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Monkey business:
Aids is still killing millions in Africa  prt 2
March 01, 2009
Andrew Maniotis, PhD

Expanding on the preceding article, the following is taken from two comments Dr Maniotis posted to an article in the New Statesman where Mike Barrett reviews a book: Virus: the co-discoverer of HIV tracks its rampage and charts the future - by Luc Montagnier

Monkey business:  Aids is still killing millions in Africa
Mike Barrett charts the controversy surrounding its discovery

Comments by
Andrew Maniotis
31 October 2008 at 13:28

Global health strategies on AIDS require evidence not emotions

In July 2000 one of us visited Mseleni General Hospital in the Maputaland area of South Africa (within KwaZulu-Natal province), one of the poorest regions of the country. When the nurses' supervisor was asked to identify the hospital's wards she identified them as follows: 1) ob-gyn, 2) childhood maladies, 3) accidents and personal injury trauma, 4) mental illnesses, and 5) tuberculosis.

Not one word about AIDS or HIV. Perhaps all five wards implicitly incorporated HIV or AIDS? She never said. An explanation for the nomenclature of the wards at Mseleni Hospital may be gleaned from the data available in the May 2006 publication by Statistics South Africa, entitled Mortality and Causes of Death in South Africa, 2003 and 2004: Findings From Death Notification which includes vital statistics back to 1997. [Statistics South Africa, Mortality and Causes of Death in South Africa, 2003 and 2004: Findings from Death Notification, Pretoria, May 2006, Statistical release P0309.3].

This publication arranges data in a statistical category called "Leading Underlying Natural Causes of Death" for South Africa from 1997-2004, an important period in the political history of the country. In 1999, the year that Thabo Mbeki succeeded Nelson Mandela as President of South Africa, there was a total of 9,782 deaths (in a country with a population then of 42 million) whose cause was officially listed as "HIV Diseases." It is well known that these statistics were derived from only one flawed "HIV" test result, a practice which has been completely debunked as having anything to do with generating accurate statistics, but not headed by the AIDS Establishment. Nevertheless, that number represented 2.6% of all deaths in South Africa for 1999.

In the province of KwaZulu-Natal (whose northernmost district is Maputaland), in 1999 the total number of deaths attributed to “HIV Diseases” was 1,899, or 2.3% of all provincial deaths that year. Perhaps officials at Mseleni General Hospital had good reasons not to devote a special ward to “HIV diseases?” For the next five years there ensued bruising scientific debates (which the AIDS orthodoxy scorned as “denialism”) in which a constant questioning of the efficacy of HAART and ARVs was juxtaposed against the scare-monger predictions of a looming "HIV/AIDS" holocaust about to engulf South Africa.

So what really happened?

In 2004, the total number of South African deaths (in a country then of 47 million) whose cause was officially listed as "HIV Diseases" was 13,220. That number represented only 2.3% of ALL deaths in South Africa that year, a decrease from 2.6% five years earlier.

For both 2003 and 2004, "HIV diseases" were officially ranked #21 in the list of leading causes of death for South Africa. We have no way of ascertaining from this data exactly how any attending physician, health care worker, or coroner knew for certain that so-called "HIV disease" was the underlying cause of death. Meanwhile, in KwaZulu-Natal for 2004, the total number of deaths attributed to “HIV disease” that year was 3044 which corresponded exactly to the same 2.3% of all provincial deaths that were reported five years earlier.

It is our contention that statistics amassed on “HIV disease” and/or “AIDS” are littered with inconsistencies and absurd projections that invite criticism. For an example of how inflationary figures routinely characterize orthodox HIV and AIDS statistics, one need only consult the latest annual volume by S. Buhlungu, et. al. (eds.), State of the Nation: South Africa 2007 especially the chapter by H. Schneider, et. al., entitled, "The Promise and the Practice of Transformation in South Africa's Health System" [Sakhela Buhlungu, et. al. (eds.), State of the Nation: South Africa 2007, Cape Town: Human Sciences Research Council, 2007].

That chapter utilizes a table that alleges that for 2000, HIV/AIDS was the #1 cause of death in South Africa, accounting for 30% of all the 410,000 deaths reported in the country, or 123,000 HIV/AIDS deaths.

Compare that alarmist data with the sober statistics given in mid-2006 by Statistics South Africa, which state that for 2000, HIV diseases numbered 10,321 or 2.5% of all deaths. In other words, even in 2007 Schneider and her associates retrospectively increased the number of HIV/AIDS deaths for 2000 in South Africa by 12 times! The data on death rates from “HIV diseases” from 1997 to 2004 in South Africa reveals other interesting anomalies from select provinces:

1) In 1997 in KwaZulu-Natal Province, “HIV diseases” accounted for 2.2% of all its deaths; in 2004, it was 2.3%.

2) In 1997 in Mpumalanga Province, “HIV diseases” accounted for 2.3% of all its deaths; in 2004 it was 2.2%.

