-World War II recovery we had basically no deficits. We ran huge surpluses. Both at home and abroad. We enjoyed a booming economy of growth and prosperity.

The great wealth of our middle class was built during that time. America reached its height as an empire.

All this was possible for one reason. During the 1930s we flushed the toilet. We let financial institutions, banks and dead broke businesses fail. We let homes that collapsed in value default.

We let the system cleanse itself. We paid a terrible price. But it had to be done.

Now we are three years into this depression. We're equaling the worst economic numbers of the Great Depression. In foreclosures, plunging money supply and unemployment.

But we never cleaned out the rot. We are trying to avoid paying the price for the greatest debt orgy the world has ever seen. Not going to happen.

We have squandered the money that might have helped build a true recovery. We threw that money away, on dead-broke banks, major corporations (like GM) and “too-big-to-fail” financial institutions.

Bankers and government officials -– the few who know what is going on -– are waking up to their worst horror. They know we are in this massive deflationary spiral. It is out of control. The so-called “recovery” has vanished off the map.

Now they admit housing is falling again. Foreclosures are not even being recorded. Unemployment will not improve for a decade or more. We run a real risk of dropping back into recession.

They publicly admit all this. But what they will never tell you is there is no saving the system. Too late. We passed the point of no return.

America will keep running deficits. It will keep borrowing huge amounts of money. It will keep sinking deeper into this deflation/depression.

And how will our nation pay its vast debt? I've told you before, but it is so important, let me tell you again. You must grasp this, like nothing else I've told you.

The U.S. will service its vast debts in three ways. One, it will cut government services to the bone. Two, it will tax U.S. citizens to death. It has already started both of these.

Three, interest rates on U.S. debt will go lower and lower. This will drop our interest payments down to a fraction of what we pay now. It is the forced liquidation of the world's greatest empire and the world's wealthiest citizens.

How much lower will rates go? Take the 10-year bond. Currently pays around 2.5%. Japan's economy is similar to the U.S. Similar pay. Similar problems with China stealing their products and closing its factories. A huge debt burden, and no inflation, just like the U.S. Japan's 10-year bond trades under 0.90%, still dropping.

That's where the U.S. 10-year note is headed. Probably even lower, to under 0.75%, in my opinion. We have a hell of a long way to go before this downturn hits bottom. When it does, it will not bounce back for decades.

The U.S. 30-year bond trades around 3.95%. That will go down to 0.95%, if not lower. So 30-year paper has 300 basis points to fall (3 percentage points). 10-year paper has 200 basis points to fall. (2 percentage points.)

If I'm right, a fortune could be made in one of the most conservative recommendations I know of. Simply by buying these bonds now, and waiting for rates to fall.

This is the most phenomenal conservative opportunity I know of. The potential to double your money or more, in an investment 100% guaranteed by the U.S. government.

This trade has already done very well for us, since we first recommended it. It easily outperformed gold, though it does not get the hype. It should do a whole lot better over the next 24 months.

And why am I so sure of this? Because the Fed is telling us! They are telling us the economy is in a nosedive with the ground. They say they are going to embark on another round of Quantum Easing. Just as I've told you they would, for several years now.

I've given you a number of trades, with Quantum Easing in mind. Our gold short trade envisions Quantum Easing. So do our bond trades. They are tied to the fact that we are in a massive deflation -– or as they say, an inflation too low. Incredible!

Central banks the world over must get interest rates down. Otherwise their massive debt buries them. They've eased for the past few years. They triumphantly declared victory: I am sure you remember when in 3-part harmony, like a finely-rehearsed choir, they all sang the recovery/victory song.

Now they admit that was b.s. They are telling you they must keep doing Quantum Easing. See why I love these trades?

The Fed's traditional tools are broken. Fed Funds was their preferred way to move interest rates. But it trades at 0% interest. Nowhere to go there, and still no recovery.

Lowering long-term rates, with Quantum Easing, is their only option.

Understand this, and I think you could well stake your fortune. Get it wrong, and these huge moves will wipe you out. Just as they have wiped out most of our banks... many of our biggest corporations... the Donald Trump wannabe real estate tycoons. All with the worst yet to come.

