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Merrily Smith

Holistic Helper Directory of Services : for the Enlightened in the Community

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Electronic system records activity within the autonomic nervous system, releasing stress.


Herbal Visions, Michelle Davis RMT, 903-843-6076 Gilmer, TX 75644  EPFI
ONDAMED®  ~ A  Revolutionary  Biofeed-back  System
This Biofeedback System makes any current treatment protocol work faster and more effective; as  proven over the past 13 years.  www.Ondamed.net  (214) 965-0884
& Users



Body Work

Brenda Briscoe, 214.679.4618, In-Joy Nutrition & Bodyworks
Dallas and Irving, TX

Bowen Technique – Raindrop Therapy –
Neuro-Structural therapy.    Gift Certificates.
email: briscoeb@in-joy.us   web:  www.in-joy.us/

Owl’s Clover, 817.921.5809, 3037 James Ave., Fort Worth 76110

Bookstores – Metaphysical

  Ark Bookstore, 505.988.3709 133 Romero St. Santa Fe, NM 87501 www.arkbooks.com

Bodhi Tree Bookstore, 800.825.9798, 8585 Melrose Ave., W. Hollywood CA 90069.5199


Owl’s Clover, Inc., 817.921.5809, 3037 James Ave., Ft. Worth 76110


The Unity Bookstore, 972.233.7106, 6525 Forest Lane, Dallas 75230


Voyager’s Dream, 940.381.2769, 1306 W. Hickory, Denton 76201

Breath Work


Bette Marie Epstein, 214.358.3633, 4314 W. Lovers Lane, Dallas 75209


Peggy Ann Pratt, M817.792.3218, P. O. Box 13492, Arlington 76094, Rebirthing, Vivation Since ‘78 teaching rebirthing & vivation, one on one & group  LifeSkillsCoach7@earthlink.net


Wellness Center, 817.926.9642, 2481 Forest Park Blvd., Ft. Worth 76110

Business Opportunities

Sell Fine Art:  Pictures to Porcelains
From Artists like:
Thomas Kincaid
Norman Rockwell
Ginger Cook, Joe Grandee, Malcolm Farley, Nenad Mirkovic, Boehm
& many others
(214) 965-0884

Collecting art for love and profit

Alma Weaver Jones, 214.356.2116, alma@airmail.net, several DFW locations.
Bright people wanted to promote wellness & green living. 
Love your life – Work from home – Create income – No inventory.


Renewable Energy Provider for Home or Business~ DFW Based
Energy deregulation and business strategy come together to produce a very lucrative business plan.  Coaching and training program guaranteed for new Independent Associates.

Call August
at 214-334-3471

Jack McCadden, 972.415.9373, Dallas, Jack.McCadden@sbcglobal.net
Clinically proven – anti-aging puree drink.  Provides pain relief & tastes great!  Lowers bp, blood sugar & inflammation.  www.12weeks.info


Holistic Marketing Training www.Go2Step1.com
how I learned to stand on the correct side of the cash register. Get some free training you can't by for a $1000.
Colin Ryane (214) 233-5738  visit our Warriors Nest...

Mary Roberts & Ron McCoy,  214.521.7873, maryro@bigplanet.com, Dallas
Entrepreneurs wanted in the new digital photo imaging marketplace, 800.891.4325


Lou Smith 214.352.0352  lcs0500@sbcglobal.net,
Dallas, TX 75220
Professional Consultant on any size business, from Home based to World Wide.
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