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Peter's:  You'll be Happy to Live Long...
Self Care or Health Care?

January 28, 2009
Peter Ragnar

Self Care or Health Care?


Dear Friend,

I didn't know any better at the time. It was 4:47 on a bone chilling February afternoon in New York City. Grandpa and I waited for the ambulance. His one bedroom apartment was dark. We heard the siren, the sound of voices, the slamming of doors. Grandpa straightened his tie as I helped him with his overcoat.

I could hear the gurney hitting the railing of the narrow stairway. Men were banging on the door causing Grandpa to tighten his fists. In broken English his words rolled out like gun shots. I explained to the white-coated men he would walk on his own, but they were in too much of a hurry for that.

His chin jutting defiantly, Grandpa grabbed my arm and we walked. His right knee was quite swollen. At the Prospect hospital emergency room Grandpa's impatience grew with his temper. For some reason we were then taxied to another hospital, which didn't help his disposition at all.

The doctor insisted that Grandpa be admitted. Blood poisoning or infection -- something like that. Grandpa believed in self care, not health care. Then it happened. The orderly started to remove Grandpa’s suit jacket. The next thing I knew the orderly was flying backward.

Like white coated hornets in a hive, they descended on Grandpa. He didn't stand a chance. I stood by like a frightened child as they injected him. Wasn't this all in his best interest? Yeah, it was just a minor thing -- a swollen knee the doctor had told me...

Well, you should have seen Grandpa when he woke up, his arm strapped to the bar on the side of his hospital bed with an IV going into it. He was really mad! He ripped his arm free, yanked out the needle, and stood up on the bed. He threw the IV stand across the room. Bellowing like an engaged bull, he tore and shredded his hospital gown. He shouted for me to get his clothes and a taxi -- we were going home right now!

Does this sound like a person sick enough to be imprisoned in a hospital against his will? No, of course not! Then the unthinkable happened... The next time I saw my Grandpa, an immensely proud, self reliant and dignified man, he was blankly staring at the ceiling. His jaw was soft, his mouth open. He didn't recognize me anymore. I cried. They said he died of a blood clot in his brain...

“A July 2000 report from the American Medical Association stated that up to 284,000 deaths per year are due to “doctor related” causes.”

How many times can you roll the dice before you lose? NBC News (4/24/2001) reported 829 million visits to a doctor per year. Have you been one of those? Has a loved one? Has your trust in health insurance unconsciously set you up to be a statistic?

“How would you like to improve your odds? You’d love to have the deck stacked in your favor, wouldn't’ you?”


During our 28 years of involvement in Vietnam (1950-1978), 58,000 Americans lost their lives. You may still remember the horrific bloody scenes shown on the national evening news. Young men and women coming home in body bags, the protests and street violence, the National Guard shooting students at Kent State University. Those were turbulent days to say the least. I know you’ll agree we don’t ever want that to happen again to this Nation. But did you know there is an unspoken war going on, one you haven’t been told about? You could be in grave danger! Consider this...

The sobering truth is that in just a little over 2 months time (not years, not decades), 58,000 Americans die while under a physician’s care. That’s the equivalent of all Vietnam War deaths. That’s 23,666 persons per month, 788 people a day dying from medical treatment! I’m not making these numbers up –- these are AMA statistics. That is why your dictionary now carries a new word, “iatrogenic”, which means “physician-induced conditions”. Iatrogenic disease trails only cancer and heart disease as the third biggest killer in the United Sates. Why don’t we hear more about this silent war?

“How are you going to defend yourself? I CAN HELP! THERE IS A BETTER WAY!!”

Most Americans are so conditioned to taking pills that they are an easy mark for the supplements industry. In fact, many prescription drug manufactures are also in the vitamin business. If these “miracle pills” really worked, wouldn’t you expect to see the physical results in the bodies and faces of those who sell them? I’m certain you have noticed that so called “health nuts” age and die pretty much at the same rate as the general population. So what should you do about your health? If you wanted to lose weight, wouldn’t you to talk with someone who has? If you wanted to roll back the years (and who wouldn’t?), you’d want to listen to someone who is successfully doing it, right?