Man. I am licking my chops over our trades.

Crucial point: most every other bond besides U.S. government bonds is getting hammered. Including corporate bonds. People are starting to figure out their vast exposure in this mortgage fiasco.

It will take time for all this to become widespread knowledge. It will take time for the markets to react. So do not let the apparent disconnect in gold and the stock market fool you. Mark my words, you will soon see the biggest plunge ever in these markets.

The markets have it wrong. Terribly, irreversibly wrong. All you have to do is wait them out. Just sit there till the markets go our way.

Remember, your cash and U.S. government securities get more valuable with each downtick in prices. And the ETFs we recommend have no time limit. No extra money to put up. You can sit back and watch the show unfold.

So if you're in the game, relax. Give it time. Eventually happy days will be here again. Very happy days, in my opinion.

Bernanke just said, “the risk of deflation was higher than desirable.” That is what Quantum Easing addresses.

And Boston Fed President Eric Rosengren just said, “a gradual response to deflation may not be as effective as a more active response, to arrest deflationary pressures before they become embedded.”

The Fed warning of deflation! This is stunning. Understand that and your life could be one of joy. Get fooled by the spin about gold, inflation and the “recovery,” and you will end up crying.

Gold has had a nice run. But 80% of gold demand is for jewelry. High-priced gold is killing demand for jewelry. So is the depression.

The high prices also are bringing every gold mine on earth into production. Vast amounts of scrap gold are coming out of the woodwork.

Result is, gold supply greatly exceeds demand. There is no chance gold can maintain these prices.

Like the bubble in real estate, investor demand for gold is about to collapse. Yes, the wipeout in other markets will spill over into gold.

Because not only do the demand/supply stats call out for it. The gold market is banking on more inflation. The exact opposite of what we have, and will have for years to come.

It's sad. All the suckers who were in the bubble real estate market are now in the bubble gold market. The masses, who were in the bubble stock market... who wouldn't touch precious metals when they really were a bargain, are now all in the bubble gold market.

A huge group of people keeps chasing bubbles. They keep getting their hands burned. They grow poorer and poorer all the time.

The masses do not see the deflation coming. Just as they didn't see the inflation they lived with, most of their lives, until it was already upon them.

It's a waiting game. Within six months or so, the next plunge in the stock market occurs. The next round of bank failures occurs. Gold will get its back broken.

Our banker buddies are looking for the next round of bailouts. But that money doesn't exist. What happens when the banker whores come back for a few trillion more in bailouts -- bailouts this time they will not get?

Answer: the biggest crash ever. All you have to do is wait them out.

In 1933, over 50% of mortgage debt went bad. Similar to today. New housing construction dropped by 80%. Again similar to today.

Unemployment was 25% back then. Same as now, if you count honestly.

Money supply was falling back then. So were interest rates.

In other words, the key economic stats were the same then as they are now. So tell me, what's different today? Not a damn thing.

We just heard from Dennis Lockhart, President of the Atlanta Fed. He said, “we've slowed down dramatically. Inflation is running too low. It is too close conceivably to the kind of tipping point into a deflationary environment."

Folks, inflation isn't just “too low.” Inflation is nonexistent. But 99.9% of the people do not understand deflation. They don't understand how it works.

The 0.1% who do understand deflation are among the most sophisticated -– the wealthiest –- people on the planet. They shelter themselves by buying massive amounts of U.S. government debt. You should do the same.

Gold and stocks are the most overvalued markets out there. At DOW 1000, stocks will be valued correctly. Gold will be valued correctly at $150 a ounce.

We are positioned perfectly to cash in on the deflationary black hole, as it sucks up the sleeping masses' wealth. Across the board, we are right in our positions. In my opinion all we have to do is wait.

That is the nature of trading mega-trends. They could make your wealthier than your wildest dreams. With the coming apocalyptic events, a little bit of patience has never been more important than now.

The sky-high unemployment rate confirms what I am telling you. The ongoing housing wipeout confirms what I am telling you. The economy turning tail, and heading back down -- after the experts promised the “green shoots recovery” -- confirms it. Funny how they don't mention those green shoots anymore.

