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Holiday Blues  -

White Powder Kills You  - but you feel good while it does:
for a while anyway -- Cocaine, White flower, Sugar, White Salt--

Many Folks around the Holidays Feel the the Blues- what's behind it?

'Sugar Blues' has been out since 1975 -Gloria Swanson
saved the life of William Dufty She lived long because she
kicked the habit.

Here we go:

by Colin Ryane

What Are

"Multiple physical and mental miseries caused by the consumption of sugar.

What specific health problems does sugar cause?
Diabetes, obesity, coronary thrombosis, tooth and gum decay, varicose veins and stomach trouble and, indirectly, mental disturbances. (The Blues)

Is sugar killing you sweetly?

Like opium, morphine and heroin, sugar is an addictive, destructive drug, yet Americans consume it daily in everything from cigarettes to bread.   I you are overweight, or suffer from migraine, hypoglycemia or acne, the plague of the Sugar Blues has hit you. In fact, by accepted diagnostic standards. our entire society is pre-diabetic.

William Dufty was once a sugar addict. Under  Gloria Swanson's influence, he kicked the habit. Now fifteen years later, looking fifteen years younger, Dufty sums up the results of his research on sugar in this eye-opening book.  He reveals how the insidious poison invades our lives. He shows you how to live better without it an includes recipes for delicious dishes- all sugar- free."

A YOGI's Position:

Yoga has held for 5000 years that common sense has to be learned and is not common.  Once has to go through 3 stages to begin seeking solutions of Yoga:

1 - Boga or Enjoyment - burning the candle at all ends,
     overeating, over drinking etc.

2- Roga or the Blues - illness, rotten attitude etc. Life
    falls apart.

3- Yoga or Balance - Harmony of life, having it all in

This is how common sense comes into our lives. Unless we are smart enough to listen to great grandma (no sugar before your meal - you'll spoil your dinner) or great sages of balance.

"Dr Herbert M Shelton asks 'Must we always take it for granted that the preset eating practices of civilized men are normal? to derive sustenance form foods eaten, they must be digested,' he warned years ago.  'They must not rot.'


'They must not rot.'

Kicking sugar and white four and substituting whole grains, vegetables, and natural fruits, in season, is the core an any sensible natural regime. Changing the quality of your carbohydrates can change the quality of your health and life. If you eat natural food of good quality, quantity tends to take care of itself.  Nobody is going to eat a half dozen sugar beets or a whole case of sugar cane. Even if they do, it will be less dangerous than few ounces of sugar.

Sugar of all kinds- natural sugars, such as those in honey and fruit (fructose) as will as the refined white stuff (sucrose)- tends to arrest the secretion of gastric juices and have an inhibiting effect on the stomach's natural ability to move. Sugars are not digested in the mouth, like cereals, or in the stomach, like animal flesh.  When taken alone, they pass quickly through the stomach into the small intestine. ( they digest there hence - fruit eat it alone or eat it alone)  When sugars are eaten with other foods--perhaps meat and bread in a sandwich, they are held up in the stomach for a while. The sugar in the bread and Coke sit there with the hamburger and the bun waiting for them to be digested.  While the stomach is working on the animal protein and refined starch in the bread, the addition of the sugar practically guarantees rapid acid fermentation under the conditions of warmth an moisture existing in the stomach.

bubble bubble double trouble...

One hump of sugar in your coffee after a sandwich is enough to turn your stomach into a ferment.  One Soda with a hamburger is enough to turn your stomach into a still. Sugar on cereals--whether you buy it already sugared in a box or add it yourself--almost guarantees acid fermentation.  Since the beginning of time, natural laws were observed,...when it came to eating foods in combination. (But not at Micki Dee's or the holiday table) Birds have been observed eating insects at one period in the day and seeds at another. Other animals tend to eat one food at a time....(Japanese have very healthy order of what to eat when)

When starches and complex sugars (like those in honey and fruits) are digested, they are broken down into simple sugars called monosaccharide's, which are usable substances -- nutriments. When starches and sugars taken together and undergo fermentation, they are broken down into carbon dioxide, acetic acid, alcohol, and water.  With the exception of the water, all these are unusable substances --POISONS.   When proteins are digested they are broken down into amino acids, which are usable substances -- nutriments.  When proteins are taken with sugar, the putrefy, they are broken down into a variety of ptomaines and leucomaines,  which are nonusable substances --POISONS.  Enzymic digestion of foods prepares them for use by our body.  Bacterial decomposition unfits them for use by our body.  The first process gives us nutriments, the second gives us (or)  -POISONS."

The first leads to YOGA  the second leads to ROGA or

Please read Sugar Blues -  by  Wiliam Dufty -
he even tells you why Historically the village healing women were burned as Witches.

"Quotes" from Sugar Blues