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The Skinning of The American Dream


Where Slavery Became Common Amongst The Common 


Within America, in the land of the brave and the veritable nation of freedom, there resides the biggest industrial slave-labor camps ever to populate a country. The regional county is called work-force within a village called, The Prison of Hope.


Where dreams have been erased and men’s will power has been stripped.   


401K Slave Trade


When stuck on a highway once, stitched with over 17,000 slaves lined up in a row, stuck in their cars and waiting to begin their nightmare, I unrolled my window once and asked the slave next to me, what is work to you?


His answer made me pull my chin. He answered with, “Work is only work when you wished you were somewhere else.” And so it goes.


Each morning these dead-heads with lost dreams inch ahead, slave style, tied by their golden 401K shackles, sipping their lattes, like a herd of cattle (add the ring in their noses), looking numb, as they solemnly point their $3 per gallon horses in the direction of their self imposed prison camps. Their dreams are held hostage, their hope has been arrested and each one is expected to mast their quarters by 0900 and that’s just the Sheep. 


Highway To Hell


And their Jailors get to their Prisons even earlier. Because the Sheppard’s who HERD the sheep are expected to meet their posts to the ringing of the eighth bell past midnight. Which means the bosses have to leave their slave quarters and begin their highway into hell by five thirty a.m. That’s early. Very early.


5:30 a.m.   


Legalized Government Pyramid Scheme / Lottery   


I again, eager as I was to understand these industrial cogs even further, while watching them line up once, in a newspaper store, where the slaves each buy a “freedom ticket,” and a dream, for a buck (think lotto or government pyramid scheme) and I asked one of them, “Hey Fella, what is hell?”


I used the word “hell” only because if asked, that is what each one will always tell you that their work days are like; hell.


So there I was.


Amongst the mental perverts who sold their dreams to another man and I asked, to one of them in their costumes complete with the red noose lynched around his neck (ID badge included), “Hey Fella, what is hell?”




And he whined back at me (these types are compulsive complainers) almost as if someone was about to push him off a “gang plank” of a Pirates ship, summoned back to me, “Kind Sir, let me tell you what Hell is.”


He then pulled his scattered mind together and forewarned, “Hell is like, that is when the you in the mirror staring back at you is the person you COULD have been versus the you that you settled for.” 


How Utterly Sad


Those educated beyond their means or even “the working poor” have NO CHOICE as to how many hours they must render to “the man.” Often they are required to labor into the darkness of debt and into Visa, who they pay a “dummy tax” to each month.


Debt by the way is when you barrow from Paul to Pay Harry for items you buy from Mary that you actually can’t afford. That is how debt perpetuates and how the baking system earns Billions of dollars monthly from the working poor.      




These slaves are never paid for WHO they are or for work they love.


Fifty  one weeks on. One week off. “I owe, I owe so off to the prison camp I go.”


Card Carrying Slaves Work For Their Master


They are simply and ONLY paid for what their job title pays. Not a penny more. And even that is just enough to survive on—basically---so in order for VISA and MASTER-CARD to further earn off of them, the cogs must pay a monthly “royalty” or fee to them for everything that their families want, but these self-image victims can’t afford.


Well Boo-hoo. Did any of them have a GUN pointed to their heads? No.


No more than a three-ton Elephant seeks resistance or escape from the thin rope that his ankle is tied up with. It’s voluntary corporate slavery. That’s the sick part of their self imposed drama.


It’s voluntary for Petes sake! 


They remain in their 8 X 8 corporate cells with fear written all over their faces because at anytime, without notice, their jailor can exercise more of his dominion and expire them at will.


That way, they can become jobless and spend the following next four months running through their cookie jar dough so they can again be confined by bankruptcy, but without first being victims of mortgage disaster and foreclosure.




All because the pink slip bit them where the sun never shines. And it continues. Non-stop and until chicken soup for the soul becomes one big bad joke.    


The Skinning of The American Dream


Where Slavery Become Common Amongst The Common 



So the pencil jockeys continue. Lock step. Often resting together at the water station, coiled up like caged rats, verbally biting each other and sinking each others hopes by trading distain for each others life trials and exposing each other to each of their own individual fears. Can you say, “cage monkeys!” But it gets worse. 


It’s cooler dribble for the confined. Pass the gun.


All they ever speak about is how HARD they work, how TIRED they are and how they are only tolerated behind the bars of lost hope, versus celebrated. It’s pathetic at best to witness this each day. But it never stops.


Patience Often Steals Their Treasure


Don’t these slaves know that what you can endure persists? Or possibly even more sickening is how many of them have let patience steal their treasure. Oh well.  


Then one day, many moons and years into time, they will be released out to pasture when at the age sixty five the slave master decides employee # 301 is no longer worthy to pull their weight of another man’s dream.




And they are released into yet another slave camp. The retirement camp where they are required yet again, to sit and stair out the window until death do they part. Cheery stuff.