The Fed saying they are below their inflationary targets confirms it. That's a first. They have always been afraid inflation was too high, not too low!

Wow. The Fed is going to pay us a lot of money, as it lowers rates. All we have to do is hold our positions. Every position I've given you is still valid.

I don't think you have to wait four years for these events to take place. I don't think you have to wait two years or even one year.

I think the excitement starts to unfold in the next six months.

I also think the markets and economy will take another four years or more after that to hit bottom. Then they will scrape along that bottom for decades. This is a generational event.

When gold wipes out to $150 a ounce and the DOW goes to under 1000, it will be time to fold up shop. To head for that little farm in the country -– that cave in the hills we outfitted -- waiting for this very day.

What if your broker goes broke?

Many of you have asked me, “what if my broker goes broke? How will I liquidate my trades?”

Here's the thing. You and I are in the tiny, tiny minority. The masses still buy into gold. Into stocks. Into inflation and recovery.

And history shows the masses hang on. They keep holding their positions to the bitter end. Even as the markets fall apart around them.

They did this through the 1930s. They did it with gold in the 1980s. They did in the year 2000 tech wreck... and the mutual fund collapse.

They are doing it now in stocks. They did it in real estate, in spades. How many people do you know who are still holding onto their homes -– even though they have already lost 30%, 50% or more of their value?

The sad reality is, we will have plenty of misguided fools to cash in on, as they ride these overvalued bubble markets to the rock bottom. So I'm not worried about us getting out with our money in these trades. Broker defaults will be at the final end game, when they throw in the towel.

The masses are willing (even eager) to take what's left of the money they haven't lost so far in real estate, stocks, their mutual funds and retirement funds -- and jump right back into the bubble-blowing casino.

They will lose everything. We can join them, as future debt slaves. Or we can protect ourselves and potentially make a huge fortune.

Never have we been in a better position in the markets. In six months, I believe the next round of wipeouts begins. Unfortunately it's gonna get ugly, for the nation and for most people you know. But never better for us.

God must really like us!


Why should I care?

When it comes to a financial wipeout, people fall in three categories. The very concerned. The not so concerned. And the vast majority, who I call “clueless in Cleveland.”
Experience teaches that for great calamitous financial events to occur, one critical thing is essential. They must catch people by surprise.

If you live in an apartment building, and you know that on Tuesday at 7pm there will be a four alarm fire, you won't be there. You'll move your belongings out of the apartment. You'll make sure you are insured, and keep your losses at a minimum.

As versus being in that four-alarm fire, trapped on the 10th floor, where you lose everything and burn to death.

You and I have a great gift. We know the apartment building is on fire. The only discussion is how big it is, and sifting through the b.s. from the politicians about how they are putting the fire out.

As you see, government is calling for more fire engines. More fire stations to respond. Even as the politicians declare they have put out the fire.

The most incredible spin in the world surrounds this wipeout. No one except me wants to tell you how bad things really are. In essence, they want to trap you in the burning building, that represents the global economy.

That is why your WSI issues these days are full of warnings. It's why I give you detailed exposes on these events, and the incredible opportunities they represent.

But I am one lone voice in the wilderness. I live in self-imposed exile. Most everything else you see, read and hear tells you to do the exact opposite of what I recommend.

They want you to buy gold. “Distressed” real estate. They want you to put your savings in the stock market, so you can prepare for a global economic recovery.

Problem is, they have a basic conflict of interest. The people who want you to buy gold are the ones who sell the stuff. What a shock.

The people who want you to buy distressed real estate have a bulging portfolio of the crap. The people who want you to buy stocks, have an endless supply of stocks to sell you.

Then there is little ole me. I don't sell any investments. I don't touch anyone's money. I'm one voice, who writes a publication in exclusive distribution. I tell you exactly the opposite of what the thousands of news shows, publications and 'experts' say.

So your job is simple, but your task is complicated. Your task is to decide who is right and who is wrong. That's the hard part. Once you do that, it's a simple matter of knowing what to do. I show you that, too: if you accept my analysis.

Often what I have to tell you is repetitive. That's because we're in an ongoing depression, but the whole world wants to deny it.

