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            “The Sisterhood of the Rose” is about the past life memory of one woman’s courageous vision and efforts to stop the untold damage and misery of Hitler’s attack upon our world.  American Giselle Tchaikovsky led the adventurous and privileged life of a world-renowned ballerina until a new interest forever changed her life.

            This is the story of the recovery of the Skull of Fate and how it became the driving force for Giselle to gather twelve women who formed The Sisterhood of the Rose.  This was an organization based on the divine principles of love and peace.  These principles inspired and led the wormen in a stalwart resistance to the ever-increasing madness of the Nazi vision. 

            The sisters used their cunning, their charm, their passion, their love and their intelligence to outwit Hitler’s henchmen and contribute to the downfall of the Third Reich.  The world this intrigue takes us into includes some of the most sacred and dangerous activities, adventures and locations in Western Civilization. 



            Be-ing, v. To exist in actuality; have life or reality

            Mo-ment, n. A brief, indefinite interval of time.

            Por-tal, n.  A doorway, entrance, or gate, especially one that is large and imposing.

            Cre-a-tion,n. The divine act by which we each bring the world and our reality into

                                    existance, moment to moment.


            Imagine at this moment you are at the threshold of a portal to your own creation.  Each moment requires you to open this door and enter the world of co-creation.  Show up and play with us as we discover what poignancy of your heart’s desire in the moment will manifest.


BIO:  Celeste Levesque of Dallas, Texas, has spent the last twenty years studying and working with planetary grid systems, sacred geometry, languages of light, star portals, crystals, past lives and healing work.



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