“And if you wanted to remain disease free, you’d want to learn from someone who is disease free.”

If there were a better path -- one that actually led to extraordinary levels of health, fitness, and longevity, wouldn’t you want to hear about it? I’ll bet you’re saying yes! Right now with all the doubts and uncertainty as to how to heal an existing condition, you’d like to have a clear-cut path back to health. (Consider this: If you are the average American you are already growing cancer cells in your body.) I’m certain you’d like to go beyond doubt to the full confidence that you’ve taken the right road. When I didn't know any better, I walked my Grandpa down the wrong road to his death. I know you don't want to live with such painful regrets, and I don't blame you. Ultimately, isn’t it wiser to choose your own self-care system over our national “health-care” system?


If you had a map that said “this way to the mountains” you’d soon expect to see the mountains rising on the horizon, wouldn’t you? I’m sure we have shared the same frustrations and uncertainties about dubious promises of radiant health and the fountain of youth. I know it’s easy to become calloused with disbelief. After the death of my grandfather I committed myself to learning all aspects of self healing. I studied the water we drank, the air we breathe, the sounds we hear, the thoughts we think and the food we eat. These findings have led to a type of life style that you might call the fountain of youth. It's been 40 years since Grandpa's demise. I’ve now reached his age, yet am told I look half that. I am never sick, and physically I am as strong as anyone you'll meet at any age. So what secrets did I discover in those 40 years?

"The other day I met a woman I had not seen in years. She gasped as if I were a GHOST! She stammered as if she was about to faint. “Why, you haven’t aged a single day -- how many years has it been?” You’ll appreciate my answer more once you hear how it all started:"

It was back on December 27th, 1944 when I first discovered how much I wanted to live. I had been sickly for some time and developed pneumonia. It was winter in northern Alabama. The wind blew icy cold at the Fort McClellan Military base. The doctors frantically worked to revive my failed heart. They said I had died, but I chose life, and lived. Then in the late 1960’s I was injured at a construction site in Colorado. The doctor said I’d never walk without the aid of a cane. That was many running trophies ago. I choose life...walked...and then ran. I’ve been lost at sea and survived, trapped in devastating explosions that rocked a 900 foot smoke stack and survived -- even fallen from a 30 story building only to harmlessly land on a bucket that popped like a paper cup! These near-death experiences revealed a profound secret I’ll share with you later. Was I incredibly “lucky”, or was my desire to choose life strong enough to mold circumstances in my favor?

“What if you are actually the director of your own reality? What if you possessed an incredible secret with in your own body?”

What if you have the personal internal power to choose how long you live? What if that ticking mental time bomb, which explodes and results in aging bodies and debilitating diseases, could be defused? You’d want to know how, wouldn’t you

They thought it was a joke…

The poolside was filled with familiar faces of retired folks who would gather round my lounge chair to see what I was writing. I told them it was a working hypothesis on eternal youth called How Long Do You Choose To Live? They would laugh, shake their heads, and go back to their conversations about politics, probate, and prescriptions. They didn’t believe you could grow young again. Shortly thereafter, I moved to a secluded paradise location high in the Tennessee Mountains where I could privately continue my research on youthfulness, mental power, longevity, and athletic performance. Now I’m the one laughing!

“Can you imagine a person looking forward to the passing of time? It’s sort of sweet revenge to limited thinking and aging bodies.”

20 years ago...
Twenty years ago, retired and sitting on my beachfront balcony in South Florida, watching sailboats moving effortlessly along with the ocean breeze, I pondered “If we knew how to set the sails of our lives, we’d move effortlessly as well.” That’s when I first penned a booklet entitled How Long Do You Choose To Live? As I applied my own teachings, I began to grow younger and younger. I know -- it sounds absurd. As the years passed, I redefined my teaching, threw out what didn’t work, and kept what did. Then put in all together in a new 496 page book.

“Just imagine what this will mean for you as you discover I’m telling you the truth. I guarantee you will be thrilled!”