You've been barraged by two years of propaganda, about the so-called recovery. There has been no recovery. Things keep getting worse. Each scheme the politicians and central bankers come up with ends in dismal failure.

More and more people are losing their homes. Their jobs. Their formerly prosperous lifestyle. Like worms eating wood, the bankers and Wall Street scumbags are stealing more and more of your wealth. With each month, they take you further down the road to financial death and destruction.

This is killing me. It's like watching a loved one die a slow death due to brain cancer. Every day more of their life is sucked out of them. Their suffering grows worse. To the point where death is a welcome relief.

You will not get the correct opinion on your financial survival by a democratic vote. If the vast majority of people tell you to buy gold, that doesn't make it a good investment. If they tell you there's a recovery, and everyone believes it, that doesn't make it true.

And that is the horror show we are living through. Most people do not have a clue of what's going on. The few who sense this great tragedy, have been fooled into doing the exact wrong things. Maybe you can appreciate my pain.

Everyone and their dog is telling you to prepare for inflation. Even while the Fed itself is desperate to stop DEFLATION.

Wall Street keeps telling you government is printing money. Yet the money supply is shrinking. Interest rates are plunging.

What do I have to do, to open your eyes so you can see? How do I preserve your wealth? And stop you from falling into the biggest money trap ever designed to take your money?

The next section of this issue is the money ball. The punch line. No matter how rich or broke you are, you can undertake some or all of the trades I describe.

They are based on 30 years of direct market experience. They are my up-to-the-minute recos for what people who want more can do, to achieve two things. First, survive the depression. That will be a miracle by itself. Two, how you can prosper, the way you may always have dreamed of.

I can't begin to describe to you the urgency of the time we live in. Of the desperation that exists out there. The vast majority of investments are designed to screw you out of your money. A handful are the absolute only way you can preserve your wealth, and get ahead.

The hell of it is, the masses never make these investments, because they are so simple. They go against what they have done most of their lives.

In closing, the game has changed forever. The inflation you have known all your life is gone forever. We're now in the most insidious of all events. A vast deflation.

Every man, woman and child the world over will be affected by it. Only a few thousand really understand and embrace it. It is my sworn duty to elucidate these events to you... and empower you to save yourself.

Ignore these recos at your peril. Understand them and enjoy great wealth and security.


Nick, the lone voice in the wilderness.

PS: There's a damn good reason I'm a lone voice. Most everyone else is out there to screw you, either because they are ignorant or they are evil. As for the wilderness part, you don't want to come to this wipeout party. The further you can stay from the newly impoverished, the safer and happier you will be.


Government Scam Has Created the
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Dear subscriber,

The U.S. government’s desperate but ultimately doomed attempt to save America’s biggest banks, by any means necessary, could end up making you rich.

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For the past two years, we’ve all watched in horror. The biggest banks and financial institutions in the world went bankrupt.

IndyMac. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Lehman Brothers. Bank of America. Washington Mutual. American International Group (AIG). Wachovia. The Royal Bank of Scotland.

All the remaining “too-big-to-save” financial institutions teeter on the brink of insolvency. So do thousands more.

That’s because they don't just owe trillions of dollars. They owe HUNDREDS of trillions of dollars. And they can’t pay it back.

The banks financed leveraged investments known as derivatives. Derivatives made them massive paper profits in the 1990s and 2000s.

But when the real estate market crashed, those investments suddenly became near worthless. Only government bailout money has kept the world’s biggest banks temporarily afloat.

But here’s what you may NOT know. Since the stock market crash of October 2008, the stocks of these bankrupt companies have SOARED in value.

The companies are dead-broke. Yet their stock prices have gone up 100%, 200%, 400% and more:

- Citigroup went from $.97 a share to over $4. Even though Citi is dead-broke...has received tens of billions in bailouts... and will get tens of billions more in the near future.

- Bank of America rose from $2.53 to $11.44.

- Wells Fargo jumped from $7.80 to over $26.

- AIG (which insures around $200 trillion worth of dead-broke derivatives) soared from $.33 to over $2 (on a split-adjusted basis).

- Morgan Stanley rose from $6.71 to $26.73.