3) In 1997 in Limpopo Province, “HIV diseases” accounted for 2.3% of all its deaths; in 2004, it was 2.0%.

4) In 1997 in Free State Province, “HIV diseases” accounted for 3.9% of all its deaths; in 2004, it was 2.1%.

5) And even for South Africa as a whole, in 1997 “HIV disease” was said to account for 2.0% of all deaths; in 2004 it had risen to 2.3%, but that was down from 2.6% in 1999.

It appears that President Mbeki’s skepticism had some merit and was empirically based. This stands in sharp contrast to his critics, whose resort to personal vilification and vicious slurs, revealed the reflexively irrational and vindictive manner whereby HIV/AIDS mainstreamers respond to anyone who dares to challenge their assumptions.

Several years ago, a Kenyan AIDS trial was interrupted because a 53 percent reduction in acquisition of "HIV" among circumcised men was observed. Out of 2,784 men studied in the trial, 69 men were “HIV” positive: 22 of these were circumcised, and 47 uncircumcised. Many, if not all 69 of them, had received prior (or concurrent) treatment for penile infections, and 28 of the 69 had serologic syphilis at the outset. A year before, it was claimed that a trial of 4,996 HIV-negative men in Rakai, Uganda, showed that HIV acquisition was reduced by 48 percent in circumcised men. These results have now been thoroughly debunked with a new study that showed no difference between circumsized and uncircumsized men.

In the past, AIDS science by press release, has led to horrible consequences for hundreds of thousands during the AIDS era who were experimented on with toxic "life saving" or "life extending" drugs. Uncertainties exist because data has been acquired at STD clinics or from trial participants with genital ulcer disease (GUD) or other infections. The relative roles (if any) of biological versus cultural practices that influence "HIV" acquisition have been challenged by the WHO. Uncertainties regarding the damage done by microbicides also exist, which apparently increase the frequency of reported genital lesions and the feared spread of "HIV." The ability or inability to neutralize "HIV" by washing with mild or concentrated detergents is in question, and the transmission of "HIV" from human to human by providing evidence of seroconversion has yet to be provided in a form that constitutes as careful a study as the 10 year study that followed 175 serodiscordant couples for 10 years that found no conversions (the Padian Study). Uncertainties also exist because of the vastly different rates and efficiency of transmission said to be associated with heterosexual, homosexual, and IV drug use in different regions, and, because of the ability of gamma globulin in neutralizing "HIV" among well-nourished and healthy individuals. Uncertainties also exist especially because of the validity (and invalidity) of different test kits to identify "HIV" positive participants, and the role (or non-role) of T-cells in progression to AIDS is also still in question. The role of circumcision in preventing transmission of "HIV" and acquisition of AIDS in Africa is further complicated by compelling evidence from a series of recent studies that identified nosocomial (hospital and doctor-medicated) "HIV" transmission as the single most critically important factor for the spread of AIDS in Africa, which accounts for many anomalies and conundrums that cannot be explained by a sexual transmission hypothesis (see Gisselquist).

From the 1950s into the 1980s, unsafe injections may have contributed to the silent spread of HIV-positive test results in Africa in much the same way that other types of vaccination campaigns, including injections for schistosomiasis and other treatments in Egypt, established "hepatitis C-positive" test results as a major blood-borne pathogen. While evidence for nosocomial transmission of "HIV" continues to accumulate since the long established fact that hepatitis B and flu vaccines cause "HIV" positive tests in some individuals, six Bulgarian health care workers (The Tripoli Six) were almost executed by firing squad in Libya for their alleged role in supposedly transmitting "HIV" to 426 Libyan children, which, according to Luc Montagnier were the result of an influx of "Sub-Saharan" health-care workers to Libya (read black people).

The sanctity of breast-feeding also has been violated by the champions of the “HIV=AIDS” hypothesis. It is the image in the Vatican of Michaelangelo’s Pieta - Mother Mary holding her dead child. In fact, the practice of brow beating African women to dissuade them from breast-feeding and passing onto their infants “HIV-infection” increased the death-rate in formula-fed infants some 20 times, compared to mother-infant pairs that weren’t dissuaded from breast-feeding. For instance, on Monday, July 23, 2007, in Nkange, Botswana, it was reported by Craig Timberg, Washington Post Foreign Service, that in Botswana, steps to cut AIDS proves a formula for disaster:

"Doctors noticed two troubling things about the limp, sunken-eyed children who flooded pediatric wards across Botswana during the rainy season in early 2006: They were dying from diarrhea, a malady that is rarely fatal here. And few of their mothers were breast-feeding, a practice once all but universal."

"After the outbreak was over and at least 532 children had died — 20 times the usual toll for diarrhea — a team of U.S. investigators solved the terrible riddle."

The word, “disaster” appears with alarming frequency in the AIDS literature. For instance the term "Challenger disaster" was used by Robert Gallo to describe the latest of the multi-million dollar "HIV" vaccine failures (that not only have failed to protect anyone from acquiring "HIV's" non-specific molecular markers in 60 vaccine trials to date, but have increased the rate of testing positive so they were halted just last year).