Don’t you find it strange -- we talk about the miracle of birth, yet we never question aging and dying? Biologists, gerontologists, and other scientists boldly state aging and death are great mysteries. In his award-winning book How and Why We Age, Leonard Hayflick Ph.D. asserts “We know of no good reason why aging should happen”. And in the book Aging: A Natural History by R.E. Ricklefs and C.E. Finch it states, “Next to the miracle of life itself, aging and death are perhaps the greatest mysteries”. So, if aging and death are mysteries to science, why should you be surprised if someone slowed, stalled, or even stopped the aging process?

“Non-aging is what is normal. It’s aging that baffles science! Is there a non-aging lifestyle and diet?”


Science has found that spider crabs, sponges, aquatic flatworms, blue green algae, etc. do not age. Even desert creosote bushes near riverside California have been claimed by science to be over 10,000 years old. You might protest, “But I’m not a bush or a sponge”. We are much more than we believe we are! The point is: Death is not inevitability for all living things. Especially for the most evolved creatures on the planet.

“We are self-repairing, self-sustaining, self-generating, self-governing and self-healing miracles designed to go forever.”

We have the power to choose. Did you know that the body’s immune system has receptor sites for what are called neuropeptides?” These are the chemicals of thought. Neuropeptides plug into these receptor sites and tell your body to heal or not, to age or grow young. What if you could consciously tell your immune system what to do?
You can!

“There are some powerful examples given in my new book and in the video tape series of the same title How Long Do You Choose To Live?

Your conscious mind is constantly feeding instructions to your subconscious mind. Your conscious mind cannot do anything but obey your subconscious mind. In fact, your subconscious mind does not know whether your instructions, your thoughts, and your emotions are valid, correct, or true. Your subconscious simply acts. It is a fact that your conscious mind gives you the power to decide how long you choose to live.


If you consider the following example, you’ll see what I mean: A stage hypnotist puts you into a trance. Then he places an ice cube in your hand and tells you it’s a hot coal. Since the conscious mind is bypassed, the subconscious relays the instructions and a blister occurs.

“What if you could override previous ideas about health, aging, athletic performance, and death?”

There is not a shred of scientific evidence to prove you cannot reverse aging, attaining vibrant health and youthful levels of athletic performance. In my book How Long Do You Choose To Live?, you’ll find an abundance of examples. I’m certain you’d like to share in my discoveries. I’ll soon show you how.

The videos go even further than the book. Many questions you have most likely asked are answered. I also share how to develop mind power so awesome, you'll stun your friends. Plus a powerful demonstration you'll never forget!

Imagine...if you could live to be 100 with the same youthfulness you had when you were 18, you’d be thrilled, wouldn’t you? What if I said to 120 years (many scientists wonder why that limit isn’t tested more) -- that would be even better, wouldn’t it? Consider this: Most animals live between 10 to 30 times the length in years it takes to reach physical maturity. A chimpanzee matures in five years and has a life span of 50 years or so. A cat matures in about a year and lives 20 to 30 years. (I have a cat that is now going on 22 years old). You see what I’m getting at. Humans reach physical maturity around 18. Now by the law of nature and viewed through the eyes of science, there is absolutely no reason that humans cannot live to ten times maturity -- 180 years plus. What if you could do that? Wouldn’t that change your long-term goals?

“I’ll give you a simple tip right now – free, even before you buy the course.”

There are thousands of living species on earth today and the only one that cooks its food is the only one that doesn’t live up to the maturity mortality ratio. That’s right -- Humans!


I’ll show you the power of organic foods in a manner that is bound to change your life forever. Are you ready for really vibrant and vital living? You bet you are! Especially after you’ve feasted on this book and video course. Did you know certain foods actually are programmed to rot while others will never rot or decay, only dehydrate?

“I’ll show you how to choose only the right healthy charged food. And how to avoid those food items that are ticking time bombs.”


Something else you’ll not want to miss is the connection between vaccinations, tonsillectomies, and the current cancer epidemic. Just reading chapter five, “Tobacco Juice on the Hood”, could save your life or the life of a loved one.