- Goldman Sachs went from $47 to $157. Even the dead broke mortgage giants Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae more than doubled in price. And remember these guys are bankrupt walking dead men.

How did this happen? Why did the stocks of bankrupt companies take off on the biggest rally in stock market history?

The answer: The greatest, most systematic, most corrupt act of fraud in the history of financial markets.

And it is precisely this act of fraud that is giving us a once-in-a-century opportunity. Small investors could make 100 times their money in a matter of months...

The U.S. government conspired to trick
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Here’s the one fact you need to understand, to have a chance to become wealthier than you ever hoped possible:

Banks still own all those toxic derivatives.

Nothing... absolutely NOTHING... has changed! Hundreds of trillions in bad debt caused this crisis in the first place. They are all still there. Still wiping out. Still losing fortune after fortune.

Banks have not been able to unload these mega money-losers. The greater fool theory no longer works: this time, the banks turned out to be the greatest fools of all! No one wants their trillions in debt, except at 90% discounts.

Ten cents on the dollar is the real market value of their derivatives. But suppose the banks sold off their assets at that price. The world would suddenly know the truth: they are all flat broke. They would be shut down in a New York minute.

Bankers would lose their cushy jobs and sky-high salaries. Many would go to jail.

The U.S. government is well aware of this. It knows the banks can never cover their trillions in losses. It knows the financial system could wipe out overnight, if this becomes public knowledge.

So Wall Street and governments worldwide came up with a plan. Government would do two things.

First, they would try to shore up the banks’ cash reserves. They did this by pumping $7 trillion worth of government loans and bailouts into the financial system.

Unfortunately for them, that was nowhere near enough to cover the ever-bigger losses. Remember, banks don't 'just' owe five or ten trillion. They owe hundreds of trillions. That's why the economic crisis keeps getting worse.

So government hatched the second part of its plan.

It systematically covered up the true amount of the banks’ losses. It didn't just hide these losses. It made dead-broke banks look like they were actually making money!

In short, government committed massive, wide-scale fraud.

Here's how this skullduggery worked. Until the end of 2008, banks had to value derivatives at what they were actually trading for. This is known as “mark to market.”

If they did that today, every major U.S. bank would be bankrupt overnight. Government could not allow this. It had to avoid a wipeout of the U.S. banking system, at all costs. Even if that meant out-and-out fraud.

So government forced the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) to break the most basic accounting rules. Quite literally, to rig the books.

Thanks to these new government-induced accounting rules, banks no longer must value derivatives at their true market value. Instead, banks can decide to value their derivatives at:

1. What they paid for them (meaning no loss), or

2. What they think they will be worth decades in the future.

Do you see? With the stroke of a bureaucrat’s pen, banks turned massive losses into incredible profits. They even recorded these make-believe profits on their books!

This is known as “mark to fantasy,” or “cash for trash” accounting. No matter how much banks are losing, they can claim their derivatives are break-even. In most cases, they can even say they are making money.

Here's how Britian's Financial Times describes the situation

The Times said,

“FASB ruled that banks that hold the toxic derivatives can now ascribe their own price to them, and report those self-assessed valuations in their financial statements. Previously, they had to report the value of the assets as the best price a buyer in the market was willing to pay for them. Called ‘mark to market.’

“The key proponents of the changes have, unsurprisingly, been the banks themselves. Citigroup, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo have been the loudest of the lobbiers. As a result, they now stand to receive a surprise first quarter earnings boost.

"Former SEC Chairman Arthur Levitt told the Financial Times: ‘What disturbs me most about the FASB action is they appear to be bowing to outrageous threats from members of Congress who are beholden to corporate supporters.’ Levitt was one of those mainly responsible for the introduction of mark-to-market accounting.

The FASB is “easing” the Mark to Market rule. That lets all these insolvent banks price their toxic assets at whatever price they like.

Say a bank buys an asset that cost $1 billion a few years ago. Due to crashing real estate prices, the value of the asset is now $100 million.

In traditional fair value accounting, the bank should price this asset at $100 million on its books. The bank has suffered a $900 million loss. The balance sheet, profit and loss statement must reflect it as such.