Are there other disasters?

Yes. The failure to block transmission of “HIV” or AIDS in mother to child transmission studies (MTCT) is part of George Bush’s PEPFAR pogrom, and also qualifies as an unmitigated disaster. For instance, a recent 2007 study accomplished increased rates of “virological failure” (nevirapine resistance) in 20% to 69% of women and 33% to 87% of infants after exposure to a single, peripartum dose of the black box label drug nevirapine given in Africa to 875,000 mother infant pairs. This 20-69% of women and 33-87% of infants will be now treated as hopeless, drug-resistant “AIDS” patients whose therapy failed to suppress virus (virological failure). Grade IV events aren’t available for previous trials of this kind that failed because the records were washed away in “The Great Flood,” according to Edmont Tremont (one of the heads of the NIH's AIDS program), which is why he felt it was necessary to change the nevirapine trial safety data.

Football strategies and religious ideology also have been used after repeatedly failed human “HIV/AIDS” microbicide trials. Microbicides are noxious chemicals that supposedly kill "germs" like "HIV.” White Western AIDS doctors go to the African continent to encourage the smearing of these toxic microbicide creams on the genitals of Africans. Although a top AIDS researcher, John Moore of Weil Medical College, claimed his multiple monkey "SIV" insemination experiments proved that his “SIV-fighting” (not “HIV-fighting”) microbicide worked because it absolved his monkeys from contracting “SIV” after he inseminated them multiple times, human microbicide trails were halted because these vile mucosal irritants, like the STEP trial vaccines, caused “more” “HIV infections” in microbicide recipients, than there were in placebos. (February 1, 2007, Tests of Drug to Block H.I.V. Infection Are Halted Over Safety: The Conrad Trial. By Lawrence K. Altman):

"Efforts to develop a topical microbicide to prevent H.I.V. infection during sex suffered a surprising setback yesterday when researchers announced that they had stopped two full-scale trials for safety reasons."

"The trials, in Africa and India, involved a chemical, cellulose sulfate or Ushercell, and were the second failure of a potential microbicide in a full-scale trial in recent years. In one of the latest trials, a standard check by an independent scientific committee found an increased risk of H.I.V. infection among women who used cellulose sulfate compared with those who used a placebo gel."

"In 2000, a large full-scale trial showed that the only other microbicide candidate, nonoxynol-9, was unsafe when it had been expected to be effective. Subjects in that trial developed a higher incidence of H.I.V. infection, presumably through ulcers caused by chemical irritation."

To examine the potential value of circumcision versus the possibility of nosocomial transmission, misdiagnosis, and other possibilities regarding the acquisition of AIDS in Africa, we reasoned that examination of both established and new AIDS policies that will affect millions of people should include the vital statistics generated by Africans themselves if they are available, as well as recommendations by physicians who have direct, empirical knowledge of African AIDS from their hospital or clinical setting.

A wealth of data was obtained directly from Statistics South Africa and other sources, which reported for both 2003 and 2004, that "HIV diseases" were officially ranked #21 in the list of leading causes of death for South Africa, and constituted between 2-3% of all deaths throughout most regions. These statistics, reported by Africans themselves, are supported by historical, sociological, and cultural considerations, by the accounts of prison officials, as well as by both African and foreign doctors who have written about how serving medical care to Africans has changed or not changed over the period of several decades. These observations further suggest that the state of affairs regarding "HIV/AIDS" in Africa has nothing to do with sexual activities, but reflects the changing nature of African political economies since the late 1970s, its devastation on African lives, in some regions, because of the traumas of civil war violence, and the damage to African culture and society due to a proliferation of "HIV" testing, and flood of "HIV/AIDS" health care opportunism.

Drug studies to date have not been properly evaluated in order to compare with circumcision statistics from Kenya, regardless of what the complete data from the Kenyan study will show, if they ever are published. It has been admitted unabashedly that more than 875,000 African mother-infant pairs have been experimented on in this fashion.

It is concluded that global health strategies for AIDS, like any other public health activities, should be based on evidence instead of racist notions regarding sexual behavior. Many of the basic assumptions regarding the probability that "HIV" leads to "AIDS" are clearly wrong, contradictory, and defy common sense, to the extent that the "HIV/AIDS" hypothesis should be retracted, and a full examination of where we went wrong, conducted, so we can learn from "mistakes." It is perhaps the individuals in leadership roles in our own government who press release these kinds of distortions and propaganda, or who direct these trials and distort data, who must be held legally, and criminally responsible?

continue reading Dr Andrew comments:   Read Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
blog comments  ~ or this blog

Andrew Maniotis, Ph.D.,
Visiting Associate Professor of Bioengineering
212 SEO, MC 063
University of Illinois at Chicago
Chicago, IL 60607

Charles L. Geshekter, Ph.D.
Professor of African History
California State University
Chico, California 95929

Source: http://www.newmediaexplorer.org/sepp

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