Have you ever been embarrassed because you forgot something?
You’ve heard of people who seem to have the power of total mental recall. Would you like to know their secret? After just one session on the video series, you’ll have a new-found power. You’d like that, wouldn’t you? You’ll be surprised at how easy it is. You’ll also receive a bonus of seeing me memorize a deck of playing cards before a live audience, then showing them how they can too. What would that mean for you in the workplace, in school, or in everyday social interaction? I guarantee that with the simple secrets I’ll share with you, your performance in all these areas will soar!


• The breath is the way the mind connects with the body. I’ll show you secrets of using your breath to alkalize your body and thus purify it from the accumulating acids of stress, improper foods, and environment.

• Did you know that tumors have been directly linked to dangerous electrical disequilibrium in the air we breathe and the appliances we use? I’ll show you what sounds are found to be biologically toxic to the brain, even sounds that are not discernable by the human ear.

• Discover which water can heal you and what commonly consumed water will kill you.

• What do high caffeine and alcohol levels have to do with the brain and the Alzheimer’s connection? You don’t want to miss this information. It could save your life or the life of a loved one!

• What is the physiological reason that only certain foods cause us to prosper?

• Why primates fed the typical American diet develop the same diseases we suffer from, diseases that are totally absent from their lives in the wild.

• By the way, do you know the meaning of the popular term “Antibiotic”? Anti means against, and biotic means biology or life. In other words, anti-life! I know you’ll want to know how to avoid them.

• You’ll be shocked to discover the truth behind the protein myth. In this chapter on exercise you’ll be surprised to discover the diet of the strongest man in history. In chapter 13 you’ll see how you can heal yourself in a hot tub, with cold water bathing, saunas, and more. Did you know that at 104° F your white blood cell count is 64 times more than at 98.6°?

• The healing power of a fever!

• Why not celebrating birthdays can make you younger!

"There is so much in this book and on the video tapes I can’t even begin to tell you about it! Hours upon hours of life transforming secrets."

When you hear my simple secrets, I guarantee you’ll be so charged up, so enthused, so confident about the future, you’ll wonder why you didn’t apply them until now. Undoubtedly, the best way for you to be impressed, convinced, and motivated is to attend one of my seminars and see for yourself.

“You’ll then know for certain that I’m living proof of these ‘outlandish’ claims.”

Interestingly, a large percentage of my audience members are health professionals, including MDs, administrators, and clinic owners. When an opening is available, sincere seekers will fly here from China, Japan, Australia, India and Europe. I’ve even had a high ranking officer with the peace keeping force fly here from Bosnia during the Serbian conflict just to attend a seminar with me. Because my seminars are consistently booked well in advance and may be cost prohibitive to some, I have good news...

You can now enjoy, in the privacy of your home, hours upon hours of life-transforming energy contained in the video set collection. It’s almost like having me there with you in person. You’ll not only have a ring-side seminar seat--you’ll receive additional bonus information as well. Believe me, this is a rare opportunity, one you’ll not want to miss! Or you can spend the next 40 years uncovering them on your own. I’m certain you’ll agree that’s entirely too costly. And who has that much time to devote to the search? So please take advantage of my offer today.

• I know you’re interested in higher levels of health -- you wouldn’t have read this far if you felt otherwise. Am I right?

• Can you see where such dynamic material and guidance can inspire you and greatly improve your life and health?

• If you were ever going to start growing younger, when do you think would be the best time to start?

“I GUARANTEE after viewing the video and reading my book you’ll be more ENTHUSED, more CONFIDENT, and more EXCITED than you’ve ever been before! And you just might want to live forever!”

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Peter Ragnar was a poor drifter, now his own man, teacher, and conscious being, living in harmony with the world. I have read and respected his work for over 7 years ~ Colin Ryane producer Holistic Radio Show

Peter practices Chi Gong, meditates as I do; he lives on his estate, shares conscious living with others in books, tapes, videos and in occasionally in person. He has assembled a store  of these plus great life enhancing products such as air cleaners, water distillers, special saunas, and more.

Peter also has set up a special mint for silver and gold investing.

Contact Peter at Roaring Lion

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