But not anymore! Thanks to the U.S. government’s new accounting rules, banks can price their toxic assets at whatever they want.

Government did this so the banks could look like they are strong and healthy. When in fact they are dead broke. This trick fooled more investors into buying shares of bank stock, raising hundreds of billions in capital. It's government's last-ditch effort to save the U.S. banking system from wiping out.

Why this could
make you rich as Midas!

But as convicted Ponzi scheme artist Bernie Madoff taught the world, even the best financial scams eventually come unraveled.

There comes a time when all the creative accounting in the world can no longer cover up a basic fact: that you can no longer pay your bills. You are broke!

And herein lies the greatest profit opportunity in a century. The mega-banks and the financial conglomerates are still broke. In fact, they are more broke than ever. Only government bailout money has kept their doors open.

Now the bailout well is dry. There is no more money to give them. The only choice left will be nationalization. Just like General Motors.

You know what just happened to GM. It has been nationalized. The U.S. government now owns over 60% of the company.

Not long ago, GM stock was worth over $100 a share. Now it is worth nothing. The bondholders got wiped out too.

GM is about to happen a hundred times over. Bank after bank is going to be nationalized. So will America's biggest financial companies. Their stocks, that have soared on lies, will soon become worthless.

As the AP just reported, the Obama Administration is already planning for this...

“They are the biggest of the big — the Citigroups, the Goldman Sachses, the AIGs and other financial behemoths,” reported the Associated Press. “The Obama administration doesn't want so many around anymore.

“Under the administration's proposal, companies such as Citi, Goldman Sachs and others in a broad top tier would face stricter scrutiny and have to hold more assets and more cash as cushions against a downturn.

“They also would have to anticipate their own demise, drafting detailed descriptions of how they could be dismantled quickly without causing damaging repercussions. Think of it as planning their own funerals — and burials.”

But guess what? There is some very good news for you in all this.

This massive government cover-up –- the cooked books, the rigged stock market rally -- have created a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, for you and me to cash in.

Bank stocks have soared 400% or more. They are going to crash. Real soon now. Wall Street did us the greatest favor in the world, of driving their prices up past the moon.

You might think it is easy to get in on the bank wipeout. The truth is there are only a few ways to do this.

New stock exchange rules make it virtually impossible for individuals to sell bank and financial company shares of stock. Wall Street doesn't want you to do what Joe Kennedy did in 1929. They don't want you to sell the market, right on the eve of its biggest crash ever.

But there is now a way you can do this. One Wall Street insiders don’t want you to know about.

I have identified three trades in very special, little-known instruments, that we have recommended to our premium pub subscribers.

They allow you to start with very small amounts of money... never risk a dime more than your initial investment...and potentially end up making a fortune.

Let me tell you about them.

Million-Dollar Reco #1:
Potentially make $15 for every $1 you invest --
when financial stocks take another nosedive

This investment is screaming, ”Love me baby, all night long.”

Why? Because it lets us get at the biggest, most overvalued financial stocks in the world. Stocks like JP Morgan Chase...Wells Fargo...BA...Goldman Sachs...Bank of New York...US Bancorp...AmEX...and Travelers.

All zombie banks and dead-broke financial institutions. All grossly, ridiculously overvalued, because of the accounting fraud and this put-up rally in stocks. You get a basket that contains them all.

I don't believe there is a chance in hell they can avoid a huge crash. If I'm right, you could make a ton of money.

This trade is what's called an “inverse.” That means it goes up as the bank stocks go down.

When this rally began, it traded at $250 a share. With the suckers' rally, it has plunged to $18 a share.

I fully expect it to go back to $250 again. Probably higher. I could easily see it reaching $400 or $500 a share when the next round of bank wipeouts hits.

Almost all stocks in this investment are loaded to the gills with derivatives time bombs. All you do is wait patiently for their derivatives to blow up in their sleazy greedy faces.

While fifteen for one profits are nothing to sneeze at, my next reco is the one I personally like the most...

Million-Dollar Reco #2:
You could make 80, 100 even 200 times your money --
simply if the stock market goes back
to where it was when the rally-back started

Yes, you read that right. You have the possibility to make 100 times, even 200 times your money. And with so little unmanageable risk, it's laughable.