But pain continues because even the few who decide to try to work AFTER and into retirement are whipped yet again by the pension people who yell, “You can’t work another day and stop trying to make ends meet, just rely on your pension you old goat!”


Special Slavery Note: The Federal Government doesn’t allow the old to out earn their pensions without yet another Dummy Tax being their just desserts       


I Am The Son of a Capitalist and a Good News Merchant. I Am Free!


I know these prisoners of hope exist because I live free amongst them. I am free. I decide how much money I will earn because I actually believed in American capitalism. I decide my own hours, decide my own destiny and I denied ANY man to define my worth outside of my own ambition and outside of my own imagination.


I Have Earned in a Month What a Slave Earns All Doggone Year!   


I can vacation when and where I want and as often as I want. I only do work that I love and as such I work for a loving and NOT for a living. I am a F/T dad and a part-time Millionaire. I pick my kids up from school and earn income world wide. Because I exercise the inspiration and have 6 Billion people world wide on the internet who help me earn more money than I need as a Good News Merchant.




The Skinning of The American Dream


Where Slavery Become Common Amongst The Common 


I work seven days because I love what I do, loaf when I want and because I love to make money and to help people I see to lines between work and play. I call my home America. That’s right. I actually took advantage of the Constitution of the United States.


My Commute is Across The Hall To Our Home Office  


I don’t work to survive. I am like Oprah, Arnold and Johnny who worked to express more of who THEY were instead of working to express someone (a boss) else.


I have seen slaves who have had to uproot their families and head north just to remain employed. I have seen fathers snatch their children and run for the hills because Daddy was relocated to a work camp all the way across the country.


New school. New friends. New boss. Sad children. What a horrible way to live.  


Wives cry. Wives also lose their friends and the slave trade persists.


The 97% Who Failed To Pay The Price of Freedom Are Employed By The 3% Who Decided To Pay It  



But alas, there is a way out. How? Because each slave is allowed to BUY their way out and EACH slave is allowed to BUY his or her freedom. The price is TIME and energy and an investment into SELF versus a life exchanged for another man’s dream.


The Weak Man Refuses To Discipline Himself 


The cost is NOT too high, yet it does seem like TOO MUCH money for those without the courage to pay the price.


The Price of Personal Discipline is Too High For Many People     


The PRICE is this. You must be able to become your own master. Most shudder the thought. Most slaves decide that’s TOO BIG of a price. But that’s the price. You MUST willfully decide to MASTER SELF. You must decide to discipline yourself and to teach yourself the TRADE of inspiration, ambition and increase.


It takes guts, spine, time and ambition. But it is all for not and won’t work unless the slave is willing to pay THE PRICE of being able to MASTER over self. Not someone else.


What the slave resists is the fact that what he desires is OUTSIDE of his comfort zone and the cogs remain employed because going out of their comfort zone is too big of an idea for the little sullen Sheep who work for us.




How utterly painful it must be to live a life that is in torment compared to what lies within a mans head. It must be a living hell to be free in your MIND but shackled to a desk of hate that only reminds you of your own lack of ability to MASTER ones self. Oh well.      


Amen. The Skinning of The American Dream


Where Slavery Become Common Amongst The Common 



PS: If you love what you do and spend your days exercising SELF and being who you were born to be, consider yourself a King. Because no greater gift can one give to himself that is he who decides to be SELF rather than being a reflection of someone who pays them. Prostitutes do that and so do many slaves. They “sell out” and decide to be a reflection of somebody else instead of living a life that celebrates them.


Money can’t buy happiness. You know that. But being yourself can. Often even in spite of money. It’s not about money. But it is about being able to afford the freedom to be your ENTIRE self versus the one you maybe settled for.


Share this please with 10,000 friends.    


Your better is located in your BEST so be and do ALL that you can and your plenty will follow. When all you can do is all you can do then all you can do is enough.


DOING all you can do isn’t stopping at five o’clock or fetching another man’s Star-Bucks.


Be your own best friend. Who cares if it takes 16 hour days to locate the person YOU were born to be. It worked for Edison and Hanks and it’s worked for me and Millions of OTHER slaves who decided to PAY the price.




You must decide simply to MASTER your SELF. 


Teach people that those that fail to MASTER themselves end up being a slave to someone else.


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What You Can Endure Persists 


To Re-Program Yourself Read, “The Doers Creed.” (See the person who sent you this and ask them for a handful of iPod ready MP-3 files. USE those audio to decompress the OTHER self and to reprogram your self)


Often the false conditioning of 20 years of slave labor can’t be undone in an hour or even a month. It’s best to use mind conditioning tools to reprogram your SELF.


The Doers Creed Unto Self


Locate your local WARRIORS NEST chapter and ask the Benefactor their for the bevy of free audio files to load into your iPod. Ask for the Doers Creed of influence.   


Colin Ryane an Uncommon Swami...


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