This trading vehicle is a miracle of modern finance. You get the leveraged profits once limited to futures and options -- but without futures risk of any kind.

The investment I’m talking about gives you TRIPLE leverage, on the financial stocks in a particular market index. For every $1 the index falls, you make $3.

It’s a pool of trading instruments with over $1 billion in net assets. That's a lot of money to do our dirty work for us.

Volume is 45,000,000 shares a day and more. Plenty of liquidity for our purposes.

As I write this, it's trading around $12 a share. Before the bear market rally-back started, it was trading over $2000 a share. I think it's a slam dunk to go back up to that price.

If the market falls more this time -– as you and I know it will -- this baby will probably go a lot higher. Try $3000, even $5000 or more is possible.

Look, Wall Street is trying to sweep an elephant under the rug. In the coming financial wipeout, that elephant should come crashing out. It will knock down all the financial stocks.

Your upside is $3000. Maybe much more. Your downside is at most $12. How can you say no?

Risk twelve bucks for the chance to make several thousand. And that's merely if it goes where it was when the rally started. I easily see it hitting $5000 a share or more.

You'd be out of your mind to pass this up. Is there any doubt the banks are broke and still hiding massive losses?

You know the economic crisis has not ended. You know the worst is yet to come. You know they've been scamming the markets and lying to them.

Their books are a work of fiction. Designed to hide their massive, mounting losses.

I never say a trade is a sure thing, because there is no such animal. But this is as close as it gets on God's green earth.

I must admit, it was hard for me to hold off so long on this trade. Day after day I saw the price fall. I wanted to jump in. But once again our patience has been rewarded.

It's been a hell of a rally in the stock market. Now it's time for them to pay the piper for the vast excesses.

I recommend you take all the money you are willing to speculate in stocks. Put 50% of that money into this one investment. I go into a lot more specifics on the Insiders Website.

If I am right, you could get rich on this one trade alone. The market euphoria is our golden opportunity. Our chance to stake out a fortune. If I am wrong, you are only out your small initial investment.

Our third reco is pretty wild, too:

Million dollar Reco #3:
Make 43 times your money or more –-
if real estate is not done falling

The next shoe to drop in the unraveling economy will hit hard in the next several months: the commercial real estate wipeout.

This is going to be big. It will be the shot heard around the world.

Commercial borrowers own apartment buildings, office buildings and malls. At the height of real estate insanity, they went on a building spree. All on leverage.

They borrowed several trillion dollars to finance this construction feeding frenzy. Malls sprouted like weeds after a rain.

Soon they must make ENORMOUS balloon payments on these loans. But they don’t have the money. They are losing tenants left and right.

Banks would be crazy to give them more loans. They know they will never get paid back.

Which means there will be massive foreclosures on these properties. You think valuations were crazy in housing? The commercial guys also went gaga ape shit crazy.

The depression has already hurt commercial borrowers. Retailers are dying off. And broke retailers can't pay their rent.

Commercial real estate will sell at deep discounts. That's if they are lucky enough to find any buyers.

The dead-broke zombie banks loaned a fortune in commercial real estate. They are about to book even more staggering losses.

The good news is that you could potentially make a not-so-small fortune -- in a trade that sells real estate company stocks. Particularly commercial real estate.

The investment I’m talking about gives you 2X leverage. As commercial real estate companies wipe out, it goes up.

It’s been as high as $300 and as low as $6.90. Now it's around $7 a share. You're getting in at damn near the bottom.

This trading vehicle has $1.25 billion invested in it. With volume of over 25 million shares a day, it has great liquidity. It trades on the New York Stock Exchange. Like our other dead-broke bank wipeout trades.

The potential to make money here is HUGE. I think it could easily go to $300 a share, as the other shoe drops on commercial real estate. If you get in now, you could make over 40 times your money.

How you can make these trades

You are reading about the most powerful potential money-making recommendations I have ever given. I sincerely believe you could turn thousands into millions.

That does not happen often. Like almost never.

With these trades, you never face a margin call. There are no futures or options. No time constraints. No expiration dates.

You simply buy these babies, sit back, and wait for reality to return to the markets. In my opinion, you won't have to wait long.

Then comes the fun part. If we are right, you could cash in, and have the biggest payday of your life.

Here's how you can get in on this. Subscribe to my Wall Street Insiders VIP service. I will instantly send you all the information you need to get in on these specific trades. What to buy. When, at which price.

And of course, when to get out, to make the most profits.

The WSI is the only market information service I know of designed to reveal to average investors the secret trading opportunities known only to Wall Street insiders.

My goal is reveal to the little guy how Wall Street and the big money boys set up the “retail” public for a fleecing -– and to teach ordinary investors how to use Wall Street’s own trading secrets against them. These three trades are great examples of that.

Of course, my Wall Street Insiders isn’t for everyone. For one thing, a one-year subscription is $5,000. No discounts.

I realize that for many people today, that is a lot of money. But these three trades alone could make you hundreds of times that -- if and when we are right.

If you have some speculative capital you can afford to risk -– say, $10,000 to $20,000 -– then the Wall Street Insiders could well be one of the best investments you ever make. Truly.

The bottom line is this: If I’m wrong, you’ll only lose at most your initial investment. Not a penny more.

But if I’m right... if the economy continues to sour and America’s biggest banks crash again... you could make a fortune. Very, very quickly. That money will help you live very well indeed during the ongoing depression.

I believe the next wipeout is just around the corner. Wall Street and all the experts tell you they see green shoots. I see dark storm clouds on the horizon. Pending doom for our soon-to-be nationalized dead-broke banker buddies.

If you want a realistic shot at making 50 to 100 times your money...and only risking your initial investment, in the greatest risk to reward I've ever seen...call me right away at 1-913-871-0701. Or click on the order button below.

But whatever you do, don’t wait. This opportunity will not last long.



Nick Guarino

P.S. Major league conflict of interest: The law says I must report conflicts to you in any investment we recommend. Well, let me tell you. You can't get more conflicted than we are on this one.

Everyone I know and their dogs are itching to get in on these trades. Me, my family, my associates, in fact everyone associated with me is either making these trades... wants to make these trades...or will make these trades, as soon as they can.

How can I tell them no? They would be insane to pass up this once-in-a-million opportunity. It's the best I have ever seen. Bar none.

-------------EMERGENCY SIGN-UP CERTIFICATE ---------------

Nick, I've never heard you talk this way. I get it. This is the best trade you have ever seen to make mega-bucks. Turning a thousand into a hundred grand...or ten thousand into a million... sounds good to me!

You could knock me over with a feather. You've had some really great trades. And you say this is the Mother Lode. The Big One. The answer to my prayers and the solution to the crisis we all face.

Coming from you, that's saying something. I'll bite. Yes, I want in on the best money-making trade you have ever seen. Sign me up now for a year's subscription the Wall Street Insiders. I immediately get all the details on these three trades. Plus full information on all other markets you cover.

I'm ready. I also understand how urgent the trade is. So you will provide me with a user name and password at once.

Please rush me initial trading instructions... access information to your encrypted website... and sign me up for all email, SMS and fax alerts. I've enclosed 5000 dollars for a one-year subscription, or 7500 dollars for two years. If I don't want to mess with a computer, I understand you will send me the alerts via fax and send me CDs of the audio files by mail.

To order by phone, call toll-free 1-866-924-0607. (If you live outside of the U.S., call 1-913-871-0701.)

For fastest service, call toll-free 1-866-924-0607. (If you live outside of the U.S., call 1-913-871-0701.) Operators are standing by 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. New York time.

** Disclosure and Disclaimers: We have conflicts up the wazoo to report on the markets we described here. I, my associates, friends, relatives, and everyone I know is either making these trades, or considering making them. The profit potential is so great, they would be crazy not to. Remember trading is always a risky business, you can lose money, never trade with money you can't afford to lose. To see a copy of our complete disclosure and disclaimers, visit http://www.wsifn.com/instantfree/disclaimers.asp

Wall Street Insiders * Fax To Tel. 604-608-5496 *

Email: wsifnsupport@gmail.com

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